More schoolchildren protest in Malawi:  Chaos in Lunzu

Learners in public primary school pupils in Lunzu, the outskirts of Blantyre on Tuesday  took to the streets to protest  violently against a nationwide teacher’s strike.

Learners organised themselves to protest

The teachers have downed the chalk over delayed payment of leave grants and other outstanding grievances.

The schoolchildren — some as young as six years —   setting tires on fire and pelting stones at cars passing by in the M1 road .

They were chanting anti-government songs :”we also want to drive vehicles one day, so no vehicle will pass here until our teachers’ strike is called off and we are back to class”.

The protesting students accused the Education Ministry of violating their right to education, because the children of politicians study in private schools, or abroad.

Some 40,000 public school teachers in Malawi began a nationwide strike last week, following the government’s failure to address several issues affecting their welfare.

“We are not returning to work until the government addresses our grievances,” Teachers Union of Malawi president Willie Malimba said.

The teachers’ union is battling with the government over 24 demands, which include failure to make salary adjustments and pay leave grants.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe on Monday  told lawmakers, who are currently scrutinizing the upcoming national budget, that Treasury has processed teachers’ leave grants for 21 districts and that funds were expected to be remitted by close of business on Monday.

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16 thoughts on “More schoolchildren protest in Malawi:  Chaos in Lunzu”

  1. Zilikoliko says:

    Koma yaaah. Mmalo moti mukakumana muzikambilana zimenezi, muli busy kukambilana zopha anthu, kusokoneza MCP, kuba chimanga etc. Ngati muli ndi nzeru end these issues. Mmayesa muzilamula mbumba yanu eti.

  2. Nyezerera boy says:

    Koma kumeneko , kusova kulipo Chaka chino

  3. Chamunorwa says:

    I abhor the use of children to achieve ones end. Children as young as six chanting anti government songs and stoning cars and burning tires. What trash. There is a politician behind all this. Granted the teachers must get theirs dues like anybody else who is owed money be it in the Private sector or public sector. Stop this use of innocent children to advance your cause. Think of these children during the time you spend basking yourself in the sun.

  4. CHIMVQ says:


  5. justin phakamisa says:

    running government is a serious business……odatero Otcheya

  6. tsetsefly says:

    Those of you expecting APM to do something on the education impulse know that you are wasting your time. Remember what happened when he was the Education Minister. I doubt very much if he understands the local education problems. This is what it means when you elect people based on tribe, region and family connections. Leaders must be elected based on issues. The man is out of touch with the masses except for his cadets. A good leader should have called for a meeting with the aggrieved parties and in no time a solution would have been fund. I for one do not think APM is a solution to Malawian problems. In fact he already said that we should not expect him to solve each and every problem. As much as this is fair and true but he is expected to show leadership in some of the challenges like this one.

  7. Phiri says:

    This is a bad sign. During the time of Joyce Banda, pupils also demonstrated in the streets of Blantyre. These little souls seem to predict something unpleasant.

  8. Ngolongoliwa says:

    Ndimadandaula kuti ndine Mlomwe. chifukwa alomwe ambirife ndife osaphunzira ndiye za school sizimatikhuza nchifukwa Chanco is closed a pulezident sizikuwakhuza, pano ndi primary teachers are on strike sizikumukhuza nthawi yomwe analinso Minister of Education chimodzi modzinso. haaaaaa mophiya mophiya. utofuna na alephere school yeee. Timangonyada ndi Mulakho za ziiiiiiiiiiiii

  9. Madubeko says:

    Sometimes one would want to laugh at the same time wants to cry, what is happening to our country Malawi? this is weird, we need a corrective and collective responsibility as a nation in order to progress

  10. chimanga says:

    I tend to doubt the integrity of Oxford University now……you mean they could not research to see that the person they invited was a failure in education development?

  11. mjomba says:

    Kunakakhala kuti ma MP athu ndi amalawi bwezi nawonso atayamba striker kuti sangakambilane za boma pomwe ana awo sakulowa mkalasi, izi zikusonyezeratu kuti dziko lino or titasintha ulamulilo, palibe chomwe chidzasinthe poti oalamula ngakhale otsutsa onse zao ndizimodzi.

  12. Mbuya Nthambi says:

    Babylon is falling apart. The end of DPP regime mpaka under five children protesting against the government..shame!!!!. Fabiano is failure, he failed when he principle of Chancellor College and you think he can manage over a thousand primary and secondary school in the country. The best this man called Fabiano ndikupha mbewa basi kwawo ku Mbulumbuzi kkkkkkk! He and the president must resign forthwith.

  13. sindi says:

    “Did he make this known to the students at Oxford?” ….. which students? The handful that were there?. This was shameful. The guy should have just addressed our college students in any of the universities currently open in Malawi.

  14. namarika says:

    Boma la ma Crook okhaokha ili, we should not expect anything good from DPP koma kuba, anagawana ndalama za aphunzitsi lero akusowa chonena…..ayi tatumiza ku ma Council… ayi sindinamvetse koma tatumiza ku district 21 …… mbava kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. santana says:

    Well done Chimunthu, but how many times have we been hearing about these teachers’ strike? Have they once caused a stoppage of MSCE exams? Have they once stopped the PSLC selection to secondary school? They are now talking of delayed leave grants, what about salaries? Have they received the salaries in time? Among the civil servants it is teachers who enjoy their job most. They rarely work 8 hrs per day. How many holidays do they take per year. Do they not exceed 1 month? Are they not the same people who teach casually in normal hours and charge a fee in what they call part time hours? All the same I feel sympathetic with teachers because apart from their salary they don’t have any means of getting ”kangachepe”. So government should be serious in dealing with their salary.

  16. Chimunthu says:

    The President addresses the Oxford union in England while the nation’s teachers are on strike back in Malawi and Chanco has been closed for months! Did he make this known to the students at Oxford? You bet he didn’t. Malawi can’t run its own education system and the President has nothing worth saying to the Oxford students that they want to hear. The mass of people in Malawi are being denied a proper education due to the mismanagement and corruption of the government. Malawi will never progress without a stable and solid education system. For this to happen good teachers are needed and they must be rewarded for their work. The DPP government should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for neglecting the education of its children and young people.

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