Malawi 20 July martyrs – You Never Died in Vain: Rest in Peace

I write to make a general statement on the people who lost their lives – without being granted a chance for trial – on July 20 and 21 in 2011.

First I should put it on record that from 1993 onwards, Malawians earned the freedom to demonstrate against any government be it the UDF government of 1994-2004; the DPP Government of 2005-2012; the PP government of 2012 to date, and any government that will come in 2014.

Having said this, IF the demonstrations get out of hand, no government elected by the people, has the mandate to kill its people.

If a demonstration gets out hand, police should arrest the wrong doers. And up to this point, they are suspects like any other arrested people e.g. the people arrested in connection with the recent Treason and Perjury cases.

The people so arrested should be taken them to court and their guilt proven. Up until the point when guilt is proven, they are innocent.

It hurts me to see and read unfortunate posts from some, implying that those youths had it coming.

Martyrs: July 20
Martyrs: July 20

I beg to disagree and I hereby condemn such statements and sentiments in the strongest terms.

If those youths, suspects until proven guilty, had it coming; why was it necessary for people to march when Peter Mutharika was incarcerated –awaiting trial – at Lumbadzi?

The same measure which you use to gauge others, remember, will be used to measure you.

And in this regard, can someone give me one reason, just one reason, why any sane person should vote for any party that kills extra-judiciary, in a multi-party setting, into power in 2014.

Give me one reason why I should vote for a party that will shoot me, and their leader and his/her supporters will go around, making posts on Facebook saying that Wise One had it coming – he was nuisance!

Think before you talk. Ponder, weigh and consider your statements, before you post insults that will re-open old and healing wounds when what you need, in lieu of all these developments, is sympathy.

Final word: anyone who thinks the massacre of July 20, 2011 was “fine” doe not, repeat, does not deserve to ruleMalawi and should go to hell.

The July 20 Martyrs – Rest in Peace.

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