Malawi doctor escapes death from bloodsuckers’ lynch mobs

A medical at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Dr Rodrick Banda says was nearly attacked by heavily armed young men and women near Kameza along Chileka road when he was coming from work last night.  

Banda: I could hav ebeen a victim of lynch mob

“After performing a successful operation last night , I was driving home at around 23:30, I met a group of young guys just after Kameza (Chileka road) who almost took my life”  Dr Banda wrote in his note.

“They had blocked the road rocks and burning tyres allegedly hunting for blood suckers. In an attempt to turn back I fell into a drain , they had me surrounded carrying  stones and some panga knives .

“I told them, am a doctor not a blood sucker and I was coming from the hospital .By God’s Grace they understood me, helped me and took the only cash I had in my wallet . This happened right here in [Blantyre] and not in Mulanje. This nation is so sick.”

The mob on Thursday  killed a 22-year-old epileptic man in Chileka, and another man was stoned to death after being suspected of being a blood sucker.

This has brought the number of people killed as suspected blood suckers to nine since the rumors started early last month.

President Peter Mutharika tried in vain to array the rumors which police and medical workers say has no basis.

Mutharika said the reports were “distressing and agonising” and has set up a ministerial committee to look into the matter.

In a meeting with community leaders in the hot spot district of Mulanje on October 13, Mutharika had warned people to stop using witchcraft to “suck people’s blood.”

“If people are using witchcraft to suck people’s blood, I will deal with them and I ask them to stop doing that with immediate effect,” he said.

Meanwhile UN agencies have pulled out workers from districts affected by the rumors. US embassy had already withdrawn Peace Corps volunteers from the affected districts.



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A situation so dire as we currently have in Malawi, elsewhere, could have immediately caused governments to zero in on these mobsters who are killing innocent people just because their crazed minds think they are bloodsuckers. But you know our government isn’t one that would do so. I have followed this story ever since it broke out and never have I read or heard someone got their blood drained by blood suckers. Instead it is these mobsters who are killing people and they are therefore the real blood suckers. This docile DPP government should therefore look no further than rounding… Read more »

This is the work of Dpp cadets, they want to divert public attention from the 5-1 massacre they suffered to MCP

concerned citizen
Are we in a state of anarcky in Malawi? I wonder how a group of young people can be able to set up a road block on a busy road like Kameza Chileka, without the police getting to know about it. Apparently there is a police road block and a police unit on that road. Government says they have beefed up security in the country. Where is the security if such things are happening right on a road where police are ? These are thugs. If these people had set up this road block for security reasons they should have… Read more »

Mutharika knows about the disaster of blood suckers just as Bush knew about the collapse of twin tower building #newworldorder …. it’s here!


Mutharika has to resign. An entire professor believing in witchcraft. My foot. What was he doing in class? These are people who pass exams but have no understanding of the content.


This is nachipanti all over again. A whole nation cannot be stupid and start taking matters into there own hands. I feel there is more to this story than told.


Pa chichewa pali mau amati “Utsi sumafuka popanda MOTO” people are saying there are blood suckers out there, koma chonde a MALAWI anzanga tisachite chipongwe munthu oti tikungomuganizira.

If witchcraft and wizards are that much good in mobilizing the whole country to be in the same agenda, then lets use them in unclogging this country from poverty. Can the trusted authority play it more serious and focused. Can they not delegate their powers to the community level to deal with the situation. People block roads, supporters and partners in development are scared for their life. Where are the police, where are the leadres, where are the people self branded to be security authority. Being that is not just sleeping inside fences of state house and riding in black… Read more »

If I may ask, who has been killed buy blood suckers since the rumours started


Facts are irrelevant to people who believe rumors.


I am now ashamed to be called Malawian. At first it was killing of people with albinism now blood sucking. Malawi is an evil nation and that’s why we have bad leaders Bad people deserves bad leaders.

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