DPP’s Ngwenya says he will ‘never say never’ to run for MP again

Losing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate in the just ended by-election in Lilongwe City South East Constituency, Reuben Ngwenya,  said he will “never say never” to seeking another attempt for a parliamentary seat in 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Ngwenya: I will make another attempt for MP

Ngwenya a retired military officer and a former diplomat at the Malawi Embassy in Japan, lost to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate Ulemu Msungama on Tuesday.

But in an interview with Nyasa Times he did not rule out standing for Parliament again in the future.

“I have accepted the results of the by-elections but I can never say never again. I will make another attempt to stand for a parliamentary seat in the future elections,” he said.

Ngwenya also rejected social media reports that he was admitted at Kamuzu Central Hospital after his blood pressure had shot up with the electoral defeat

His Personal Assistant and spokesperson, Liwewe Banda, said Ngwenya is “fit and well” at his residence.

Liwewe Banda also rejected reports that Ngwenya has uprooted the maize mill and closed his free medical care in the area following the defeat/

“You can go now to the maize meal you will be assisted there free of charge and to the clinic you will still be assisted,” said Liwewe.

Ngwenya plans to work hard to convince the electorate that he is the right candidate in 2019 polls.

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Santana, you are the the best analytical commentator on this issue so far. You also commented so well on the implication of the MCP win in by elections. It is ironical that the winning candidates will join the lossers (opposition) in parliament. It’s not a forgone conclusion that those who pass mock exams will do well in the real exams. The real exams are coming in 2019. After all no one knows which presidential candidate they would have voted for more especially in Nsanje. Sitolo might have been voted by his DPP friends since he was with them when Amai… Read more »
At least mukutha kuonako inuyo koma ndukayika pazimene mukunenazo, chifukwa ndi zakale zeeeeeeeditu, ndipo zidakali kalika, zanu izo, tiye nazoni. Kodi funso mlakuti kuda pambana ndinu mukadamatichiyani? aaaaaaaaa mabodza okhaokha apa. Are you not aware kuti sizonveka bwino kuti the ruling party is loosing by elections, while using our taxes doing the campaign? Who was supposed to win these by elections between the Ruling Party and Opposition Party? Which people of Nsanje are you talking about who only knows one President? Don’t you know kuti tikayamba Campaign sitimakhala ndi President? Ok may be you right but why then the game… Read more »

Go and compete with goodal gondwe kwanu not here galu


Liwewe is lying he uprooted the maizemill the same night MEC was counting the results asatinamize ine ndimakhala ku midland komko kunali chigayocho. Chigayo anachotsa komaso chipatala anatseka usanamize a Malawi aise


when you were in Army you used your power carelessly, grabing people’s properties in Area 18 due to business you did with their over 18 children, using the army to beat a 82year old lady due to sins commited by her grand son, ndiye mungankhale a dindo inu???? ata ambuye amaona

If MCP is predicting a win in 2019 by taking this win as a yard stick I can call them amateurs in politics. One question MCP should ask itself is whether they would win if the elections were held in Mulanje or Phalombe. MCP leadership should point out any constituency in Chiradzulu where they can win a bye-election. MCP should explain a loss in Mayani which regarded as its stronghold. Beside losing in Mayani we have also seen Gwengwe running away from contesting in Dedza. This gives a suspicious scenario between MCP and the district of Dedza especially when we… Read more »
That’s my Candidate come 2019. Let me encourage you Dr Ngwenya. Am impressed with your acts. Help the people you intend to represent in 2019. Don’t let people cheat you that you will not win. Should you try to remove your investment people will conclude that you brought them just for vote. You want to be a leader serve them first. Zichepetseni bwana, gawanani zabwinozo ndi onse believe you me you will get that seat. A Msungamao nthawi yawachepera, he will not do even a single convincing thing to the people. You will be a Hero come 2019. Its just… Read more »

Dear Dr Ngwenya!
Zikomo bwana mwachita zazikulu popeleka chigayo chomwe panopo chikugwira ntchito bwoni lomwe. Panono ife ndi a MP Msungama tukukonza zotipita ku Area 23 kukapangitsa komiti ya chigayo. Tikudiziwitsani kuti mudzakhale nawo pansonkhono. Komanso mudzayankhule mwachidule chifukwa ife tikona kuti anthu alipo ambili amenene akufuni zagayo bwana. Ndiye apa mwayamba bwino, mwezi wamawa tifukufuna tikusankheni kukhala oyendetsa zigato mu constituency yathuyi. Thanks well done and well tried. You gave as a good run.


Iwe Ngwenya tava izi
ife tadya ndithu zija umkatipatsa madzulo zija, kamchere, kaja, timakapu, tija
Iwe umkayesa kuti tingakane koma ndiwe mbuli sudziwa anthu akulilongwe, ufuse kuti kodi 2009 UDF OR DPP Idatengako mipando ya aphungu ingati kuno kwathu kulilongwe.
kumangoyamba osafusa, tikudyelaso 2019 usasiye, ife ndife ana obaba or mwala utavekendwa MCP Titha kuuvotela UVE zimenezi ngat umava,
kabe zina ndalamazo tidzadyeso kwacha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe M

Ngwenya you might be a good person/politician yourself no doubt about it but the problem is the party you associated with DPP as it is very dangerous/bad than the MCP which ruled us in single party system of govt. Todays MCP under the leadership of Lazarus Chakwera is a transformed party thats why you see most youths following it and it is the only party which has the welfare of the local pple at heart. Matchonawa sizinthu there are there only to ruin our hard earned resources – period.


You’ll lose again and this time with big margin. Your blue camp do not appeal to Malawians any more. Thieving party and a party of killers. Malawians have made a unanimous decision to bring the good administrators into gaffment in the name of MCP and Dr. Chakwera.

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