Malawi MPs must tread carefully on partisan budget allocations –Justice Link

Justice Link executive director Justin Dzonzi has advised legislators to avoid taking to ransom government on issues of budget allocations lest they be called greedy and selfish.

Dzonzi:  MPs should tread carefully

Dzonzi: MPs should tread carefully

Dzonzi said this Friday after members of parliament refused to approve any other budget for government departments and ministries on Friday unless the National Assembly budget was increased.

Pleas by Finance minister Goodall Gondwe to reason with them that the government could not increase the budget because of the bad economy fell on deaf ears as opposition members of parliament who were openly backed by Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera and Peoples Party acting president Uladi Mussa halted business in the House prompting First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje to make an early adjournment.

Dzonzi said this behaviour has reflected badly on the members of parliament.

“Members of parliament should never forget that they represent all Malawians, they do not represent themselves in the House so it was out of order for them to do what they did,” he said.

He said parliamentarians should always know that whatever they do, they do that on behalf of Malawians who sent them to the 193 strong House.

“The government owes every department or ministry money because of the current economic situation. It is not only the parliamentarians the government owes fuel arrears, this is not a unique situation, the MPs should not have behaved that way, this was unreasonable,” said Dzonzi.

He said it was uncalled for, that the legislators to abuse the powers to force the government increase budget allocation to their organisation, the National Assembly when other government departments are facing huge budget cuts.

“The government is even failing to buy medicine in public hospitals, the government is even failing to buy food for their constituents in public hospitals, should the government pay more attention to the MPs fuel allowance arrears and leave out critical areas affecting ordinary poor Malawians,” asked Dzonzi rhetorically.

On Thursday, MP Alekeni Menyani suggested to Finance minister Goodall Gondwe to increase the legislators K50, 000 daily allowance arguing it is too small to afford them put up in luxurious hotels when parliament is meeting.

“One day the honourable minister should accompany members of parliament to see where the honourable members put up in Chigwiri or Bwandiro, it is pathetic,” he said.

Gondwe did not make a comment.

The parliamentarians finally approved the K9.4 billion National Assembly vote on Friday morning after intense negotiations. The budget was increased by K100m as opposed to the increase of K1 billion the legislators wanted.



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Nyasa times why do u glorify dunderheads? is this a law scholar? why is it that people in law profession are called experts which just Diploma, Degree, MSC? yet other fields such people are regarded dunderheads? Dzonzi is one big fool who needs to vacate from your commentary

It all about egos. While I agree with what Dzonzi is trying to say, the whole matter or problem lies with the president or executive which should always be exemplary. If the executive hadn’t sought a budget increase, then the legislature wouldn’t have sought its budget increase as well. It is pure politics. Both arms are greedy bearing in mind the sufferings of Malawians. This was an opportunity for parliamentarians to shame the executive had they accepted a zero increase or even a reduction in their budget. It would have been a field day for them and the govt would… Read more »

Is Mr Dzonzi aware that OPC has got a raise in their budget not because their staff are owed money by the government but for planned activities for the remaining financial year? Now, somebody is questioning people who just want the government to give them what they are entitled let alone what would make them more effective in a democratic society? Shame on our experts! Maybe idiots would offer good assessment and relevant advice to the system.

I am sure that sanapatsidwe fupa. His article sounds original although the thinking is faulty. You know there some minds who despite their education are still totally influenced by what they read and hear. They don’t have the capacity to access for themselves. Mr Dzonzi must have heard what Kasaila was saying in Parliament that the vote in question was directly affecting MPs. Offcouse it was a failled attempt since clever people saw the old trick and crashed him cleanly. You see Mr Dzonzi parliament vote does more than paying pecks to MPs. There are more important operation that it… Read more »

Malawians are observing ndiye musadzanene kuti akuberani chisankho. Remember what happened to such selfish people at 2009 general elections?

Zisiyeni zikulire limodzi
Zisiyeni zikulire limodzi

A Chakwera uchitsiru upose apa? Nchifukwa chake mafumu a kwanu akuonani kuti ndi inu a dyera. Kodi zija mumatiomba pa pulpit zija zimachepa eti nkuona munathawira ku ndale eti?

Jelbin mk
While i personally agree with Dzozi that MPs have been like this since the dawn of democracy i also can’t trust the DPP administration which politicises everything. The MPs feel voiceless if their budget is inadequate because Parliament is the only platform opposition MPs express their views that counts. If MPs can not ably and successfully conduct their committee meeting then the whole national assembly becomes irelavant and democracy becomes counterproductive. Parliament its only where both opposition and ruling party MPs participate or cooperate while in the opc only the ruling party benefits so don’t be surprised when u see… Read more »
I urge Mr Dzonzi to be non-partsan in his comments. State house (the Executive) substantially increased its vote. To be fair the Executive should have taken a lead to show that the country is going through a tough time by reducing its budget. I see no basis for Mr Dzonzi attacking the National Assembly which is another arm of govt. Why did Mr Dzonzi not speak when the budget of the Judiciary was heavily cut? The cut will affect speedy disposal of cases. Justice delayed is justice denied. This parliament is doing a good job of checking this DPP govt.… Read more »
George Kamanga

Dzonzi you are one the big fools in the name of being a law scholar. unapasidwa fupa moti lili kukamwa kwako uko. Dzonzi the truth will never be told by greedy people like you.

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