Malawi destroyed by ignoring the voice of reason

It goes without saying that, ignoring the voice of reason results into a failed government.  In the process the country collapses.  This has been the case with the Mutharika government.  Every sector and system of government has simply crumbled in Malawi.

Malawians are aware that time and again both the DPP and government spokespersons have defended the current economic crisis by saying that it is not unique to Malawi only.  This argument does not hold water.  It is a lame excuse to cover up government’s failure to run this country.  One wonders if those who defend the shoddy performance of the Mutharika government have any clue about the worrisome situation on the ground.

This is a matter of life and death.  People die in hospitals due to lack of medicines.  This is coupled with the vicious cycle of erratic power supply and shortage of fuel to run hospital generators.  Therefore patients in the intensive care units are just as good as dead.  This might appear to be an exaggeration especially to those people who have never been admitted in government hospitals!


It is very sad that when people list the many problems they are facing, government spokespersons come out to say that such people are just advancing their cheap political agendas.  In fact, any sensible person must know that there is no politics when Malawians complain that their businesses are failing due to frequent power cuts.

The Mutharika government is in total denial of its inefficiency.  It is such behavior that has made it to be totally impervious to voice of reason.  It is a fact that there is no shortage of advice to government.  If President Mutharika and his administration had made use of the advice, Malawi would not be on the verge of complete collapse.

It is very strange that at times the State President likes asking the question.”Who are you?” when referring to a person who questions government.  The question is very demeaning and irrelevant.  Malawians have the right to question and give suggestion to government wisdom is not a monopoly for those in power.

Had president Mutharika been listening to people, most of the problems would have been averted.  However, government officials claim that the President listens hence the setting up of various commissions of enquiry and a dialogue team to address the 20th July 2011 petion.  What the officials deliberately   forget is that all the enquiries and dialogue have come about because, in the first place, the President failed to listen to the people.  For example, if the President had not assented to bad laws there would be no need for the review of these laws.

If the government continues to ignore the voice of reason, this country will look as if it has no President or government in place.  Honestly, Malawians have never before experienced such unprecedented level of collapse of their country as the case under the Mutharika regime.  Malawians should continue to fight till the voices of reason prevails all the time.

Emily Mkamanga

Email: [email protected]

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