Malawi chief spy Dausi  under fire over  nepotism charges

Senior  officers at the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) are accusing their chief spy Nicholous Dausi for being nepotistic and  practising favoritism.

Dausi:   Head spy

Dausi: Head spy

According to officers who spoke to Nyasa  Times  at NIB headquarters and regional offices, those that are having a smooth ride at the department are new recruits from the Lomwe belt and Mwanza where Dausi comes from.

“Just recently, 10 people from Mwanza were recruited and eight were immediately sent to South Africa for training.

“Everywhere the President goes is always accompanied by Dausi himself and these inexperienced agents which is a major concern to senior officers,” said one of the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, adding they don’t even know to whom these agents report to.

Another source said since Dausi came in office, he rarely sit down with senior officers FOR  planning or strategizing but instead he is always on the road with the President or some petty endeavours.

“With many years at the department, this is the worst director I have ever had,” said the source.

This, according to the sources, has prompted some officials to request the bureau to transfer them to other security departments.

Dausi, former spokesman of ruling DPP, was  appointed to head the state spy agency, with his experience having worked for defunt  para-military wing Malawi Young Pioneer during the one-party dictatorship.

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kwaya uwotche

Palibe anthu atsankho ngati atumbuka padziko lonse lapansi fire them .Dausi. find ouy at YONECO Atumbuka okha okha


I wonder why these stupid chewa’s are busy castigating northerners.kuyenda kuvina come and see your fellow chewa’s are living here.we are feeding them.they are coming all the way from south.half population of north are occupied by chewa’s so if u are throwing dust on us jst know that u are hating your uncle,untie,dad’s,mothers,brothers and sisters.shame on you guys who are posting stupid comments

Busy Brains

If you go into most of the companies you will find these northerners dominating. They claim to be educated, intelligent and wise. But when some educated men replace them, they cry loudly claiming to be marginalized. What kind of people sort are they? If we were given a chance to divide this country, the northerners would be alone. No one from the centre & south don’t want to be associated with these people. This is a fact only that people want to hide their feelings behind the fact that we are all Malawians.

Busy Brains

A tumbuka si anthu owasekerera bambo Dausi! Musawanyengerere kuti akuyandikireni, mudzithothola mmodzimodzi! Anatikwana nthawi ya Chihana agalu amenewa. Paliponse pamene pali mtumbuka, ndi chitedze chokhachokha! Anthu ongoganiza zawo zokha!! Ndiye ife mmati titani?

Busy Brains

So it’s news worth reporting simply because it is Dausi practicing it. If it were somebody from the north, it wouldn’t be a story. A tumbuka munapanga bwanji kodi? Kudzikonda agalu inu simudzatheka. Bambo Dausi, nawoni abakha amenewo.


Thanks baba for hurting tumbukas but you will never be clever like these guys. Go to Mpoto and research in Estates you will c that most tenants are Chichewa speakers. You r lucky you got some Kwachaz but your brothers and sisters r getting food from tumbakaz so thula.


Dziko tisalekere likuwonongeka tiyeni titemgepo mbali tisinthe


If those suffering are tumbukas, it is well: more fire Dausi. Lets delete this faggots!


As far as i know mulumuzana, namatetule ndipsi nkondeletsi Dausi this is possible with him!


Mbuzi nkhani siya Atumbuka ayi nkhani ndi ya Dausi ndi Alomwe aje osati Atumbuka

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