Malawi new law to curb illegal mining

Malawi government has said it is reviewing its mining laws and would soon submit a new bill to parliament to curb unregulated mining activity.

Energy Minister Atupele Muluzi told they will submit a new mining bill to parliament

Energy Minister Atupele Muluzi says government will submit a new mining bill to parliament

Mining has become a main source of income for many people across the country.

Mining has become a main source of income for many people across the country.

According to the country’s current laws, every mineral found in Malawi belongs to the President.

Any mining activity – be it small or large scale – is deemed illegal if not sanctioned by the president through the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining.

There are still no legal penalties, however, for those found mining gold, garnet or other precious metals in the country.

Energy Minister Atupele Muluzi  said new  legislation wants a properly regulated mining sector and government would seek National Assembly’s endorsement and ratification.

“Currently, it is so difficult to stop illegal mining, as the current law is outdated,” said Muluzi

He said under the new law, all illegal activities will be “mainstreamed and incorporated into legal mining, where the government will have the powers to help these people form cooperatives so that mining can take place in a group.”

Muluzi said:”This will have several advantages, as the new law will empower communities.”

He pointed out that registered groups will be trained in mining and will be taught how to negotiate prices for their precious stones;.

“They will also be supplied with equipment, health and safety gear,” said Muluzi.

The minister stated that the draft act is ready but  expects the bill to come into effect by June.

He said government is meeting stakeholders in the mining sector to “sensitize them about the reviewed act.”

Said Muluzi: We want to have full consultations so the reviewed law benefits Malawians,” adding, “But it should also be investor-friendly.”

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May you pliz withdraw ur sentence that any meneral belongs to the presedent?

Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market
Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market

Nyasaland, my Nyasaland! Koma udzatheka iwe? For 20 years, in this democratic era, our taxes have been “stolen” by a bunch of useless dunderheads called MPs. All these years, not even a a single amongst the 193 brains that sit at a time, could raise the issue that there are inadequate laws to curb illegal mining?


A Kyungu nkhani mwayipulika? Uranium uyo wa pachalo chinu ngwinu yaye, ngwa kwa Peter Munthalika. Wati ndimo lili dango. Munda winu mbwenu munyake wakuti vingoma vyane. Vikupulikika a Kyungu? Vichimbizgani vizungu ivo mpaka dango lisithe mweee!

zebron banda

Remember the song :“zonse zimenezi zaKamuzu Banda”what took you pple so long to repeal such a useless law?this is tantamount to the president owning malawi and pple at large as his own all medieval laws.the president is a civil servant of the pple just as any other.that’s why joye bought a fleet of so many cars tax free yet malawians were squeezed to the walls.musamabenso ndalama zaMalawi,anthu akuvutika.

Sacks Chilli

I suppose this is the reason we used to hear that a good chunk of money used to be paid into Bingu’s off-shore account every month!

concerned citizen

I dnt agree that every mineral belongs to the president. This law should be scrapped off. All minerals belong to owners of the land,in this case Malawians.

Imraan Sadick

My felicitation goes to Mr President Professor Peter Munthalika for entrusting Atupele Muluzi with such huge portfolio,honourable Atupele has been vindicating himself that is capable of doing anything-we all know wonders he performed during the Amayi’s administration(when she begged him to come on board to help sort out economical mess Malawi was going through) how I wish all the Ministers were sophisticated enough like him,unfortunately that cannot happen since we all have different capability levels
God bless Malawi
God bless our President
God bless future leaders the likes of Atupele muluzi,James Nyondo and others


NO Iam not agrea with the author becoz of personalizing the Presdent but would rather to belong to Malawi as a Nation. ThePresdent is a person like any citizen in Malawi.


mukuchedwa ndima law anuwo ppl r making money ndi gold ku ntcheu uku, boma lopusa


It is now about time you do something..

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