Tanzania says lake dispute not over, to fastrack mediation: Sign pact with Malawi

Tanzania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Coorperation, Augustin Mahiga has  said a dispute between his country and Malawi regarding their border through Lake Malawi also known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania is still on.

Tanzania’s Foreign Minister Mahinga: Lake Malawi border dispute still on

Mahinga said after  he signed on behalf of his government a Joint Permanent Commission Coperatuon (JPCC) agreement with Malawi in Lilongwe on Sunday.

“This lake border dispute is now under revived discussion,” said the Tanzanian Foreign Minister.

He said the matter is being handled by three member committee led by fromer president of Mozambique JoachimChissano and former presidents of South Africa Thabo Mbeki and Botswana.

Mahinga said despite this Lake Malawi issue, the two countries continued to cooperate in other areas including those of trade.

“In the middle of all this disagreements, we have managed to isolate it. We have cooperated in the areas of political and economic spheres. The Lake Malawi issue is just one isolated issue,” he said.

Malawi’s Foreign Affairs Minister Francis Kasaila said both countries have agreed to restart stalled peace talks on Lake Malawi border disputes and speed up the process.

“His Excellency Professor Mutharika has told us to stay in constant talks with our counterparts in Tanzania until a lasting solution is found,” said Katsaira.

Katsaira said the government will be writing the high level negotiation team, comprising of retired African heads of state, to kick start the mediation process.

“We will be writing them this week so that they should know the starting point. The issue is, both Malawi and Tanzania are keen on the mediation talks. Our two principals want us to start the talks as soon as possible,” he said.

This follows the meeting of President Peter Mutharika and his Tanzanian counterpart, John Magufuli in Addis Ababa last week.

The neibhouring countries nearly went to war three years ago as Dar es Salaam claimed ownership of part of Lake Malawi after the discovery of oil in the lake.

Malawi disputes Tanzania’s claim to half the lake – Africa’s third biggest – which is potentially rich in oil and gas.

The neighbours have disagreed over their border since independence.

Malawi also wants Tanzania to withdraw a map that shows the border line passing in the middle of the disputed lake.

However, Tanzania  argue that the map was needed for administrative purposes and reflected the “actual boundary”.

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Tazan Ndingo Mwaiteleke
Tazan Ndingo Mwaiteleke

The lake issue should be negotiated in African way. Let us as two black nations share the lake for our Two countries. We should not shed any blood of any black fellow for the lake dispute. I know Peter Mutharika who worked in Tanzania , and was enrolled as an advocate in Tanzania in 1973 ,, will encourage negotiation of these two best countries. To Peter Mutharika both Tanzania and Malawi are his Countries. He will not allow greedy and shed blacks bloods,, at the end we shall share the lake.


The boundary between Malawi and Tanzania is governed by the 1896 Treaty. Why is Malawi even negotiating? Mutharika, a lawyer himself, should know better. But he has proved to be very weak. Tanzania is trying to gain the lake slowly. The mediation team is also very slow. This should not even a month. Why is it taking years?

Gerald mapanga Phiri

There is a lakegate there. Wake up Malawian before it too late. Malawian is easy to be corrupted them just put money.

Peter Mtharika is failing to fulfil another campaign promise to Malawians. He was boasting during campaign time that the lake issue is not subject for discussion and he knew how to handle it. The former president started the negotiations which Peter and his team were castigating JB that she was failing to handle the issue by allowing negotiations to be conducted. It follows that he has also failed Malawians on the lake issue. I can now finally agree with observations that this Peter is drama. I remember some DDP thieves of that time could say that with Peter as a… Read more »
Tz Star

if disputed part of the lake belongs to malawi then why tanzanians have been using it for more than 50 years without any disturbance from malawi? and now tanzania is building three big ships for transport in the lake, how many do you have in malawi? u don’t know how to utilize the lake’s resources just leave it to them..

shawa fc

Dear Brethren, I am a bonafide Malawian and I want to talk about Lake Malawi dispute. The mediation team lacks credibility because Mozambique and Tanzania have something in common. When Samora was fighting the Portuguese he was hiding in Tanzania. Therefore, Chisano cannot hang his old time friend to the vulnerable Malawi. Though Mozambique seem to smile, she has question marks with Malawi since 1986. Please, read events between lines. I opt for ICJ in Hague to give judgement then the matter will be settled at once. Apparently Malawi is in deep slumber.

Atusaye mwakabanga
What kind of negotiations is malawi preparing to have with tanzania.This is ridiculous how can you draw a line in water&claim existence of boarders,if tanzania claims part of lake malawi as theirs then they must divert shire river into tanzania because shire river carries away part of its said waters.Malawi wake up&invest in oil&gas this is our lake,these tanzanians are jealousy of our riches lying under our lake&they know that we will no longer import oil&gas using their port&transporters it will be a loss of bussiness an advantage to malawi transporters coz they will carry production within&international for exports.Another goodness… Read more »

Way forward is to show the Israeli-lungs in us.

Order Tanzania off the lake and if does not comply, use force. Good force for that matter and push them all the way to the original boundaries inside Dodoma.

And if they strike back, lets get Dar es Salaam all the way to the Indian Ocean.

We also need direct access to the ocean for our trade.

Heinrich Dzinyemba
The views of Tanzania Minister Mahinga on the border dispute are lies. In fact his country is using force to coerce Malawi. Do not trust Tanzanians on the issues raised. The 1890 treaty defines Malawi’s boundary with his country on the northeastern shores of Lake Malawi. It contains important abstract provisions. It is through its application that the 1890 treaty “lives”. By applying it, Malawi is applying its content and scope in good faith. That implies that there is no need to introduce uncertainty and to devalue the 1890 treaty by assigning to subsequent practice other functions beyond those established… Read more »

This is amazing. You got all the needed information bra


This Peter is a stupid boy lets take him out 2019. Now is on the position he s not a MALAWIAN I tell you. He s from TZ, No wonder he does not have teeth

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