Malawi govt ‘too broke’ to accept MPs 70% salary hike: LL City staff get 25% pay rise

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has said the  cash-strapped government will not accept Members of Parliament (MPs) 70 percent salary hike pursuits.

Goodall Gondwe: No money to increase MPs pay up to 70 percent

Gondwe said instead MPs will get the 10 percent  pay rise just like other civil servants.

“The government has no money,” Gondwe said.

MPs are now getting over K1 million and each MP also receives 500 litres of fuel  and K50 000 sitting allowance per day when the National Assembly is meeting or parliamentary committees.

The MPs also get K24 million loan once elected to the National Assembly.

Gondwe had admitted that the country was facing cash problems.

The issue of pay hike has opened a can of worms with commentators questioning the timing as the country is struggling economically and public sector workers on mass action demanding better pay.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Local Government has approved a  25 percent  salary increament demand by Lilongwe City Council employees,

Accoridng to LCC chief executive, Charles Makhanga, said they will process the salary hike before they give the workers the money

“We will be releasing the money in phases begging next week,” he said.

Makanga said the salary increase would be effective July 2016.

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Douglas Ndindi
This is not realistic. However, a dog does not bark without a reason. I am sure that these MPs know and accept that we have very limited resources, but then they see how these “limited” resources are being used (or is it abused?). So all they are saying is, if the authorities are ready to misuse these resources, they may as well misuse them on us (meaning the MPs). This is the simple logic behind the demand of these TRPs (Temporally Representatives of the People). Honestly, I will not begin to blame anybody for coming up with such kind of… Read more »

Act of a devil at its best, lets pray hard

tcholo south

Apatseni ziakwane…asaaa mutonenaa? mwatosantabwa kapena kuzelezeka…si ulukhu mupanga inu apawu? Kani mwayesa ife titogona kuno? usana ndi usiku kulira kuti ambuyee mutoliona ziko lathuli? Chaponda m”bale wathu amene zoona kumaba chimanga anthu osauka natofa..ndiye lero mwati mufuna chanii? Ambuye akudaliseni ndithu anthu opanda chisoni inu


Kma malawi zoona mukulandila ndalama zambiri kale mukafunenso 70% yonseyo Mulungu akuyendereni ndithu anthu odzikonda inu,ine wovotane ndikugona ziguduli inu mwaofuofu zoopsya kwabasi tionana 2019 ma mp ambiri mugwa cha gada ndithu ndipemphelera kt zitero Mulungu wanga apanga zozizwa pamenepa ndithu pitani midzi muone anthu mmene akuvutikira paja mukasankhidwa mmathamangira mtauni mamasion abwino samala kudzikonda kwako Mulungu angakukanthe bale

winston msowoya

Professional performance Goodall Gondwe,keep it on.How would these good for nothing MPs expect to get such raise (70%),while their voters are fast sinking into the sink-hole of poverty.Candidly,there are some MPs who deserve such raise,but still,it is incredibly high in one of the poorest nations of the World.Some of these MPs do not even care about their voters in the sense that instead of coming up with developmental projects in their constituences to enhance job-creation motives,they build expensive houses far from their constituencies and visit the voters when the next elections are on the horizon.Once again,congrats our wizard Minister.


Mwayambanso. Kudzikonda basi. Tionana 2019.

Woionela Patali

Zoopya kwambiri.
Kutangwanika za bodza mu Parliament muli ndi cholinga? Hehedeeeeee. I laugh at you.
MPs, think of a poor Malawian woman somewhere dying coz of luck of a health facility. Think of someone who receives nothing from the central coffers at the end of the month. Greedy at its best.

concerned Citizen

Give them the increment, after all Goodall says the economy is doing fine. Don’t say there is no money because akuzifuna ndianzanu.

Bodza la N'nanu



70% for doing what? This is total madness from 100% of the total brain. They have lost moral compass to demand such a %. Even if the coffers were fully loaded, such a demand is so pathetic to be entertained and well done Gondwe!

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