Malawi fresh polls could best be held year-end: Synod demands new electoral commission

Electoral stakeholders are backing calls for court sanctioned fresh presidential elections be held towards the year end to ensure there is thorough preparation and smooth electoral process.

Rev Nyondo: Livingstonia Synod wants Jane Ansah out of MEC and all other commissioners replaced for fresh elections

The Constitutional Court (ConCourt) judgement last week nullified the May 21 2019 presidential election and ordered fresh election within 150 days of the ruling on February 3 2020.

But the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) which is appealing the order for fresh elections has said it is ready to hold fresh elections if time is extended.

In a sworn statement for the stay of the ConCourt ruling, MEC chairperson Jane Ansah argues that it is not feasible to hold fresh elections in 150 days’ time and proposes that the exercise be carried out on October 28 this year.

Among others, the electoral body cites funding constraints and transport challenges that the body experienced during the May 21 2019 elections, saying they are likely to haunt the commission again.

MEC put the budget for the fresh elections at K43 billion.

The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Synod of Livingstonia has since demanded that the new commission be put in place to handle the fresh presidential election.

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times signed by the synod moderator the Reverend Douglas Chipofya and general secretary the Reverend Levi Nyondo, the synod is demanding that for a country to move forward, the fresh elections should be handled by people who are capable of conducting the election in a fair and unbiased manner.

“For the prosperity of our electoral system and if there is to be any confidence in future elections, it is time for new commissioners who are capable of the task at hand and whom our country can trust,” reads the statement.

The Synod has also demanded that those responsible for mismanaging the votes should be held accountable.

“Assuming the judgement of the Constitutional Court stands, then we expect to see the perpetrators held to account by the authority of laws of Malawi,” the church has said.

It adds: “The ruling says corruption will not be tolerated but we must go further and show that those responsible will not enjoy impunity for their actions.”

Governance expert Makhumbo Munthali said there is need for serious policy reforms at MEC especially in the appointment of commissioners, as advised by the Constitutional Court.

On his part, University of Livingstonia-based political analyst George Phiri said the protests against MEC  last year were proof that Malawians have lost trust in the electoral body.

And in new Afrobarometer survey, it shows that most Malawians do not trust the MEC and believe the quality of elections has declined following events surrounding the nullified May 21 2019 presidential poll.

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Malawi belong to the citizens

Just fire all of them at MEC and employ new people.Election should happen as the court directed.No changes of days, sometimes it looks like we don’t want to move forward. MEC yinaba mavotes to help thier candidate Munthalika period.

James Banda
James Banda
2 years ago

MEC has money to pay lawyers to challenge the court’s judgement.

Kapado Chimulirenji
2 years ago

Why should MEC be worried about funds as it funds itself. We will fund ourselves by our tax money. We will force MRA to raise enough money for the elections in the same manner it did to fund DPP during the shambolic May 2019 elections. Ansah is always trying to be clever by demanding that election be held in October because that’s the time her contract ends. She is interested in getting the benefits which should be stopped at all cost by forcing her to leave early. She should no stop dreaming because she will not be there during the… Read more »

Angoni apaphata
Angoni apaphata
2 years ago

Why does MEC always want to talk about funds as if it generates it’s own funds. That is where you can clearly see how biased they are. Instead of making funds request they play the insufficient funds card when the odds are not in dpp favor

2 years ago

osati a MEC abweze ndlama analandilazo kuti acite cinyengo kuti tiyendetsere coming elections!!!! lots of money we have here in malawi. taonani terminal ya KIA 26 billion kwaca ,cinthu copanda standard ngati cimeneci.
paying medical bills zosaenera ku India,you know what i mean, ma hotel ku mangoci ku eish etc. getting benefits for telling lies,,,,tell us something different.
hey mec,dpp musatiyambe

2 years ago

Jane Ansah for president

2 years ago

“The synod is demanding that for the country to move forward, the fresh elections should be handled by people who are capable of conducting the election in a fair and unbiased manner” Livingstonia Synod. These commissioners most probably having been tempted with billions of cash in different currencies offered to them in exchange for perpetuating the DPP regime reign, plus promises of unlimited and continued fringe benefits to sustain their above average lifestlyles in a country where the masses continue to live far below the poverty line, where else is it possible in Malawi to find persons that will be… Read more »

Out from MEC please
2 years ago

The present MEC has nothing to say about the coming elections. They can not handle it. New ones will do it. The old ones are bankrupt of ideas.

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