Macra summons MBC as CSOs demand the public broadcaster to be freed from ‘DPP capture’

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) summoned the tax-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)) over concerns of  refusing to open up the airwaves for the opposition parties and that its content is largely biased towards the ruling party.

Sumbuleta: Defends MBC

The opposition also complained that the tax-funded station has rolled out propaganda campaign by introducing new programme called Sapita Kawiri.

In a letter seen  by Nyasa Times dated February 1 2018 by MCP second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka to Macra director general Godfrey Itaye, the public broadcaster is also airing  some  programs such as  Chinduji, Manifesto Yanu and Ndikati Chete which  have  been biased .

The civil society organisations (CSOs) who conducted demonstration on April 27 included in the 10-point petition on the conduct of MBC and demands  President Peter Mutharika  to let his government free MBC within 6o days so that opposition political parties and other stakeholders have access to the  tax-funded station.

“MBC is a public broadcaster not DPP or Party Broadcaster. We give you, Your Excellency Sir, 60 days to free MBC from DPP’s capture and to allow it to work independently and professionally as provided by law,” reads the petition.

The Director General of MBC Aubrey Sumbuleta said he led the  public brodacaster management team to the regulatory body for a meeting which  lasted three hours.

He told Macra that Sapita Kawiri was a historical heritage programme that talks about Malawi’s past for the citizenry to draw lessons from.

Sumbuleta said Macra advised the public broadcaster to address concerns and take measures to ensure impartiality.

Media expert Lowani Mtonga told Nyasa Times that the battle to free MBC needs practical action.

“The lack of editorial independence and opening up of MBC airwaves is against the spirit of Communications Act and the Constitution. The Communications Act clearly spells out under Section 87 of the public mandate of MBC to operate without any bias or serve any political interests.

“Secondly, MBC ignores the Constitution which categorically states that everyone has the right to freedom of expression and that the media has the right to publish freely. This entails MBC to be neutral and serve public interests regardless of people’s political views,” Mtonga argued.

He said MBC  as a public broadcaster is falling short of the mandate as  a platform for public discourse

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Alamu Mwakalamba Pumani

Beasts beasts want to eat Callista. Hurricane Callista called them beasts. Dzirombo. Dzimbava. Chaponda said a fish rots from head to tail when he talked about cashgate in parliament in 2013 apparently referring to the then presisident of bonya era and kugwawa mbuzi. Kumalawi taziwonatu after Kamuzu.

Yahya Yahya Jammeh

All educated people left MBC and most of the staff that is now there which openly shows its colour does so to get easy promotions because there is nowhere else they can go to find jobs. So, Philip Business and Sumbuleta should not surprise you. Find out what educational qualifications these two he goats have. Educated people cannot accept to be reduced to the level of these goats.

Listen and Love

THIEVES are trying to STEAL THE GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION and rename it Muthalika Broadcasting Corporation but THAT WON’T HAPPEN because the Spirit and Soul of Malawians SHALL PREVAIL against the DPP misrule. IT SHALL FOREVER BE MALAWI BROADCASTING CORPORATION.

chimanga chaponda



a itaye anaitanitsa meeting with MBC kufuna kutipusitsa. Itaye chitsiru cha zitsiru. imfa ikukutsata


I blame the weak opposition of today. Do you remember during John Tembo parliament approved only MK1 for MBC for similar stupid dealings. Phillip Business you are a small goat. MBC is run by tax payers not only for DPP. Watch your steps before you fall. You are digging your own grave Mr. Goat


I doubt if Chilima can tolerate the way MBC is operating. This madness can only be tolerated by azigogowa hence they have to go


Can someone challenge MBC in court and stop it from airing its programs or order it to close down completely until some sanity is brought in?


Hahaja lets go and sue them now you and me palibe angayambise koma iwe ndi ine call me on 0827686039 voda no sa


This is as result of a sleeping president. Am sure if it were chilima who is level headed he would have long addressed this misdemeanor by simply issuing a directive to MBC. This is one reason why we say Malawi is on autopilot. A clueless president


Chokani inu manyianuwo muzikapangira ku Times ndi ku zodiak osati ku MBC kumene atolankhani ake ndimaprofesion osati ngati zitsuri zinazi zikamayankhula molalata amatenga ngati udolo fuckoff. 82 percent imaonera ndikumvera MBC mawairesi anuwo mumamvera ndi anzanu opu……………………………

Nyaxy, don’t show your stupidity here…………..!! All these other stations you’ve mentioned are private and are not using our taxes!! As such we’ve nothing to do with whatever they say and do….!! You grandfather [APM] is leading and is in control of all policing institutions, hence can take action if they are in the wrong!! What Malawians are against is the act of using our money for advancing DPP agenda when you pretty know that everybody in Malawi are not DPP members…………………………….!! Whatever threats you’re trying to use here merely show how shallow your thinking is. Otherwise you seem to… Read more »

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