Malawi anti-corruption strategy review crucial – ACB

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has described the upcoming review of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) as a pivotal process for strengthening and reinforcing citizens’ participation in the fight against corruption in the country.

Matemba: Citizens are positioned to play a critical role in the overall fight against corruption
Phombeya: NACS wants to include the youth

ACB Director General, Reyneck Matemba disclosed this Tuesday during a news conference  in Lilongwe a head of the 2008 NACS Review process.

He said the 2008 NACS was designed to address critical elements of corruption by encouraging all sectors to adhere to the principles of accountability, transparency and effective service delivery.

Matemba pointed out that NACS pillars helps to support good governance in the country and eradicate corruption, through anti-corruption reforms and promotion of a culture intolerant to corrupt practices.

The Director General explained that the review of the NACS is an opportunity to further empower and encourage Malawians to demand accountability from public officers and any person.

“Most importantly, the NACS serves the interests of all Malawians. There is a common misconception that the Bureau owns the NACS but the truth and reality is that we are merely facilitators. The greatest impacts of corruption are felt by all people in the country especially the poor who depend on public services for their welfare,” Matemba pointed out.

He viewed that the most powerful position to impact the fight against corrupt practices is by engaging in positive activism against corrupt practices, Malawian citizens are positioned to play a critical role in the overall fight against corruption in their country.

Matemba noted that an effective NACS requires periodic reviews and the 2008 NACS had a prescribed lifespan of five years, making the current review an overdue opportunity to update this critical document.

“Corruption is one of the greatest hurdles to development in the country. Only a few people benefit from corrupt practices while the nation is deprived of vital resources. In order to curb corruption, it is necessary to have political will, a multi-sector approach and the unwavering support of members of public.” he explained

Matemba said that the strategies of curbing corruption are reflecting in the structure of the NACS pillars to which most individuals belong to more than one pillar.

“All Malawians are called upon to support the implementation of the updated Strategy upon its completion. Constant strategizing is required to respond to the ever-changing nature of corruption,” he explained.

Matemba said the updated strategy would be informed by an invaluable advantage, tested experience, lessons learned over the past ten years to reinforce the ethical pillars outlined in the original document while enhancing coordination and execution of anti-corruption efforts.

“This will be a ripe opportunity to add critical missing pillars, such as the youth which were not separated as a pillar on its own, while enhancing and clarifying the complimentary roles of actors, such as Civil Society Organizations. Also noteworthy will be the review’s focus on the challenge of implementation which was one of the greatest challenges for the first NACS,” he said.

Matemba added that “We are looking forward to the suggestions from the consultations on this critical issue so that the updated NACS can fully realize its potential impact. The Bureau will provide periodic updates for the public about the review process towards a robust updated NACS, to serve Malawians in the overall fight against corruption in the country.

He said the Bureau appreciates the role which members of media play in sensitizing and informing members of the public on various issues in relation to the fight against corruption.

Director of Corruption Prevention, Mary Phombeya said public education on the dangers of corruption remains key in eradicating the vice.

She said the review NACS wants to include the youth in the drive to consolidate the fight against the vice.

Over 300 cases of corruption have been handled by the Bureau some are under investigation and in courts for prosecution.

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Costly Gogoda Chisale
Costly Gogoda Chisale
3 years ago

Defended the Presedent on the K145 million case and the same so called Professor pockets more money from Tayub through vehicle donations. Shame

Old Timer
Old Timer
3 years ago

This organization is a national disgrace, fit for the bin. Its a waste of public taxes. With all those 13 files lying idle (if they are still there) and the K145m scam not being a corruption case what else does ACB wants the public to be doing. Ana a sukulu ndi anthu osauka amachita katangale wa ndalama zingati compared ndi izo zili ma file 13? I doubt if there is anyone who takes it seriously, bola ACB employees akupezako ya mgaiwa ndi pogona.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu
Dipipi wa Yudiefu
3 years ago

Purezidenti ndiamene amayenera kukhala patsogolo kuthetsa katangale, Magufuli ku Tanzania ndichitsanzo chabwino koma wathu Maliseche amalimbikira kuponyera magulu ena awanthu chifukwa iye ndiamene ali patsogolo kupanga katangale. Ndi Peter Muthalika katangale kuMalawi sangathe. Ma cadet awadyetsa chani?

3 years ago

ACB Needs an expatriate BASI and NOT otherwise

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