Malawi leadership ‘worshiping impunity’, Mtambo says : Chasowa being denied justice

Human rights defenders and the family of Malawi Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa who was murdered by regime agents during the DPP-led government have protested that justice has been delayed and effectively is being denied.

Mtambo: Very depressing

Mtambo: Very depressing

The Chasowa family, led by his father in demanding for justice, hopes to see the case gets to its logical conclusion.

“It is absurd that the country can allow some people get away with crime of murder,” the father of the murdered father.

Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo has condemned the stalling of Chasowa case as “very depressing.”

Mtambo said civil society was worried with the “leadership that is quite in the face of impunity and such a leadership that is worshiping impunity.”

The United Nations Special committee on Human Rights has bashed the Malawi Government for not prosecuting those involved in the murder of Chasowa.

The Malawi Human Rights Commission, in its recent state of human rights report, also criticised the State for the delays in prosecuting those that killed Chasowa.

But National Police Headquarters chief prosecutor Happy Mkandawire said the file on Chasowa was sent back to police for further investigations.

He said police have already returned the file to Justice Ministry.

“We were supposed just to refine certain aspects of the case and we have sent the file back to the Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP],” said Mkandawire as quoted in the press.

Chasowa, who studied engineering, was found dead at the college campus in Blantyre on September 24, 2011.

Findings from the Commission of Inquiry on his death named Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Director of Special Events Noel Masangwi   who is now a member of Parliament and Director of Youths Lewis Ngalande as some of prime suspects in the death of the student.

The report also implicated several senior police officers including Rodney Jose the deputy police chief, police officer Stanford Horea and renowned boxing promoter Mike Chitenje.

Police said he had jumped to his death from a five-story building and produced bogus suicide not as evidence.

Supreme court of Appeal judge Andrew Nyirenda, who chaired the commission, said:”The ultimate findings of the commission is that Robert Chasowa was murdered.”

He said the findings were based on entire testimony of witnesses, which he said “in some instances were lucid and unmistaken.”

Nyirenda said a post-mortem examination report enabled the commission, which included a pathologist, “to determine, with a degree of certainty, the cause and circumstances of Robert Chasowa’s death.”

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A free lesson to certain Malawians who do not know the difference between State, nation and tribe. A geographical area as oulined in the consititution of Malawi is what constitute a country, interchangeble with state or nation, called Malawi. Within Malawi there are Regions and Districts from which different tribes come from. To call a Chewa, Tumbuka, Yao, Sena Lomwe, Ngonde, Tonga, Senga, Ngoni within the prescribed boundaries, not a Malawian is gross display of first grade ignorance of what constitute Malawi. If you are a lomwe, Chewa or Tumbuka does not make you more Malawian than the other tribes.… Read more »

Koma a malawi ena tilibe nzeru ku bakila Ma murderes zoona Eeee very stupid, whether mtambo is tumbuka or not but he is talking sense malawi need justice on chosowa case, mansangwi is an evil person who is ready to devour anyone against dpp he must be at maula prison


Mtambo keep on speaking the trueth.You are not like the Kapito’s who are now quite because they have now been palm oiled .You are really speaking on behalf of the voiceless.The party of death that doesn’t care about human life.Those who are against you are cursed.Shame on murderes.If they killed you relative you could not have been commenting like this.Everything in this country is stupid,stupid,stupid indeed.


A life was lost,,why are u insulting mtambo??The masangwi’s must face the law.


Only ignorant folks will critises other people due to different in tribes…….Stop commenting about tribes rather comment something related to Robert’s murder…


Mr. Mtambo as a humanist, gets his bread and butter for shouting wailing on top of his voice. Without that he will not be recognised and will die of starvation. Why only Chasowa and not Fanikiso and not all others? Does he have any logic? He is there to attack DPP for no apparent reason. He is a foolish boy, he should ask his predecessor why he retired and went to repent to church and ask for forgiveness.
Amadya ndalama za mwazi amenewa.


A Mtambo awona kuti demo sinagwire kkkkkkk. koma mtumbuka sadzatheka.


why did Joyce Banda and her PP and Mtambo not conclude the case? IT is common knowledge that big mafias in PP were involved.

A Different Tumbuka

Leave this fool who calls himself Mtambo alone. Boma la Amake lija was idle for 2 solid years because there was no evidence against the suspects and now you want the DPP govt to work miracles? Wazitengera pa mgong’o uyu adya nazo machende ake omwe musiyeni. Kudali anzake ali kuti? Amupweteketsa amene akumulemba ganyuwo. Nchifukwa chake muzipita a PP okha kumademo.

Jose Sankho

Frankly speaking, Mtambo’s arguments are always empty. He makes noise for nothing but only to be recognized so that the government can consider him lucrative position. Ever since he started making noise, I have never at one point in time seen something constructive from him but all blunders. Mtambo is doing a job which does not fit him. He would better do farming or street vending other than forcing himself into a job which he is failing to convince people

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