Malawi gay community demands recognition, respect of minority rights: Manerela+ orient religious leaders on advocacy

Members of the sexual minority LGBTI (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) group have called upon all Malawians including Religious Leaders to accept that LGBTI’s exist and begin to
recognise and respect their human rights.

Harold Kachepatsonga: Minority rights are human rights -Photo by Elijah Phimbi Nyasa times.

The call was made by some members of the LGBTI community at the end of an interface meeting with religious leaders and an orientation meeting of religious leaders on Advocacy and human rights in relation to

An LGBTI member told Nyasa Times  in an exclusive interview that they want to see availability of LGBTI care and intervention within the Malawian society.

“We want to see availability of LGBTI care and intervention as well as total respect because we are also human beings just like any other
person” said the LGBTI.

She further called for Civic Education to Malawians on issues of LGBTI community.

“People lack information and end up misunderstand and misinterpret issues so we need to civic educate them. People need to know that some of us are in the LGBTI group by wish its natural she said.

Facilitators of the meetings Harold Kachepatsonga and Allie Mwachande both from Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected with HIV/Aids (MANERELA+) backed the plea the
LGBTI Members made.

“These are human beings just like all of us and their rights need to be respected rather than condemning them. No one is perfect and there
is no big or small sin that is why as MANERELA we are engaging religious leaders to provide assistance on a spiritual point of view,” said Mwachande.

On his part, Kachepatsonga emphasised the need to engage religious leaders and train them in advocacy saying they are the right people that can help in influencing policies.

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Zandinyasa kwambiri
5 years ago

komatu nkhani imeneyi tinathana nayo pakatipa!! yayambiranso?? hehehe Kelvin amenyedwanso again and again. kma asogoleri amipingo amenewa ndi satana zenizeni ndithu. paujeni pawo…..azisankhire okha

5 years ago


winston msowoya
winston msowoya
5 years ago

Eh you fool,where did you hear from that SATANS have rights? Some of these things leave them to the whites,not everything from them is rational.A dog or pig knows his/her partner,why not a human-being? One day we shall eat our own waste-matters if we are told by the white people,SHAME!!!! God created man and woman for that purpose and that is why,he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.Africans,we must at times,be proud of our caltures which are congruent with Bible the book of God.If whites bring their cultures to us,why can’t we take our cultures to them? Factually,sodomy is the most satanic… Read more »

Thako Lambeta
Thako Lambeta
5 years ago

I think church leaders that can advocate for such sttupid things are also members of LGBTI themselves

5 years ago

I can kill u myself if ntakuona yesera.,.I wish ntakhala president n kukuotchan ma gay n mabungwe omwe amayankhula nyasi zmenezo…lol but tzit saganiza poyankhula….even ur mom did sex with ur father kut upezeke then uzit ufuna uzipanga za same sex

Defender of Faith
5 years ago

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE TEACH ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY? ________________________________________ There are ten passages in the Bible that directly or indirectly refer to homosexuality. Homosexual behavior is viewed negatively every time it is mentioned, yet some in the Church today are saying that “loving committed” homosexual relationships are approved by God. A question I have repeatedly heard is “How do liberal pastors, seminary professors and bishops get around the clear teaching of Scripture on homosexuality?” I will answer that as we look at the Biblical passages on homosexuality. Genesis 2:18, 22. In this passage, God creates a woman to complement the man.… Read more »

5 years ago

Your rights are observed but don’t cry for recognition for being gay when the upright people don’t cry for recognition for being upright. Practice your sin in private as any sinner does but to say the church should allow gay membership when God says its a sin, then the church shd stop existing. SORRY.

5 years ago

Foolish, to Hell with your minority rights.

# I am Your Next President

Oh Lord have mercy on our souls…… in the book of Genesis, God created Adam and Eve, not ADAM AND ADAM OR EVE AND EVE!!!!
Kodi Yesu akutani abwera liti? abwere awawotche a galu awa

5 years ago

Imeneyiso ndiye iti guys? kkkkkkkk

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