Malawi Congress Party heading for a split: Top gurus challenge Chakwera

A faction of  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) led by  vice-president Richard Msowoya has warned  that should the party continue on its current path, it would split or, even more ominously, perform dismally in next year’s elections.

Chakwera: Under fire

Kaliwo: Huge risk of splitting

Msowoya and other top gurus accusing MCP president Lazarus  Chakwera of flouting the party constitution and warning him of taking the party to next year’s polls as bruised and broken , unable to extricate itself from its self-inflicted morass.

In a letter dated January 12 2018 addressed to Chakwera, vice-president Msowoya, second deputy President Macdonald Lombola, secretary general Gustave Kaliwo, deputy secretary general James Kaunda and treasurer general Tony Kandiero accuse Chakwera of going against the constitution of the party and his own word.

This is in reference to the December 1 2017 meeting the party gurus held at the party’s headquarters, and the subsequent news conference on December 2, where Chakwera openly acknowledged that the party was divided and that unity was of paramount importance.

“The committee shall, therefore, consist of the president, the deputy president, the secretary general and the treasurer general, the legal adviser, the publicity secretary and all directors”, which was not the case with the called meeting.

Reads the letter in part: “Mr President, it is with deep regret that we note with grave concern that you are going against your word that you delivered to the Malawian nation in the communiqué dated first December 2017; by calling for, among other things, a management committee meeting comprising directors not recognised by the party constitution. In other words, you are persistently flouting the very fundamental principles of unity and [not] abiding by the party constitution.

“We find this behaviour on your part very perturbing and utterly unacceptable. Therefore, the meeting scheduled for January 13 2018 should be postponed to allow for further consultations as soon practicable.”

Nyasa Times verified with Msowoya and Kaliwo the authenticity of the letter.

Msowoya, who is also Speaker of the House, acknowledges that MCP is at a cross-roads and no amount of rhetoric can save it now.

Chakwera has kept his comment regarding the letter  close to his chest.

He is also not offering comment on situations that threatens to permanently break up the MCP.

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Chipasupasu cha a Chewa ………..


MCP is now stronger than before. Than even DPP. Chakwera, take this: tell those who want to form their own party ”NCP” should do so quickly and now. remember that those do dont have people on the ground. They are money hungry. Then quickly call for convention these Kaliwo/msowoya team wo be silenced and that will be the end of them. Becoz even DPP will trush them. Know that many love MCP, these divisions are being doctored by outsiders after knowing the weakneses of kaliwo and others. time is not on your side.


Mia quake gone bad – Chakwera’s head is now poisoned by MIA in a desperate attempt to win in 2019. The problem is, it will not end well.


its a game of numbers, if u have less followers than him futuka azako adutse

The M.C.P. president must stay focused and move on with his plan even with a handful of focused members of the party,do not be distracted by a few disgruntled members,who I think are selfish and jealous with the 6 -0 the party scored during the by elections,instead of rejoicing and beefing up the winning team,they intend to get the party four steps back there are more silent people outside the executive who genuinely love the party and the progress it is achieving, you offered an olive branch and now they want the presidency why not advise you in person as… Read more »
If the crack in MCP is being financed by DPP, is it DPP who asked Chakwera to replace Msowoya with Sidik Mia? Cant you people see that it is the choice of Chakwera for Mia and the insult of lebwede-lebwede from Mia? MCP is a party of dunderheads, why are they failing to see Chakwera’s blunder? If all the blunders in MCP are being orchestrated by DPP then the MCP is a kindergattern party not fit to rule. Blame the single handed rule of Chakwera. Leave DPP alone. How can the Speaker make MCP lose in the 50+1 bill? Silly… Read more »

I was one day at a drinking joint fortunately there was a DPP member of parliament from Nsanje who claimed Msowoya is in his camp but remained in MCP to bring confussion and gossip. I now agree!!

Blessings Kandoje
MCP is heading for self destruction. It shud be very careful if intends to rule this country. Let me advise mcp in this way: wen ur fighting somebody u can use any weapon as long as u emerge victorious at the end. Remember Bakili used to say, ndeu ni ndeu, kaya uluma ndi mano bola iwe ugonjese mnzakoyo. So mcp shud put in place every strategy as long as that strategy will make them win the war. DDP is very clever. Who knew that DPP will come to terms with PP. That is a strategy. DPP and PP are bitter… Read more »

As a member of MCP I agree with msowoya infact if he was to stand as a presidential candidate nde bola iyeyo. Chakwera wabwera liti Ku MCP osamangotengeka ndi anthu ochoka kunja mkuwapatsa maudindo palibe akudziwa cha mbiri ya MCP. Look at what late Bingu did to UDF and Pano Pitala ndiye worse. President azikhala mkhala kale muchipani. Vote Kaliwo vote Msowoya


Koma zimene alemba a Nation news paper si zoona?” Kapena akunama? Inu mumafuna Nation izilemba za ndani kkkkk onyoooo!!!!. Nation is the only news that is credible and trustworthy. Ku electronic media timadalira Zodiak, ku print media timadalira The Nation basi- [online Nyasa Times]. These two news channels do not create news like others do, they only report/publish news (as is happening), not creating, spicing or sexing up news.

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