Malawi MPs want govt crack down on dangerous driving: Nyalonje says act more, talk less

Members of Parliament (MPs) want tough laws to give motorists a greater incentive to drive carefully and government to investigate the rising road carnage.

Agnes Nyalonje: Act no talk-talk

The causes include speeding; drinking and driving; poor signs; tired truck drivers; poorly trained drivers of public minibuses, a lack of public awareness, resulting in pedestrians darting across highways; people crossing roads while talking on mobile phones; and badly maintained vehicles.

Enforcement of the existing laws is a problem. Malawi traffic police are notorious for taking bribes for minor offences rather than cracking down on drivers who brazenly flout traffic regulations.

Mwanza Central MP Davis Katsonga (Democratic Progressive Party-DPP) said “Malawi is losing a  lot of  people yearly” and urged authorities to investigate the cuases of the accidents.

Mzimba North MP Agness Nyalonge (Peoples Party –PP) said government should  practically check on the carnage on the roads and protect lives.

She persuaded government ti act more and talk less and reminded Parliament if the moved moved by  Chitipa South  MP Werani Chilenga (PP), which the House adopted. Calling for a ban on overloading passengers on commuter buses and boats.

Chilenga  asked for introduction of tough new road and water transportation regulations which could prevent deaths and injuries in most of the accidents.

He asked that Section 237 of the Penal Code to be amended to include water transport and that Section 237 (e) be put into force to punish offending drivers and boat operators.

Among other changes, in the wake of the passing of the motion, buses are technically banned from carrying standing passengers, while all the seated passengers should buckle up in seat belts.

All minibuses should observe sitting capacities and should operate strictly on designated routes, especially in cities, and must be identifiable by numbering and colour codes.

Concerning water transport, it was stressed that boats and other passenger carriers should be well serviced, must not overload and must have the capacity to be receiving weather updates from the Meteorological Department, to avoid encountering life-threatening adverse winds and related hazards.

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john bwanyama

ku mzuzu kuno apolisi amatolera ma k2000.00 kwa wa tax ndi minibus or atikhala kuti ndi chiphapha akuti bola musewo nde kuti ayenda the whole day. ku road traffic ndalama amalandiri poyizemba camera or yimaikidwa kusi kwa enevelope kuopesa kiti camera isachite capture umadikira 10min for each process to avoid suspicions later on you get your papars. this means pamusewu pazaza ziphakasa zambiri zomwe zikuyika miyoyo ya anthu pa chiswe. l rest my case.


sorry guys to say this but miseu yabwino ya phula imabwera ndi dzipatso zake. anthuwa adazolowera kuyendetsa galimoto mmiseu yafumbi ndinso yokumbika. ndiye pano ndi miseu yokongola ya phula yomwe boma lathu likutikonzera akungoona ngati afika kale ku paradiso. chomwe ndingapemphe ku boma lathu ndichoti lichitenso test ma driver onse ndikuwaphunzitsa mayendedwe a mmiseu yamakonoyi.

This problem needs to go through intensive root cause analysis. By just giving solutions without this is another repeat of giving solutions with ever increasing deaths on the roads. Of the solutions given, none has been given concerning the many traffic police who contribute to these accidents. Vehicles with worn out tyres and faulty breaks are not always a concern to the police. I have seen many of these death traps on our roads. How about lack of vehicle road testing centers in the Districts? All vehicles should go to the cities for testing really? No wonder we have too… Read more »
bwana wankulu

bladi idiot MPs .
Alibe zochita.
give traffic officers more power and you want to increase katangale.
Atrafiki ama yamba nchito ali wo chepa nthupi. ndalama ya katangale amamu nenepetsa mpakana ama sowa lamba wo kwanila.


why is everyone not mentioning our bad roads as one of the suspected contributors of these carnages


pa bunda turn off, ma 200mk pa min bus

kakumbi boy from nkhata bay
kakumbi boy from nkhata bay

bad capenter always blames his tools.what we see is the result of the problem so lets remove political mind and map wayforward.this seems to be multi-sector problem approach

sayimoni bayisikolo
Too much Satanic or Stanic as they are used to call it forgetting the poor state of roads in Malawi coupled with inexperienced unqualified drivers.Roads are full of potholes like fish ponds.Our engineers just knows to boast in pubs when drinking and savaging roasted meat in places like bwandilos and other waterholes infested with money hungry hookers. Minibus drivers are intoxicated in midori and other cheap spirits.Call boys have turned into drivers overnight..Total disorder in Malawi.The country seems to have totally lost direction from the big Kahuna to the street sweeper.Total lawless like some war torn Somalia.We aren’t patriots.Nobody loves… Read more »

Ma min bus ndi ma bus akulu akapanga exceeding amadusa pa apolice pompo Kumapeka ndlama. Koma akaona oro kumva kuti kutsogolo kwao kuli a road traffic ma Examiners amatsitsa anthu olo kubisala kumene. Apolice omweo amawabisaso anthu aja. Mgwirizano palibe . Ngozi zidakali ndipo sizizatha.

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