Malawi govt opts for Nankhumwa as caretaker Leader of the House

Malawi government is putting forward Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa as caretaker Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly as Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda is suspended by High Court from executing his duties until a probe into the Zambia maize saga is concluded.

Nankhumwa:To stand-in for Chaponda

The Commission, led by Retired Chief Justice Anastazia Msosa, is expected to present a final report and findings to President Peter Mutharika on February 9 2017.

Parliament starts meeting this Monday for a midyear budget review meeting.

Nankhumwa said he is “honoured” to be taking on the role of House Leader, saying he used to working constructively with Members of Parliament from all parties.

But Nankhumwa, who is also Mulanje Central Member of Parliament, is facing questions after donating in his constituency K23 million worth of items including an ambulance to Mulanje District Hospital, 300 bicycles and two motorbikes to Mulanje Police Station.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) recently summoned   Nankhumwa and they questioned him on matters in relation to the donations he made to his constituency recently.

He defended himself that the ambulance was bought from the United Kingdom for K2.7 million through a friend. He also said he saved for a long time for the bicycles that cost him K10 million.

The whistle blowers are still keen to tip the graft-busting body on alleged wrongful self-enrichment of Nankhumwa who is one of top five cash-rich ministers.

A Malawian government minister earns around K1.2 million.

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17 thoughts on “Malawi govt opts for Nankhumwa as caretaker Leader of the House”

  1. muyombe says:

    Chikakuda chakuda,your comment entells the supreme degree of your foolishness & total stupidity!So you want everyone to think the way your bobed brains do?SHAME ON YOU! What a DUNDERHEAD! Rotten swine!

  2. agalu nonse ansanje bwanji mitima yanu ili yoipa,inu ndiye abwino, wabwino ndani anene dzina lake afufuzidwe mupezeka ndi mbiri zoipa kuposa anzanu. shut up. Nkhope zoopsazo angakusankheni kuknhala nduna kapena president? Nyanga kukhwima basi. Maso ali psyu! ati ine president. Wandani? Kulamulira dziko lake litilo anthu opandam mtendere. Anthu opanda chifundo. Likakhala tsankho mupite muzintchitomu muwapeza ambri, mauniversitymu alipo ambiri mmatchalitchimu kudya ndalama za mpingo mxsiiii musatikwane. Grill grill grill whatt? Mxsiiiii

  3. If people are jelousy of one another the talk of nankhumwa I’m not a politician but why Malawians are always fond of tunishing the image of others. You need the post thats why you’re trying to turnish his image. let him do his performance and then you comment on what He does. Always azungu amatiseka anthu a nsaje dikilani nthawi yanu ife akumudzi tatopa ndikunva mtsutso wan wauchitsiru wopanda phindu. Munayambira kunena izi izi izo koma palibe phindu. Suja mukati mumchotsa President pa mpando yemwe tinamusankha tonse lero mwakanika mwayamba I will grill, grill grill grill what stupid. Stop your stories without salt.

  4. Cash Gate says:

    Alomwe, they think kuti anthu anzeru ndi a lomwe basi, kuchotsa mbava kuika mbava shame on you.

  5. Nyopex says:

    DPP, a basket full of rotten fish. You can’t make a better choice from it. Shame eeeee!

  6. mary says:

    Laughing stock kkkkkkkk! You guys will never learn.

  7. Vyatola says:

    Do u think Henry Mussa is happy about this appointment of this little guy nankhumwa haaa chamala chipani

  8. Bwak says:

    The birds of same feather froks togather

  9. DDP says:


  10. Lagrde says:

    Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! Of all the people, why this thing called Nankhumwa? DPP is for lomwes only. This tribe is proving to be the worst in tribalism. That expalins why BJ was information minister in UDF government, a biggest percentage of lomwes got jobs in post offices. Malawi will take time to develope if indeed it will develop at all.

  11. Dzambo says:

    Another Mulatto for sure. Kodi mulibe mitundu in mchipanimu? Ishhhh…?….

  12. Omex70 says:

    KKKKKKK DPP has become a laughing stock. How can a bad apple be replaced by another bad apple. It means there is no good apple left in the basket.

  13. Chimanga says:

    Boma la mbava zokhazokha…….kkkkkkk koma Malawi abale

  14. NATO says:

    This shows, he know now that the law is above than he chaponda!?

  15. Maizegate says:

    So maizegate Chaponda can appreciate the effect of separation of power. This is great and I applaud all good intentioned Malawian who have fought this far without fear of repercussions from the Undemocratic Thieves Party. Even the so called caretaker is another soiled man not worthy leading. Its very unfortunate that UDF, DPP and PP has made Malawi this poor because of their insatiable appetite for ill-gotten money. Payback period is coming and its coming very soon.

  16. ANALYST says:

    Mbava inanso imeneyi! In short, mulibe wabwino mu DPP – aliyense ndi mbava!

    1. chikopa says:

      Including Goodall Wonyasa Gondwe, Nyapapi Mhango and Grace Jones Chimtuwisa Ziphuphu (pimples).

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