Malawi bus driver in for aiding illegal entry of 27 Ethiopians

A minibus driver in the border district of Karonga is in the cooler for illegally aiding 27 Ethiopians into the country, police have confirmed.

Ethiopains captured for illegal entry in Malawi

Ethiopains captured for illegal entry in Malawi

Zebron Mvula, 23, was arrested Friday morning at a roadblock mounted just next to the North Rukuru River Bridge as he tried to enter the town of Karonga. He was driving a minibus registration number BU 111.

According to Karonga Police prosecutor Almakio Daka, two aiders who have been identified as Tanzanian and Malawian nationals escaped at the time police were making the arrests.

“We got a tip from the community that the minibus had aboard strange faces,” said Daka. “When we tracked it [the minibus], we really found the 27 Ethiopians on board.”

Daka said the minibus was in transit from Songwe border to Mzuzu City.

He added: “When they arrived at our roadblock [Rukuru], we found the Ethiopians and detained them plus the driver.”

The prosecutor said the driver will appear before court soon to answer charges of aiding and abetting illegal immigrants while the 27 Ethiopians will be charged with illegal entry.

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Decent citizen

I have lived Karonga.All policemen/women manning the borders are crooks.I don’t know why they are there.They are almost Four road blocks from songwe border to Karonga Boma.The issue here is that driver ameneyo sanawanyemere bwino.Amakhalira kupempha kwa ama minibus drivers nthawi zonse.These border police are a shame to our nation.

osaweta jj

we have very ‘porous’ so to say,roadblocks… can they cross songwe boda,iponga roadblock,kiwe and u say u hav bin tipped at rukuru roadblock?shame on our law enforcers.kuba basi.mukawagwirenso anzanu amene amawadutsitsa kwinako not da driver alone.otherwise it does not make sense.

Comfort Nissiel
Hey! cops, leave the driver alone. You guys are empowered to man our bourders in conjunction with immigration department, yet these so called illegal immigrants cross freely without your notice. What are you paid for? Unless you arrested him crossing the bourder with them, otherwise he was only doing his job normally to earn a living. It’s obvious that they were helped by your colleagues to cross. After all, they are only on transit to RSA. If not, deport them to their country rather than damping them across Songwe bourder. Put your acts together and be human if not professional.
Paul Vida

We are all Africans, why following stupid white laws? Let them free.


Additionally, Apolisi Musatinamize Kuti The Community Tipped U, Bodza. Munthu Kufika Pa North Rukuru Check Point Nde Kuti Anadutsa Pa RA Check Point Pa Kiwe. Muziti Anapanga Tip Ndi Apolisi Anzanu Pa MRA Point Chifukwa Sanawanyemera. Analimba Mtima Bwanji Mpaka Pa North Rukuru, Nde Kutinso Anayamba Ndikale Buznes Imeneyi. Osatinama Wawa!


Mukungovutika, All Minibus Drivers Here In KA Know Too Well About The Business. It Is A Lucrative Deal Transporting These People. Come And Make Inquiries By Yourselves. Alot Many Are Transported At Night And The Police Know It. Search!

kashata kwa ndandanda

Ethiopian pass through the border at songwe where police n immigration officials get there share. This minibus driver picks up anyone as long as one can pay. If is like that then Police must also arrest minibus drivers in lilongwe who are always transporting illegal Nigerians to and from town on daily basis. The law should be applied equivalently.


I understand the matter. Government must act to avoid future illegal aliens like Tanzanians aiding to the country while our people being chased away. By law whether African or not must legal entry


Why should the police arrest drivers? Every time i travel in a minbus i take the back sit & each time we reach a roadblock i see a poor policeman getting a k300 from the driver & they open the block. This happens at all roadblocks here in karonga kwinako i blv is the same.


aaaaaaaaa Daka knows this well . There is strings attached to it .The mentioned pipo were arrested at the Roadblock .what prompted them to go direct to the roadlock and how a Tanzanian and malawian fled . The authority know this better . Pliz the Government investigate this .

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