Major shake-up in Malawi govt machinery: Accountant General, Budget Director, ODPP removed

A major government shake-up has taken place at Capital Hill  as President Peter Mutharika has given the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) the nod to appoint a new Accountant General, new Budget Director and new director in the  Office of Director of Public Procurement(ODPP), Nyasa Times understands.

Budget director Chancy SImwaka: Removed

Accountant General Matambo removed and back at Reserve Bank

Accountant General William Matambo, who has been in office for about two years, has been removed and he is moved back to Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM).

Matambo was hired as Accoutant General in 2015 when he replaced Thomas Makiwa who had been in office for about 18 months.

Makiwa, who previously served as director of Central Internal Audit Office in OPC, was relocated to National Audit Office as deputy auditor general.

Before being appointed Accoutant General, Matambo , who holds a Master’s degree in Insurance and Risk Management from Cass Business School and is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA), was working as director (strategy and risk) at the RBM since 2010.

He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) from the University of Malawi and certifications in internal auditing and business continuity management.

Government has also removed Budget Director Chauncy Simwaka who has been redeployed to be Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Defence.

Also removed is director of the public procurement Paul Taulo who has been moved  to Lilongwe Handling Company (Lihaco) .

Nyasa Times understands that Taulo has been replaced by his deputy Edward Jeke as new director of public procurement.

Taulo told a procurement and supply management conference in Mangochi that the recent enactment of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets (PPDA) Bill of June 2017 will see the establishment of the new regulatory authority of public procurement and disposal of public assets in the country which will soon replace ODPP.

“We are in the process of establishing the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (PPDA). This means that the PPDA will shortly replace ODPP which was established under the Public Procurement Act of 2003 which was primarily responsible for the establishment of the Malawi Institute of Procurement and supply (MIPS) in 2008,” said Taulo.

Just recently, government redeployed several controlling offices, among them Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Erica Maganga has been moved to Information  as PS.

Maganga  has replaced Justin Saidi at Information who is now moving to the Ministry of Education as Principal Secretary.

Controller of Agriculture Services, Gray Nyandule Phiri, will replace , Maganga.

The shake-ups of PSs in the civil service has  also seen PS  Bright Kumwembe relocated to the Ministry of Energy in the same position.

Secretary for Human Resources Blessings Chilabade has been redeployed to the Ministry of Labour. He has since been replaced with Hillary Chimota

No clear explaination has been given by OPC on the shake-ups but critics argue the development is a scheme by governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) “to put their own people in strategic places in order to siphon money out for the 2019 elections.”

One observer noted that there has been continued nepotism in the way positions are being shared, saying everyone taking the key positions in the reorganisation is a Lhomwe – a tribe of the President.

President Peter Mutharika has been coming under heavy criticism that the country is experiencing the worst form of nepotism in the history of government,

There is a general perception in the country that  since 2014 when Mutharika was elected as President, a number of appointments to public office have unfortunately been tainted with nepotism and regionalism.

Activists have been appealing to government that appointments to the civil service and diplomatic postings should be transparent, devoid of political patronage, nepotism and regionalism.

Mutharika has also been asked to be more inclusive when making ministerial and other appointments to public office.

Chairman for the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), who  is head  of the Catholic Church in Malawi, Archbishop Thomas Msusa pointed  recently that Malawi is failing to register a meaningful social and economic transformation partly because of nepotism.

He said time has come for Malawi to reflect the love of God which transcends all boundaries.

But Mutharika denies nepotism charges, saying “ those that accuse me  of exercising nepotism and tribalism ndi zitsiru (are stupid) and don’t know what they are talking about. They are wrong, as wrong as they can be.”

Mutharika argued  that in civil service, out of 225 positions from grade E to A that a president appoints, 83 are from the north.

He said while the population of the north is nine per cent of the country’s population, it has 33 per cent of the positions in the civil service.

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chipatso mbewe

83 from the north , yes , because they are educated. practicing nepotism you


Nepotism is the main reason this country will never develop. Compare it with all the neighbouring countries, Malawi is the only backward country believing in blood sucking vampires, has hyenas in capital city, has terrible roads, and erratic electricity and water supply. When MCP wins, all the lomwes will be booted out and jailed for stealing government funds.

Please Nyasatimes try to be objective, do you remember what happened nthawi ya MCP when all juicy appointments were for people from central region? Are you not aware that one person from central region was a chairman of 22 companies at the same time? Are you aware that late Aleke Banda was removed at Press because he was not from central region and investigate who replaced him and from which region? How about the late Masiku at ADMARC who faced trumped up charges in order to remove him and who replaced him and where did the replacement come from? Amai… Read more »
Hatton, I was there all that time when MCP was ruling. Get your facts right. John Tembo has never been a chairman of 22 companies. That is an exaggeration. In addition, being board chair is ceremonial. No salaries but sitting allowances sometimes once a year. Peter’s nepotism is linked to high salaried strategic positions in the civil service and parastatals. That is the difference with MCP time. Aleke Banda was not removed from Press. He was arrested because of a financial crime which he had committed. He is also on record that he wrote a letter to Kamuzu to solemnly… Read more »
Hlabezulu Ngonoonda

A very good reminder indeed. Note Doctor, it should be Malani Lungu and not Malawi Lungu. You should also have included Elson Bakili Muluzi; Mlelemba; and Rodwell Munyenyemba. Thanks.


So Mr Hatton, you want that mediocrity to continue? I come from Central Region and have credible qualifications I never enjoyed the fruits of MCP. Wake up Malawi.


positioning to steal for the last time before being thrown out in 2019. You will get arrested.


Malunga a njoka yikamafa amatelo let him do what he is doing 2019 is very close to see the chop


The president saying those who criticize him ndi zitsiru, really??? Such arrogance is what Malawians do not want. Pitirizani kumatinyoza tidzaonana 2019 if what happened on 17th October did not worry you.


It’s just the shakeup don’t put politics to anything. We will not move forward. Let them rest and congratulation on their removal. ODPP has failed to monitor procurement of Generators to end blackouts, just sabotage. Wafatu umaona ngati sitikuona. Tiye nazo Peter, show them that you can reorganize things for the better.


According to press reports the culprit on the generator fiasco is the then and current CEO of ESCOM. Mmene anatiphunzitsira a ku ODPP, they are not involved in procurement activities but just check whether the process has been transparent and fair.
Check with professionals at ODPP. Taulo uyo is just a scapegoat.
Tsiku la bwino


kubedwe tsopano, aba osati pang’ono asatana amenewa


Positioning themselves to loot


if these appoints are strategically done for the betterment of the nation then congrats to you all but if its for the siphoning of money for 2019 elections as some suggests then woa to you newly appointed people who have accepted to ‘gain the world and lose your souls’, as it were, in a pursuit to better yourselves and receive the praise of man.

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