On Malawi bloodsucking saga, blame the sleeping walking commander!

If Malawi had a leader worth his salt, these embarrassing and senseless myths about so called bloodsuckers—which so far has claimed 8 innocent lives—could not have been an issue today.

a 22-year-old epilepsy sufferer, was torched near a police checkpoint as public hysteria grows over “blood-sucking vampires”

But typical of his average, President Peter Mutharika, when these nonsensical stories erupted in the Lhomwe belt leading to deaths, chose, like a tortoise, to hide his face in his crab.

As a Commander-In-Chief of our armed forces, he chose to sleep as danger, with each passing day, gathered momentum.

What we are discussing today about deaths and bloodsucking and vampires, yes today in 2017, is a classic case of leadership failure on part of Mutharika both as a Head of State and government.

Truth be told, it is sickening even to take a moment to be writing or discussing anything about inconsequential and empty irritants such as blood sucking stories.

But when such irritants leads some to take law in their hands and rob a woman in Mulanje of her husband, a child of her father, a parent of her child, then we know we are talking about something tragical here.

We saw deaths on the streets—innocent Malawians killed suspected of being involved in unexplained wrongs that not even a single person has come in the open to testify to its authenticity.

In these deaths, there was a law being broken. But none of our law enforcers did their needful to apprehend those killing innocent Malawians suspected of things they cannot explain.

All we heard, from various divides of irrationality, is that people in Mulanje, in Thyolo, in Phalombe need civic education. Or something like that.

Yet in these civil debates of the need for civic education, deaths continued to roll on innocent Malawians. To a discerning mind, when a life is lost, in a country of law and order, civic education is not the answer.

Arresting and putting to trial those killing suspects is the answer—not the other way around.

We should all, then, be surprised at the current change of law enforcement in the country where murderers need civic education not arrest.

Equally disturbing is that President Mutharika, yes our commander of armed forces, led this civic education agenda to a darker world of people blaring their fangs on innocent Malawians they envy.

Mutharika did not have to glorify these bloodsucking nosense by visiting the affected areas. He should have just ordered the Police, or even the army, to apprehend anybody involved in murdering innocents. That directive would have put this matter to rest—it would have sent a message that he does not tolerate unnecessary and retrogressive thoughts in his country.

But what does he do?

He blows millions of taxpayers’ money visiting affected areas, listening to quite nonsensical testimonies and, tragically, leaving the whole stuff to some local chief to handle the entire issue. Like serious!

You mean Ngolongoliwa should, today, be arresting people who murder others? Why, then, should Malawians be paying Lexten Kachama and the congress he leads at Area 30?

In that directive, you have an image of a lame duck Head of State, indecisive to the core, a coward who, despite knowing what he is supposed to do, choose, deliberately, to take a softer and irrational route. That, in all terms of honesty, is not leadership.

Now the entire nation is engulfed in a senseless debate of superstition, something that, if this were 1432, it would, at least, make sense.

But this is 2017 and our image of being poor and dirty in the world has got everybody making us a laughing.

Well, in events of such failures, I know how Mutharika’s henchmen rushes to implicate innocent others to clear off the mess.

We are already hearing and reading that Bushiri is behind the bloodsucking, that it is Salanje, that it is MCP, that it is everybody who is critical of Mutharika.

Let us face it: the bloodsucking stories are sickening to the core. Their end lies in the decisiveness of Mutharika. He needs to ruthlessly send his armed boys to apprehend anybody terrorising innocent people in the name of fighting blood sucking suspects.

But can the real President Mutharika stand up?

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4 years ago

The bloodsuckers in Malawi are the President and the DPP government. The wealth of the country is sucked up by those people who are supposed to be leading the country forward not backward.

4 years ago

I doubt if anyone arrested will save a sentence .

Keen Observer
Keen Observer
4 years ago

Yes this is very sad that innocent lives have been lost. It’s a story to us we just hear or read these things on the news but to those relatives, families & friends of the deceased it’s a tragedy. The problem is that this issue is being handled with the political gloves, they were supposed to deal with 5 his issue as a government not as a Party. Very sad indeed.

nsanai kugwe
nsanai kugwe
4 years ago

ish koma nde tachukatu international news tsopano, kadziko kangonongono. dpp yasakaza mbili ya dziko. za ma alibino inu nomwe. ma bwana akudziwapo kanthu. kwatsala pitala nkuweta nkhufi azipopele dziko lose basi zitipope magazi tose

nsanai kugwe
nsanai kugwe
4 years ago

tidikile apange komishoni abwana .nanga sindiye style pa mw pano

4 years ago

You are talking about short-term solutions – and solutions are certainly needed in the short-term – but without effective educational initiatives, you will not change the mind-set that gives credence to such illogical rumours.

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