Malawi govt need to make statement on President’s health

The President’s health is subject of speculation and causing anxiety among Malawians. Some civil society organisations and political commentators have called for the president to step aside for the vice president to take over until he fully recovers. However, the government have maintained a tip lip over the president health as if “he is enjoying robust health.”

Mutharika: Is he fit and well?

Mutharika: Is he fit and well?

Onlookers were suspicious that upon arrival, the president used his left hand to wave to the crowd and greet dignitaries. The prolonged stay in the US where the president went for the UN General Assembly and the lack of credible information has already damaged the credibility of government. It is like Malawians are still living in a one party state where everything is done in secret. One would have thought DPP has learnt a lesson from the mistakes of the past.

Those who are hiding the status of the president health may be viewed as having clandestine motives. They may be  pushing their own personal agenda and making crucial decisions on his behalf.  Already civil society organisations and the experts have questioned the appointments of the judges and the chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission.

For example, legal expert Sunduzwayo Madise is sceptical about the appointments. He writes: “I am unclear as to exactly how these judicial appointments have been made.” Indeed one wonders how the president could have made such appointments when his away reportedly unwell.

To call it a spade a spade, it is normal for any person to get ill. Every person gets sick at one point in their lives. So why the secrecy? By withholding the information from Malawians those close to him are giving the impression that they want to be governing behind his back. They want to be using his name for their own benefit.

For example, it was announced on Sunday that the President will launch the ID project on Wednesday 19. But now the launch has been postponed because the National Registration Bureau want to address some shortfalls before the launch. Really?

The failure to launch of the national identity project is a graphic example of how those close to him want to hoodwink Malawians that all was well. For how long are they going to hide the truth? Sooner or later they will run of lies and the truth will be known.

When President Michael Sata was ill in the UK the Zambian government came out in the open to information the nation about his health status. They were even updating the nation about his status.

Government should come in the open and issue a statement about the president’s health. The silence is not good for the nation. It is fueling speculation and rumour mongering because there is a blackout surrounding the president’s health. Those close to the president should show leadership and accept reality.

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HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?
HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?

Malawian are not fools you knew in 60s or 70s, why hiding information about the president s health? We know he is a nromal human being like everybody else.

be humane

inu mukufuna akuwuzeni kuti chani, simunaone ku airport kujakuti akudwala? Inu nomwe mwakhala mukunena kuti president akudwala ndiye mukufuna mumve chani tsopano? Are you telling us that zonse mwakhala mukunena zija was fake so you want government to tell you the truth now? Fake activists

Chindere chakufikapo

Aaaaaa be human, why are u so shallow minded. The president is of all Malawians regardless which party u belong. See the president at the airport is not an official statement from government. Civil societies just want an official statement from government regarding his healthy wooooo. There is not problem request the government officials releasing a press statement on our presidents healthy ayi.The head of state ndi munthu ngati ifeyo akhonzanso kudwala, simpleeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!.

Fair Play

Why not just wait for 14:00hrs and judge for yourself whether he is fit or not? You have rightly said that its normal for any person to get sick, just as it is normal for any person to recover from sickness. I should believe by now the president has recovered and can continue to execute duties. We have been impatient yes but the government said it he is well and will address the nation on friday at 2pm. Why cant we just wait??? Why ??


These guys love money too much. There is no way he can step aside.. sick or not. They are too greedy and like to steal at the expense of this country and denying basic human right of citizens. I wonder how incapacitated a president has to be to step down but from the look of things m’dala yu ndithu azilamulilabe.

Let’s pray for him and this nation basi.. aliyense azipemphera mmene mzimu wake wamutumira but wishing death on someone has to stop.

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