Malawi dailies Nation, Times on ‘same page’ over  better school infrastructure not misplaced priorities of stadiums

The collapse of a roof of the makeshift classroom at M’buka Primary School in Lilongwe’s Area 36 Township where 11 learners were rushed to hospital had  dominated the Malawi press on Thursday with two daily newspaper giving extended coverage in editorial comments with similar stand for  the nation to put priorities right.

This is not the first time learners have fallen victims of poor infrastructure in the country’s primary schools.
Nation and Times editorial comments on same concerns: Priorities
Some learners peep into the collapsed learning shelter

“We must revisit our priorities” was the headline of the editorial comment in The Daily Times, which detailed the other similar “state-made” accidents like that of M’buka Primary School that ended in tragedy.

In June last year, four pupils died and 16 others were injured when a classroom wall fell on them at Nantchengwa Primary School in Zomba.

In 2003, Mkomachi Primary School in Lilongwe also had its share of horror when a tree under which learners were learning, collapsed and killed some in the process.

The Daily Times said the recent incident at M’buka is “another sad reminder of how we are, as a nation, not serious on putting our priorities right.”

The editorial further reads: “It is now obvious that our priorities are upside down and that is why those in power are concerned with peddling lies that would catapult them to power after the May tripartite elections.”

The paper pointed out that it is “a shame” that, 55 years after independence, Malawi should still have  young ones learning under trees, in makeshift structures that are near comparison to tobacco barns.

It said education forms solid bedrock of national development and that failing to prioritise education is “a grace mistake for any nation that is serious on moving forward.”

The Nation also commented on the story which was covered on its front page.

“Where are our priorities?” was the headline of the editorial comment in The Nation, which also like their rival Times, noted that the sad incident invoked painful memories of Nantchengwa tragedy.

“The two cases are but examples of the sad reality in the country’s education sector where poor infrastructure or lack of learning and teaching materials defeats the essence of quality educations,” said the paper.

It noted with concerns that while resources to improve infrastructure for public facilities such as schools and hospitals seem to be elusive, there is lavish expenditure and commitments elsewhere, including on Cabinet ministers of whom some recently took delivery of luxury vehicles valued at over K100 million each.

The paper also pointed that out that President Peter Mutharika- in his re-election bid in the May 21 polls, pledged ti construct two stadiums for Nyasa Big Bullets and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers football clubs.

“If truth be told, the two football teams have no bearing on the well-being of a majority of Malawians. They are businesses,” the paper said.

It stated that the country’s priorities seem to be upside looking at some of the projects and pledges that are made.

“Malawi children deserve better infrastructure, learning and teaching materials to achieve their dreams and contribute to the development of this country,” concluded the country’s leading daily.

According to Civil Society Education Coalition, the country has a deficit of 27 000 classrooms.

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Stanley Mdala
Stanley Mdala
3 years ago

A stupid President of a third world country of Malawi whose school structures and buildings like Parliament building is collapsing and bridges and roads that are built of mud are washed away easily pledged at campaign rallies to waste government money to build stadia for commercial or business football clubs is just fucking crazy thinking of a useless President who has lost his priorities.
Malawi should get young man like Chilima who has a good vision for Malawi not this old useless President of Malawi Mutharika. He is a failure.

3 years ago

The President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, should be the first to appreciate the importance of education. Instead he cites his enjoyment of football as a reason for building stadiums in Blantyre. Perhaps he prefers his people to remain in ignorance lest they recognise his failure to really develop Malawi by emphasising the vital importance of a solid education system with adequate resources. His neglect of education is shameful and will not win him and his party any votes come May’s elections.

3 years ago

Ndiye nkumati DPP has developed Malawi and will continue to develop Malawi which development is talking about stadiums. Muthalika will merge no 3 on polls. Chakwera is leading elections and Saulkoos comes no 2. His development agenda is clear and full of hope for Malawi. May 21 will make Malawi great again.

3 years ago

If you may do a research –you will find out that most of the children suffering such misfortunes are those of political cadets –their mothers and fathers follow their leaders blindly —

3 years ago

A malawi kuyiwala mnsanga mavuto wathu —

3 years ago

Auzeni agogo Muthalika. He cannot care about classrooms. His children have never and will never learn in Malawi public schools

Allan Ngoma
3 years ago
Reply to  chimanga


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