Macra recruits DPP cadet under instructions from Minister Nankhumwa

The Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (Macra) has recruited a well known ruling DPP cadet operative as an office assistant at the cash rich institution without calling for any interviews for a fair recruitment process.

Itaye: Macra had to hire DPP cadent on instruction fron Nankhumwa

Nyasa Times can reveal that Macra Director General Godfrey Itaye under instructions from Local government minister Kondwani Nankhumwa hired the DPP cadet by the name of Priscilla Nzunga as Office Assistant.

The coming in of Nzunga is source of gossip in the corridors of Macra where fellow employees are now not comfortable to be working with a political party operative.

“How are we going to work freely knowing that there is a political party operative here and we have to censor what we say otherwise we will be in trouble,” said one employee who confirmed of Nzunga’s employment.

“Employment should also be seen to be fair. If there was a vacancy, I thought rules of good governance require that you advertise for that post and everyone compete? But to just pick a political party operative, I think this is abuse of office, if not then I don’t know what it is,” said another employee.

Others fear of repurcations as the DPP cadets are known for savagery acts against opposing figures.

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14 thoughts on “Macra recruits DPP cadet under instructions from Minister Nankhumwa”

  1. Josphat Thondoya says:

    Should we waste our time discussing an Office Assistant Position. A Malawi.

  2. Akuziwonera says:

    Ambiri yachuluka apa ndi nsanje. Godfrey Itaye is not an Accountant. He is a Marketer and a professional manager. He is one of the first few Malawians to get the much acclaimed Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing ( He also has a Master of Science Strategic Management from Derbyshire Business school of the University of Derby. As far as academic qualifications are concerned, the man is qualified. Mupeze zifukwa zina.

    1. Chis Wa Boom Boo says:

      Mukuti chani kodi? Its better to keep silent when you have nothing to add.

  3. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Iwe Kusisewa if you don’t know the work history of Itaye just read the comments and keep quiet. When I said Account Clerk you should have be able to undesrtand what I was insnuating. Itaye was an Accountant reporting to Shamu who is Drector of Fiance at Malawi Postal Services before he was clandestinely elevated to the post of Post Manager General to replace Kaumbatira who was then his boss too. At that time Alomwe Alomwe sent Kumbatra to head MACRA, but after a while someone greedy enough noticed that Kumbatira was too professional and could not easily be manipulated and then recommended to bring back Kumbatira MPS and sent Itaye to head MACRA- this is how he got the job. Is the Accountant not an Accounts Clerk? All I was saying is that he was a mere Accountant with little experience. Do you know the schools he went to and where he studied Accountancy or rather do you know what his qualifications are? Iwe mchona eti! I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  4. gologoza says:

    This is now a wide case in almost all the parastatals. Its one of the strategies for the preparation of 2019 elections.

  5. Lizulu says:

    Vuto la ku MACRA ndi loti kuli anthu ena omwe ali disgruntled. Everytime ukakomana nawo kukamba zoipa za bungwe lawo ndi mabwana awo. I have few friends ku MACRA koma ndi kwa anthu amiseche moyipa ndi anthu ansanje. Nkhani zonse za ku MACRA zimakambidwa ku mowa.

    Ukamacheza nawo amakamba za mabwana oti anachoka kalekale. Osangowasatila bwanji? Siyani nsanje anyamata a ku MACRA. Itaye mukunenayo anakhalapo mkulu wa Post Office osati za Accounts Clerk mukukamba apazi. Iyi nde nsanje yo.

    Mukamakamba za anthu olembedwa ntchito, kodi mumafuna mukhaleko nokha ku Macra ko. Siyani mabwana agwire ntchito inunso mugwire yanu.

    Anyamata a ku MACRA tsiku lina tizakutchulani maina pano kuti musiye miseche.

  6. Itaye says:

    Itaye was busy fighting Nsaliwa today hes the one on the top and frustrating the whole organisation. Kuti zako ziyende upite ndi mabodza basi kapena akuvule. Its not only this cleaner who has come without an interview. Just recently another girl Madalitso Banda just walked in without an interview. He also brought in his own girlfriend Zione Khembo as a secretary. Ask for her qualifications hmmmmm. Government under ministry of Information just watching as he is busy giving fat allowances to the PS. Where is OPC, State House and the Ministry of Statutory Corporations? Is he left freely because of the huge amounts of money hes is giving to the party?

    1. Morgan Kulisewa says:

      I think anthu tilibe chochita ndithu.Its obvious that the comment writer is a MACRA employee based on the inside info that is being spewed here.But seriously Nyasa Times nkhani ya Cleaner ikakhale nkhani yakuti tizikamba pano?This is lack of editorial judgement as to what constitutes newsworthy or not.Even if the story is true I just believe its not something that ingamakhale ikukambidwa out of all the issues facing this country.The hatred that both the writer of the article as well as the writer of the comment have shown clearly articulates the nsanje syndrome in our national anthem.

  7. Namanyaru says:

    Ku MACRA kulibe analembedwapo ntchito mwachilungamo!

    1. ellias says:

      Zoona ku macra onse anabwera thru deals. Kuli Ulemu kumeneko came with the previous DG.

  8. Yahya Jammeh says:

    MACRA staff are myopic. Why query the coming of a mere cleaner and not query how Itaye himself got there? Did Itaye apply for the job or did he compete with anyone. If the playing field was leveled, do you think your boss a mere Accounts Clerk would have been anywhere near consideration for the post? The office cleaner you are worried about is nothing in my view a thorn in the eye is Itaye. How much salary will the messenger receive as compared to what Itaye is getting? You should raise genuine concerns that would have an effect on the life of your organisation. Welcome the young woman and treat her as anybody else, osaopa njoka luzi. I will rule Gambia for z billion years.

    1. lizulu says:

      Looks like you have a pathological hatred towards Itaye and your reasoning is crowded by jealousy. Without getting into details of how Director Generals are appointed, the guy has never been an Accounts Clerk for over 15 years he has worked in the communications industry. Mind you, he is a former Postmaster General.

      To me, this is being orchestrated by insiders who are not happy with him. Siyani nsanje, gwirani ntchito molimbika mutukule mabanja anu. Engaging in a fight with a boss will not take them anywhere

    2. Morgan Kulisewa says:

      a Yahya Jammeh, Itaye anali Accounts Clerk kutiko?I have known Itaye from the time he was a Manager ku Post Office so maybe I missed the earlier part of his work life.Koma l believe zomwe mwalemba apazi ndi bodza,lets not misrepresent facts for useless and selfish agendas.

  9. mtete says:

    NANKHUMWA STRIKES AGAIN. NANJI TSOPANO AMPATSA MAPIKO. Malawi is in real trouble. DPP Gurus do as they wish.

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