Malawi arrest another quack doctor at Queens Hospital

Malawi Police have arrested another man posing as a doctor was arrested at the country’s major referral centre, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, barely a fortnight after the arrest of a bogus doctors.

The 'doctor' after his arrest on Monday

The ‘doctor’ after his arrest on Monday

According to press reports  security guards at the hospital  on Monday seized a man suspected to be bogus doctor who reported  for duties in Ward 3A.

The suspect first arrived at the hospital in the morning and left a stethoscope (an audio medical device used by medical people to listen to internal sounds of human body) and some medical books in the ward and told nurses on duty that he would be back.

The man – was found in possession of a College of Medicine (CoM) identity card (ID) bearing the name Zizwani Mwafulirwa – then returned at around 11am only to find himself in the hands of security guards who had already been alerted by the nurses.

The suspect said he was a third year student at CoM Lilongwe Campus and was visiting a patient and a friend at the hospital.

He  then changed his particulars during questioning, saying his real name was John Kamanga aged 24 from Chiradzulu and that he only picked the ID and books along the street in Lilongwe’s Area 23.

Blantyre Police Station spokesperson Elizabeth Divala said Kamanga hails from Mavila Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Nchema in Chiradzulu.

He has been charged with impersonating a medical doctor.

QECH chief hospital administrator Themba Mhango said there were five suspects and after arresting the first fake doctor Wongani Akuzike Kandulu (whose name later transpired to be Wongani Kumbukani Kandulu), employees have been on high alert while trailing the other four.

“These people [masquerading as doctors] don’t see or treat patients, but they are like middlemen. They know who works in the X-ray, pharmacy and other departments and convince patients or their guardians to give them money for quick treatment,” said Mhango.

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This tribalism is now too much
Please do not let politics break us. We are one country and one people. Please stop calling one another names and insulting people s tribes. Mukupindula ciani?


Ine ndimadabwa ku Chiladzulo kungachokere Dr?

Nyika stateman.

Kodi alondawo ndi a boma. Please pay them handsomely. Shou we say all of them are on ARV treatment. I mean even the fake doctor is better than the officers. Look at them on the necks, you can see ridges of turgidied body. Alonda a ku queens central hospital kapena a health center ya kwa Goliyati.

Majority is power in democracy.
Majority is power in democracy.

True mpoto kids inherinted hardworking in presence of a teacher but the kids in south are blessed with presidency. Whether I read so many books or not but probability that if you are a kid from south you will be the president of malawi is very high. This is what God gave us. No rotation on presidency in Malawi. Majority rules. Thus mwera in majority.


seriosly the guards are looking miserably, indicator that the package is too little to take care of them, do something employers please. next time it will be them inpersonating doctors


kamanga cant be from chiradzulu…uyu ndi mtumbuka olephera…akufuna kupanga zomwe atumbuka anzake akupanga…i hope gettin ready for federation….




In mukudandaula za ma bogus doctors basi.? There is a lot happening in queens corridors. This is just a tip of an iceberg. Inu mumati mankhwala anu amatuluka bwanji ku Queens? Hahahahahaah!!!!!!!

Genuine Zizwani

Quota yakukanikani pano mwati muyambe kubera maina a ana kumpoto.Ana a Ku North are made of steel balls.Hardworking ndizoyamwila kuchokera kwa makolo.Stop dirtening the surnames of northerners.You r still young and can go back to school than making up some fake ids posing as doctors.The police needs to arrest u and read for ur doctorate degree at Maula prison.
kukoleka stethoscope mkhosi kani ndi chinthu chonyaditsa eti.His face looks puffy and tired after lying to several patients.What a shame for such a young man.Lutaninge Ku Sukulu chilichonse bukwenda nibukhungu pela.

ndangodutsa chisale

We are really a laughing stock as a country. How can someone posing as a medical doctor beat all the security systems to that extent?? I am sure some patients may have died due to wrong prescriptions by these fake medics. After the first imposter was caught there was need to put security personnel on very high alert and introduce genuine identity cards.

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