Malawi CSOs sets Feb 28 for protests against corruption, impunity

Civil society organisations (CSOs) have described the fresh cashgate deals busted through flawed maize purchase procedures from Zambia as disturbing, and have said they will go to the streets for protests  as they since demanded that all contracts between the Government of Malawi be suspended with immediate effect.

Kajoloweka of YAS: Demo set

The CSOs – Youth and Society (YAS), Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), Church and Society (Livingstonia Synod), CCJP (Mzuzu Diocese), National Advocacy Platform (NAP), Foundation for Justice Support, FERO and human rights activist Billy Mayaya – during a presser in Mzuzu Wednesday also declared February 28 a day for nationwide mass civil action against gross corruption and impunity under the current political administration.

In a joint statement the CSOs said the uncovering of the millions of local and foreign cash at the residence of fired Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) was shocking.

“This suspicious development smacks of criminal acts akin to the 2013 infamous cash-gate in which several public servants were caught with bags of money looted from the public purse. We are left with the impression that looting of public resources (cash-gate) by public servants has continued since 2014 under President Mutharika’s watch,” reads the statement in part.

As part of their eight demands and recommendations, the watchdogs among others demand that Chaponda be arrested forthwith and face the law and also that Pres Peter Mutharika must address the nation on “this fresh cashgate case involving a senior Cabinet Minister in his administration within the next 48 hours.”

The CSOs also commend ACB and the Police for join and swift action on  Chaponda, senior ADMARC officials and Trans-Globe.

“To this effect, we call upon government and development partners to extend their adequate support to the ACB and Police to support their operations and ensure their operations and ensure their personal safety as they embark on this challenging task.

“We further appeal to ACB not to be swayed by the Money laundering or cash gate discovery into forgetting the original case for which a conviction will be most appropriate and supported outcome of the matter,” said the statement further.

Government spokesman Nicholous Dausi said CSOs are entitled to “have an opinion” but said they should allow for the due process of the law in the maizegate scandal.


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Whether you like it or not we will make this government SEE RED!!! you guys think you are special? useless creatures!!!


Regrettably most Lomwrs think like Santana;people with a brain as tiny as a chicken’s. Any wonder the country is sinking?
Mwalephera kulamula dziko a Mulakho. Ntchito n’kukwelan and salivating at the sight of nude girls and gyrating women’s waists. We are in trouble. Please save us oh Lord.

Santana your stupid. very stupid. I am not a northerner but what you have said is total trash. I wonder how some men with all two testicles use their brains when it comes to reasoning. I am a Lomwe but what is happening in our country can not be celebrated just because i come from the south. Demonstration is a constitutional right. Iweyo because of ur foolishness cannot exercise such simply because you come from the south. We are not here for experimental purpose as how the president thinks. when u have nothing to say it wise to scratch those… Read more »
And the press conference for this decision was done in the same north!!! When we say this thing smells northern agenda we are not wrong. We know that the 2014 elections it is the northern part of Malawi which was bruised most. The reason being they thought they will test the sweetness of the state house through Amayi. They thought if Amayi stays in the state house for 12 years and maintaining her marriage with Richard the northerner, then they will have something to be pride of. Wakwithu akulamulira. Why don’t my neighbours in the north just accept the truth… Read more »
Budi Kaka

KKKK make some noise!You failed to do the same and give ultimatums to JB and now mwapeza zochita!I thought you wanted Champonda fired and HE has done the needful! Mtundu umenewu wanyanya kudzimva pa nkhani ya marights. Go on gather the people away from their Gardens to protest as if muwagayira ndalama from your donors. Shupiti CSO’s hiding behind rights when your cases are more ethnical than real!

JK Black

What are all the demands precisely? We need to know, so we can decide to join!


ndiye tizikasonkhana pati? lilongwe? mzuzu and blantyre pa ulendo umeneu


Another issue for protest is the exorbitant price of maize which most poor malawians don’t afford 12500 per 50kg bag. Acb take note.

Mulhomwe uja ndine.

Panopa ambuyee tavomelezadi kuti mtundu wathuu wachilhomwe ndife mbava kkkk!

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