Malawi adjust fees for road traffic offenses

The Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) in Malawi has adjusted fees for road traffic services and fines in an apparent attempt to reduce increasing cases of road accidents largely blamed on reckless driving.

The new fees and fines for prescribed offenses will be with effect from November 13.

Road traffic authorities say in a statement that the adjustments have also been necessitated by an increase in cost of service and materials that the Directorate uses in order to serve the general public efficiently.

“On the other hand, the continued increase in violations of road traffic laws has shown that the current fines and penalties are not deterrent enough hence the increase,” reads a statement.

The Directorate management says it will soon announce the prescribed fees and offenders through various media outlets.

“The schedule will also be available at Ministry of Transport and Public Works offices at all DRTSS (Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services) offices in Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu,” says the statement.

In a related development, some of Chancellor College’s third year law students has formed a non-profit making organization, Accidents Reduction Watchdog which seeks to help authorities reduce road traffic cases.

Monica Namondwe one of the key members of the organization says the organization will be sensitizing road users on provisions of relevant legislations that regulate road traffic.

“We will also sensitize learners what the laws say and the country wants them to do. People must not comply because there is a penalty.”

Malawi has recently seen an increase in road accidents in which many people have died and several others seriously injured.

The recent road accident happened Thursday in Mzimba district in which 21 Malawi soldiers died and many others seriously injured after the vehicle they were traveling in overturned at a bend due to over speeding.

The DRTSS rolled out the  Malawi Traffic Information System (Maltis) which comprises Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement component which was adopted in 2000, to capture, process and store traffic information and is used for the issuance and renewal of drivers’ licence, motor vehicle licences and permits, road permits and weighbridge data

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Peter Katasya

Malawi at 53 kuyenda lakeshore road ma single lane bridge oospya mpakana liti?


This will just promote corruption yo another higher level. Already a lot of money is given to Road Traffic Examiners. There is no sense in this strategy.

Fake Petros
Please just ignore this traffic offense deterrent fallacy. It is simply not true. This is another ploy by ddp thieves to further MILK thin cows, miserable Malawians for 2 main reasons 1).to enrich themselves (to satisfy their grossly insatiable appetite for our resources), 2).to collect and accumulate more funds for the 2019 elections. Blatant thieves!!! DDP thugs STOP at nothing for as long as they are the ones to benefit. They simply don’t care They will come up with ‘cock and bull stories’ to justify their bizarre actions. Remember it’s NOT long time ago when one ddp thug was brandishing… Read more »

They want to collect more from offences yet they do not construct good roads, let alone finish old projects. How can Zomba-Phalombe-Chitakale road for example, take more than 10 years before completion… It is really sad and those in authority should be ashamed. This country is so pathetic! So many promises that never yield… How I wish..

Yohane Longwe

Kodi ndi liti pamene tizamvapo boma lathu kuti lasintha mitengo,kuchokera kukukwera kufikira kukutsitsa? Nthawi ili yose tizingomva zakukwera mitengo kwa zinthu basi.osati kutsitsa.


That’s where the whole problem lies, high penalties.
I wish our government knew the effects of high penalty charges. One thing the government must know is that every time u increase such penalties u mainly increase the levels of corruption btwn offenders and the law enforcement officers in our streets.


Exactly my thoughts…


Tangokozani miseu apa nanu!!! muganiza kuti ngakhale anthu azilipira zochuluka, zingapangitse kuti Ngozi zichepe? kuba kokhakokha basi?
Ulendo wina munati anthu akuledzela panseu, lero mukuti azilipila zambiri, what does it mean? akalipira zambiri ali ndi ufulu woledzela? takozani miseu abale, simunga chitikko manyazi maiko ya azathu miseu mbwee, ndipo yokongolaso koma kwathu kuno, ashi!!


Mmmm koma ndiye tivutika guys dzulo lomweli, mmene ndalama mmene zikuvutiramu, scapegoat inhale ngozi? Ngozi zimachitika chifukwa cha over speeding ndiye kuli bwino kugula many speed trap equipments kuti ngozizo zichepe


Refurbish the main roads and not the fees you idiots

nsanai kugwe
kodi kukweza fees y a rekless drivimg??????????????? masamu anu mwaaaapanga bwanji????????????? ngozi zinayamba kalekale and mabwana fwaaa kungo[anila mapwala. ziphuphu phwii. bwanji insurance za galimotozi. mmaiko mwaazathu to capup this palibe galimoto imayenda pa nseu ngati ilibe insurance. this could prevent so mannnnnny of these catastrophes. mukakweza fees nanga poti ma galamoto, ma minibus ndi a ma bwana so u know kuti ndlama za fees zizakhala za cash gate. and ziphuphu . nanu ma polisi mimba zalendewera lendewera cifukwa ca ziphuphu ngati zacitika dzanazi. munamuona mpolisi kugula ma minibus atatu nthawi imodzi, kumanga ci nyumba 5 bedrooms, ndi boys kota… Read more »
I believe its a wrong target on road users. Other factors must also be considered eg corruption, poor roads infrastructure, inadequate sensitization on the best use of the road, insufficient roads in most parts of the country among others. Suppose people just pay the heavy fines then they proceed with their habit. Are the fines going to increase further. Look at the way people are obtaining their licences from RTD, What happens in our driving schools, traffic police officers what they do on the road. Many vehicles are moving on the road and yet, they are not roadworthy even kukhomera… Read more »

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