Malawi CSOs says Mutharika conduct ‘hostile’, press on petition

Malawi civil society organisations (CSOs) in the country are still pushing government to act on issues raised in their petition presented to President Peter Mutharika in January .

Mtambo (L) and Gift Trapence : Fresh letter to Mutharika

Mtambo (L) and Gift Trapence : Fresh letter to Mutharika

The petition was presented to Mutharika after street protests in the capital Lilongwe, urging the Head of State to address numerous challenges which the country is facing.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive Director Timothy Mtambo, when delivering the petition, urged Mutharika to address the challenges outlined in the petition within 100 days or else the CSOs will regroup and go in the streets again.

The CSOs have again writtend Mutharika reminding him that the 100 days ultumultum is on tick-tock with less than a month to expie.

The activist regret that here has not been any response from the President’s office let alone an acknowledgement of receipt of the petition.

“We find this silence not in line with spirits of tolerance, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness expected of any democratic leader and state,” Mtambo said.

In the fresh letter sent to Mutharika, the CSOs pointed out that the conduct of Mutharika led government as well as political party is “hostile” in so far as a progressive democracy is concerned.

They condemned President Mutharika for leading his ruling DPP henchmen in “graffiti” action at Police cell in Lumbadzi.

“Getting arrested on treason charges is nowhere near worth splurging tax-payers money through commemorations, as you did on Wednesday, 11 March, 2015. It is a political nonentity! Whatever happened on 11th March 2015 not to mention painting the police cell with a party related colour and scribbling on the walls of the state owned institution is not only regrettable but also unimaginable of the head of state doing that.

“For sure your Excellency there are a lot of better things to do such as responding to the 22 point petition CSOs and citizens presented to your high office which we believe will go a long way in complementing the implementation and operationalisation of the public reforms your government is championing,” reads the letter to Mutharika.

It says while Minister of Information,.Kondwani Nankhumwa attempted to make Malawians believe the so-called commemoration was a harbinger that no Malawian will ever be arrested on politically-motivated charges, the CSOs believe the arrangement cemented observations that Mutharikagovernment” wants to inform its purported enemies that it has absolute powers to do whatever it desires.”

The petition

In the petition, the groups called on President Mutharika to dissolve the board of National AIDS Commission (NAC) and dismiss NAC executive director and institute a forensic audit of NAC disbursement of AIDS funds since the time NAC was granted the principle recipient of HIV/AIDS related funds by Global fund.

The CSOs have demanded First Lady’s Beautify Malawi (BEAM) and Mulhakho Wa Alhomwe to refund K5million and K9.4 million respectively to NAC to be used for its intended HIV/AIDS response functions.

The activist also accused President Mutharika of practising naked nepotism.

“The President should desist from appointing people based on tribalism, ethnicity, regionalism and partisan politics, and endeavour to put Malawi first. To this end, the President should explain steps being taken by government to ensure that civil and public servants in all government and public institutions are appointed on merit,” said the CSOs.

Mutharika was also asked to provide executive leadership by amongst other things delivering monthly public address on the steps being taken to address the prevailing economic hardships and unprecedented suffering of Malawians until things stabilizes.

The CSOs also want government should update the nation on the status quo on the implementation of the economic recovery plan (ERP)

The groups urged government to address the concerns raised or “demonstrate significant steps to addressing within 100 days from the date of delivery of this petition today on 13th January, 2015. “

According to the petition, government should also facilitate the institution of a dialogue platform with civil society organisations and other key stakeholders over the issues raised within a period of two weeks.

“We demand that the concerns and demands which are linked to NAC should be addressed within three weeks from the date of delivery of this petition –today on 13th January 2015. Failure to comply with this demand, we will regroup and decide the next course of action in order to ensure that justice and sanity prevails on the matter,” the CSOs said.

While commending Malawi government for living up to its promise of increasing salaries of civil servants, the CSOs pointed out that Malawians are concerned that the recent increment defeated the principle of equity where the low ranked civil servants given the raw deal where the higher increment percentages were given to the high ranking civil servants at the expense of low ranking civil servants.

They raised the issue of controversial education quota system, accusing Mutharika of playing “hide and seek game “in addressing the issue as a way of selecting students into the public universities.

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Nabola Ife
These guys were given a chance to lead through fate, but they failed to live up to what they are accusing the current administration for. Instead of utilizing that chance to transform and make things move the way they are crying for now they were busy cash gating, fighting dead Bingu: creating all sorts of stories against him, arresting APM for bogus treason charges etc. Their style of leadership was archaic. They were all part of the previous oppressive government. Very nepotistic and tribalistic. For instance we all remember how the Lhomwe were harshly treated by these guys and on… Read more »
chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa
chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa

Tilibe mau ulibedi mau ukanangokhala phe. Uzisiyanitsa zogwa mwadzidzidzi ndi mavuto ena. Iwe ungathetse ma floods? Iwe umabweretsa mvula? Iwe ungalamulire dzuwa kuti lisaombe? Openga iwe eti? Siunganyadire nfundo ya green belt anabweletsa mtsogoleri wanzeru? Tsegular maso ako upenye zosangalatsa zikuchitika pa nthawi yomweyi. Kwacha yakwera mphamvu, IMF yaligomera Boma. Misika ya fodya ikuchuluka. mafuta mtengo kutsika. Uti bwaaa!


Mafuta akweraso posatchedwa apa muwonaso

That’s why Hasting was just killing your forefathers. I could see some sense in him. You don’t read signs of times. I mean you don’t throw stones at each other when the visitor you have been waiting for sometimes has started smiling at you, has started giving you gifts. Unless your cognitive way is upside down like that of pinhole camera. Mtambo and Trapence you throwing stones at each other when IMF is now smiling over us. Unfortunately Chakwera is saying anything here. Chakwera if you want to win Malawians please try to give your opinion during such hour. Malawians… Read more »
Charlie Hebdo
The BEAM and Mulhakho wa Alhomwe saga reminds me of one Biblical Story. You see, It has been declared that our president is a billionaire. Instead of using a tiny fraction of what he has to fund his wife’s trust and his kinsmen grouping to which he is a member, he decides to rob Malawians of their funds to fight HIV/AIDS. See, in the Bible David had everything, riches, wives even God’s favour. But instead of being satisfied with what he had, he goes to rob Uriah of the only thing he treasured, his wife. As if that was not… Read more »

realy kp on pushing this gvm they r on comfort zone, never mind kwa awo opanda ma surname kwao nkutukwana basi, ndi atumbuka okha omwe ali ndi surname


wanga gwede email them to see how pple are ignoring their ideas, for them to know if they are still in touch with pple.

Instead of fighting real issues that matter they are wasting time criticizing the govt on childish issues… Why cant CSOs organise demonstration against Tobacco buyers who exploit farmers, buy tobacco at low prices and then they sale outside at prices believed to be 10 times more than the price they bought it from farmers… Up to now the government doesnt know at what price these buyers sale tobacco outside…. These are real issues… Our farmers are being robbed in broad day light… Lets fight for our farmers csos. The tobacco season is about to start, lets push for better minimum… Read more »
Stupid malawians with stupid comments supporting the stupid leadership of a stupid party.This part is too tribalistic trying to divide the country .I cry my beloved country when we had Kamuzu who tried to unite Malawi.He was a true statesman not these Ntchonas who run away when this country was fighting for democracy.It was only Muluzi and Joyce Banda who were staying in this country at the time malawians voted for democracy.It seems most Malawians are blind and no wonder this country can’t move forward because of these useless malawians who support manyi enieni.This country is already facing big problems… Read more »

I think too much freedom is poisonous


Kodi ndiye akulamula ndi mtambo ndi trapense eti. APM don’t respond. They must learn to respect those in leadership agalu amenewa.

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