MP Chidanti Malunga slapped with contempt of court charge

Outspoken chairman of the Parliamentary committee on Agriculture Joseph Chidanti Malunga committee has been slapped with a contempt of court charge for advocating that Transglobe Limited should be banned from conducting business in the country following an injunction stopping the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp) programme.

MP Chidanti Malunga: Risks being imprisoned for contempt of court

Transglobe lawyers applied before High Court Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda to have the parliamentarian jailed for undermining the independence of the judiciary which is currently handling the injunction case.

Transglobe were forced to get an injunction against the implementation of the Fisp programme when they were left out of the programme because one of its directors is currently facing corruption charges over the procurement of maize in Zambia alongside former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda.

Justice Kenyatta issued the injunction on October 20, 2017.

Chidanti gave Transglobe 48 hours to withdraw the injunction or he was going to force the company not to do any business on the country.

According to court records we have seen, Transglobe are contending that Chidanti as well aware of the injunction which Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda gave and his comments ‘clearly neglected or ignored the value of the independence of the judiciary’.

“On 20th October, 2017 His Lordship Honourable Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda by an Order for Stay, stayed the Decision of the Defendants distributing coupons to all and any suppliers under the Farm Input Subsidy Programme [FISP] and implementing or conducting any activities under the said FISP [the Order].

“The Alleged Contemnor is aware of the Order and has made prejudicial statements bent on interfering with the administration of justice herein.”

” The Alleged Contemnor has clearly neglected or ignored the value of the independence of the judiciary. He tends to undermine the power of the Courts. He incites indignation in the minds of the nation. This is not in good keeping with administration of justice,” reads part of the court papers for the application of the contempt of court.

Transglobe is asking the High Court for an order of committal or b) An order of sequestration or An order of payment of fine and imprisonment in default and finding contempt of Court of the Alleged Contemnor.

If Chidanti is found guilty, he could lose his parliamentary seat and could also be jailed.

The 2017/18 Fisp coupon distribution exercise was recently rolled out  in Mchinji. Each beneficiary will get a coupon to access two bags of fertiliser and certified seed through selected agro-dealers across the country.

Fisp is a taxpayer-funded initiative that makes available farm inputs—hybrid maize seed, legumes and fertiliser—to poor smallholder farmers at subsidised rates to boost household food security.

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Transglobe should be banned in Malawi for good. Amwenye asatikwane muyelekeze kummanga Hon. Malunga these Indian will be beaten and given 24hours to go back to their country. Mulapa ndi DPP yanuyo


Ndipo muyerekeze kumumanga Chidanti tionetsana. Munthu mmodzi zoona azuze a Malawi tonse chifukwa chomusiya kupanga distribution ma coupon athu. The company is too corrupt mwina Chaponda alimomo.
I these Indians personel non grata


Between Vincent Wandale and Kenyata Nyirenda, who has a case to answer at Zomba Mental Hospital?

Chilungamo Chimawawa



Komanso judge uyo watikwana


Go on Hon chidanti. Some don’t know how often you visit your constituency bcz they don’t stay in nsanje. We were together last evening at Simbeko refreshing in the hot dark night kkkkkkk


If him sent to prison all Indian will be chased from our country they are thieves together with DPP will match against it

Yohane Longwe

There’s no any case there .They just want to silence Him on what He’s advocating for.if You see what is written by ,the Transglobe lawyers that court order under the lordship of Kenyatta for not to conduct any activity concening Fisp. But the case laid against Him is talking about advocating that transglobe should be kicked out from doing any business in Malawi.So which order has He contempted? Was the order about not advocating about transglobe not to operate business in Malawi? Did He conduct any program of Fisp the time the injuction was still valid?

Vinco 2019

Achimange chigalu chimenechi! !! Chimadzitengera zinthu pamgong’o yet his constituents r looking for him but can’t be seen….he is always busy playing the losing games. Mkamwa mwa ambwiyako Judanti!!!

Mario pei

Amange ambuyako you dim wit ,can you not see that he was fighting for millions of Malawians,he is being patriotic…Zoona mwenye ayimitse program ya a Malawi just because he wants to make a quick buck..You and Kenyatta Nyirenda are idiots short sighted nincompoos ,sellouts ..mukufuna kupeleketsa dziko Kwa a mwenye a bakha opusa inu..maliseche a pongozi ako garu …fosteki

Millions of Malawians? FISP beneficiaries are only 900,000. U dimwit upose apa? kkkkkkkk

Mario pei

The recipient of the coupons are 900000 but this extends to whole families ,therefore millions benefit from the program,children even fuckers like you.


Please chonde the guy is fighting for his fellow Malawians, beneficiaries of fisp should not be held at ransom. Where are going as a country


ma loya inu mwadya zingati , malunga walakwa chani apa. He is fighting for fellow malawians nde mukuti walakwa. Ndikuuzeni pano kuti Yahweh azakulangani ndithu

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