Kaliwo refuses to resign: Apparently MCP will force ‘dead man walking’ out

Secretary General of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Gustave Kaliwo has  been asked to resign or risk being fired by party president Lazarus Chakwera but he  is showing no signs of yielding to that pressure.

Kaliwo: I will stay put

The call to resign was made by MCP legislators during a news conference at the party National Headquarters in Lilongwe on Monday.

They  said Kaliwo’s calls for an unconstitutional convention in July to resolve concerns raised by some former district and regional chairpersons means he is now a “dead man walking” in the party.

Reacting to the call for resignations, Kaliwo tried to reassert his shattered authority, saying he will stay put.

Kaliwo, a lawyer by profession, said he will not withdraw his membership of  MCP and cannot be forced out.

He challenged that unless MCP president Chakwera who appointed him, decided to grind the axe he will not resign.

They know the party’s constitution right which leads to someone being fired or told to resign.

“I cannot resign,” said Kaliwo.

His  stand has been met with anger, with one MP warning that MCP will make Kaliwo’s  position untenable.

Kaliwo is under fire for  insisting on having a convention from 7th to 9th July in the Eastern Region with members on parallel rank and file  and even though the legitimate MCP officials argues that the call is unconstitutional and lacks the blessings from the national executive committee (NEC).

He  is proven he can tough it out against the plot to fire him.


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35 thoughts on “Kaliwo refuses to resign: Apparently MCP will force ‘dead man walking’ out”

  1. David and Goliath says:

    kodi Convention ya DPP ichitika liti popeza nakoso angukosankhana maudindo popanda Convention Ife tikufuna kuti MCP Isakhale ndi kholokolo iyi ndi Nthawi yoti nkholokolo zituluke mu Mmono somba zigwemo basiii tawona tokha apa Oyipa athawa yekha ndizochtika zake ziwonekerapoyera ataziyalusa yekha, more fire, more fire, more fire , the more money you pay to these idiots the more nkholokolo is identified and more nkholokolo is thrown out of the mighty Party and cream remains in a mighty MCP what a good plan from our mighty Father the creator of everything AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr.Bambo says:

    Kaliwo wapenga misala tiyeni naye ku Zomba Mental Hospital.

  3. Azizipizga. says:

    Kikkkkk, Manyasa cant some with intellectual capacity like him (Kaliwo) see things right? A Kaliwo have forgotten one thing that wasnt been voted for he was just been appointed am sure he is aware of this, the same person who appointed him has a capability of removing him from the position.

    Albeit having powers to call for convention but under the blessings of the NEC, which NEC blessed his call for early convention?

    1. collins says:

      The appointing someone is a big disease in our society.The honouble chakwera would have had a lesson from the past.can u c this pig headed so called lawyer how his trying to fool every reasonable citizen in the country?

  4. hatton says:

    Bwana Kaliwo. Osaopa.. you have been in the party longer than the so called their president. You will know the support you have from central region on the days of the convention. You will never walk alone, central region is solidly behind you.

    1. Citizen says:

      I think u are just like Kaliwo himself, a dunderhead & moving corpse. Central Region behind Kaliwo? U must be joking big time!!

    2. collins says:

      it doesn’t’ matter how long someone has been in the party but what matters is authority.

  5. DPp says:

    Munthu uyu si cousin wa el chapo uyu ?

    They have the same looks

  6. Rift Valley says:

    Mwalemba m’madzi bwana Kaliwo. Greed has ruined your reputation. What are you going to do after you have bee thrown out of the window by MCP, because that’s what they will do? May be you will join DPP but this party is notorious for using people and dumping them later. Remember Kutsaila?

    Of course you could go back to legal practice. I wonder whether you will have any clients after spoiling your CV as you have done.

    I pity you.

  7. masowo says:

    masowo ngati aku akufaira

  8. chikadzakuwani says:

    kick him out

  9. stevovo says:

    Let’s not just criticise Kaliwo outright, but let’s also see the other good side of it. Remember, even the Bible says,”Otsutsana nafe athandizana nafe”, and the same Dr Chakwera once said, “Don’t throw the bathed water together with the baby ie ukamaliza kusambika. mwana”.Am not disowning totally Kaliwo’s idea complete to. The bigger picture of this whole issue, is for MCP to hold its Big Convention before December 2017 bcoz by 2018 it will be too late for a Party that wants to dislodge the ruling DPP in 2019,Let be Honest my fellow MCP supporters.

  10. stevovo says:

    Let’s not just criticise Kaliwo outright, but let’s also see the other good side of it.Remember, even the Bible says,”Or sits an a nafe athandizana nafe”, and the same Dr Chakwera once said, “Don’t throw the bathed water together with the baby”.Am not disowning totally Kaliwo’s idea completely. The bigger picture of this whole issue, is for MCP to hold its Big Convention before December 2017 bcoz by 2018 it will be too late for a Party that wants to dislodge the ruling DPP in 2019,Let be Honest my fellow MCP supporters.

  11. wa mwale says:

    Mr Kaliwo you cannot manage mcp how? From where? How many are following you in the party? Manyazi mulibe they just appointed as GS just to make sure that people all regions to share positions but your charecter is worse that an animal. You can’t run mcp palibe amene angathe kutsata inuyo

  12. Savimbi says:

    l do disagree with Kaliwo on convening an Emergency MCP Convention on 7 to 9 July 2019.But for the good of the MCP Party,let the MCP NEC organise a proper Convention before this year end 2017.This will help MCP to have ample time to sell the New Office Bearers to Public and start MCP Campaign in good time. A Party Leader has to have almost almost not less than two solid years to be known to the Public Masses before any General Elections. On the other hand,l support Kaliwo as a Whistleblower to sensitise Sleeping MCP to prove to them time is running out,let it organise itself and solve all the squables that has been happening. Kaliwo’s call for Convention is a wake up call for MCP and its a Blessing in Disguise if you don’t know ,my fellow MCP supporters.

  13. Rahim says:

    achitsiru ndinu a Kaliwo mukulimbana ndi chipani nyau people. theycan not rule Malawi with one region. MCP is a central region party not here in the southern and nyau people you forget the way you treated Late Ganda Chakuamba with your tribalism and regionalism which masterminded by Crocodile John Tembo and you were sponsored by UDF Bakili Muluzi

  14. Mr.Bambo says:

    His face looks miserable,horrible and ugly.

  15. C10 says:


  16. G. S says:

    Yes I can see bad ending to Kaliwo. Kaliwo is not MCP himself. Let’s wait and see

  17. Patrick Phiri says:

    Mr. Kaliwo, remain steadfast. We are with you all the way to convention to ellect our democratic president who doesn’t fire members anyhow. If he is failing to unite members of his MCP, how can he unite all Malawians who belong to different parties, religions, tribes, regions, etc. Chakwera is the greatest failure of our times.

  18. Stupid Kaliwo. DPP agent and dpp cannot deny it. What type of democracy is this???? MCP mukuiopa eti.

  19. More and More MCP will be given money by DDP to bring confusion to the party. It happened in last elections. Weak Malawians for money will take money. Chakwela fire The idiot. Even it means to be called dictator Even DDP is dictatorship party.

  20. Odala Nambuma says:

    KODI why are you afraid of convention if you are indeed strong? The thing is that majority of the MPs opposing the convention in Chakweras Camp are from a few districts in the Central region and the MCP convention represents all people of all corners of Malawi. Now the real thing is that whether the convention is heard now or delayed Chakwera, Mkaka have no numbers in MCP but the District Chairmen in Kabwira’s, Chatinkha, Njobvuyalema, Jumbe camp. As 2019 is just around the corner, there is no escape for Chakwera. If I were him, I could have sat down and find peace with the opposing camp prior to the convention and try to influence amendments to the agenda to focus on the four cornerstone unity; obedience, loyalty and discipline;

    if Chakwera plays the game well, the convention could work to his advantage

  21. Phiri says:

    kaliwo,Nanthumba,Chatinkha and other old party gurus think that Mcp its them.Nanthumba has been Regional Chairman for the south for over 15years but produced no mp or councilor. He was responsible for receiving rentals from regional offices almost 3million a month but failed to promote the interest of the party.what else do you want? Kaliwo all along Malawians had been thinking that all big positions in the party were occupied by those from central. we didnt know that SG was from Thondwe in Zomba. Are you serious you are Mcp? there were bye elections in Zomba did you help in any way? oooh my God.

  22. Mzika says:

    he is a DPP tool, Money indeed can make s respected person a fool

  23. chimanga says:

    umphawi watovuta a kaliwo….. afuna adye nawo za boma

  24. Republican says:

    Divide and rule imeneyo ya DPP, anthu omwe dziko lawakanika kulamula pena pali ponse things are upside down, manyazi alibe. Inuyo a DPP bwanji osapanga kwanuko Convention?

  25. santana says:

    Stop blaming other parties in your internal squabbles. Should we say the party has lost 4 elections because of the DPP? Was there DPP when JZU and Chakwamba were at loggerheads? Are MCP members too blind that they cannot see on their own if things go bad in the party? A bad carpenter blames his tools indeed!! If MCP knows and believe that all is not well in its party because of externals then let the party bless itself for more confusion because the DPP has seen that it works to its advantage. So the party started being destabalised during the time of Chakakala Chaziya as per Achi observations yet up to now the party is failing to stablise. After more than 20 years the party thinks it is failing to win elections because of external evil forces and it has not yet found a solution for this? This is an indication that the party is full of dunderheads and it should forget winning an election in Malawi.

  26. BAKHA says:

    Go ! Gustav Go! let this flailed so called Pastor go back Assemblies of ….. usandichimwitse ine!!!

  27. Patrick Phiri says:

    Stay put, Mr. Kaliwo. We, the majority of MCP supporters are with you all the way. Let them dare to fire you. This is a democratic Malawi, not the dictatorship Malawi. They don’t know things have changed since MCP was removed from power, and they will stay out of power for years to come.

  28. Achi says:

    The face slightly similar to that of Chaponda.

    Kaliwo, can u just WAKE UP and go back into the books and note that you are just the next on the list of those DPP has been using to destabilise MCP.
    The list includes Felix Jumbe, Chatinkha and others. They are now forgotten and are licking their wounds of shame. In the old past we had the likes of Chakakala Chaziya, Kutsaila, etc. All these had a bad ending.
    Do u think you are any different? Cant u see that every Judas Iscariot among a normal grouping ends badly and sadly?
    I wish you sobered up and refused to be used like a condom by the DPP in the name of money.

    If I were Kaliwo, I would have said no to the status of a condom. Unfortunately, I am not Kaliwo

  29. Gift says:

    Kodi Chomwe mukuopa ndichani kupanga convention masiku akadalipo Kuti mikangano ithe mukachedwesa sindiku DPP isakutembe nuzani

  30. Mind you he is sponsored to disturbilise the Opposition ,and he does not know that others have tried but failed

  31. Maunits says:

    Actually he is fired himself from MCP. We don’t have such people in our party if it is DPP playing games please stop doing that otherwise you will be ashamed forthwith.

  32. Cash Gate says:

    Mr. Kaliwo, ingoyambani chipani chanu osati muzisokoneza anzanu, kodi inu angakuvotereni ndi ndani munalephera ngakhale kupeza mpando wa mp

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