MCP MP praises ‘genius leader’ Bakili Muluzi: ‘University of Malawi never closed indefinately’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmaker gave a rare praise to first president of Malawi’s multi-party democracy Bakili Muluzi, saying though he did not see the corridors of University of Malawi but he valued higher education and had a solution when there was academic crisis.

Chimwendo Banda: Under Bakili Muluzi there was no such academic anarchy we are seeing today

Muluzi: Malawi former president gets rare praise from MCP

Dowa East Member of Parliament, Richard Chimwendo-Banda  was adding his voice to the barrage of criticism  in the National Assembly leveled against Minister of Education, Science and Technology Emmanuel Fabiano on the continued closure of Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima).

The opposition MPs queried government inaction on the closure of  Chancellor College following a staff strike which has left the college closed since March 2017.

And lecturers at Malawi Polytechnic, another constituent college of Unima have resolved to down tools by July 1 to join their Chanco counterparts.

Several legislators said government officials were not caring for the welfare of the students because their children are sent abroad for tertiary education.

“Though people said  Bakili Muluzi was not educated [by Unima], Dr Bakili  Muluzi never allowed this to happen,” said Chimwendo- Banda.

“That man [Muluzi]  was genius,” he added.

“People said Bakili Muluzi never to [university] but he valued higher education., he learned from Kamuzu Banda,” he said.

Muluzi was a charismatic leader who previously served as secretary general  and administrative secretary during 31 years of the deposed MCP dictatorship.

He revolted against Kamuzu just in time to join the pro-democracy bandwagon, ruling the country from 1994 to 2004.

Adding her voice to the matter, Dedza East’s Juliana Lunguzi (MCP)  described the situation as academic crisis.

“What we have is education crisis in this country,” said Lunguzi.

“I was with him in Brussels listening his speech prioritising education yet Chancellor College  was closed,. He even went to Oxford Union and said the same,” said Lunguzi.

Lunguzi also blasted  Minister of Education, Science and Technology Emmanuel Fabiano for sleeping on the job.

“The Minister of Educations hould  sit here , he should go oput and solve the crisis,” said Lunguzi.

Fabiano was Vice Chancellor at Chanco during  the academic freedom saga.

Talks between Chanco management and Chanco Academic Staff Union as well as Unima Council have failed to break the deadlock on the differences.


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29 thoughts on “MCP MP praises ‘genius leader’ Bakili Muluzi: ‘University of Malawi never closed indefinately’”

  1. Wananyongo says:

    DPP is a party of dogs. APM your leaders always barks and all the followers bark too.

  2. joze says:

    AaaaaaaH Mai kapena Biti Lunguzu..kikikikikiki…kani kunena kuja mumati ayi lekani a pulezidenti apite kunja mumatsekerera ulendo wanunso nawo pamodzi..munalandira masikono ndipo anakuthimbani pakhosi ndipo maso anachita khungu kuti mumeze sikono bwino..lero pamene sikono mwayinya mwayamba kunyoza a pulezidentiwonso…kikikiki..kani nduni nazikambe wotsintha-sintha maanga ake mukaona phukusi la chilembwe kapena kuti ndalama…
    Biti Lunguzi utule pansi u MP ndiwe munthu wadyera wakatangale

  3. santana says:

    Mr Winston Msowoya you have a few questions to answer regarding your praise to Muluzi. With all what Muluzi did to the north as you have mentioned, why is it that during his office the UDF was much hated by the northerners? Why is it that the northerners reached the extent of dressing a pig in UDF T-shirt venting the anger on the muslim Muluzi? Who does not know that people in the north were very much happy with the MCP-Afford Alliance than the seat of second VP to Chihana? Everyone knows that Chihana resigned from being second vice president in the Muluzi era because he realized that the northerners did not like it. It is good that you know that the quota system started with Dr.Banda yet the majority feels it is the brain child of Bingu. What procedures did Kamuzu use to introduce quota system? What procedures did Muluzi use to end it? How did Bingu re-introduce it?
    You have praised Muluzi for giving the northerners certain ministerial and ambassadorial posts. Kamuzu and Bingu did the same. Infact all the previous heads of state have done the same. But are you not the same people who are angry with Jappie and Madam Chiumia for accepting to be in Mutharika’s cabinet? I think you people your brains are mixed with mucous. You don’t know what you really need as a Malawian. Winston, what do you mean by senior post? Is the finance ministry held by Goodal not a senior post? Mr Winston, your uncontrolled anger will consume you. This self- given pain will hurt you till 2019 and beyond. The MOST PAINFUL THING IS THAT YOU BELONG TO A PARTY WHICH WILL NEVER see the state house again. Accept my sympathy.

  4. Mudzamva liti says:

    Koma amayiwo, mmmmm akugwirabe ntchito? She is beautiful

  5. winston msowoya says:

    Yes,Muluzi did not go far with his education,but he did a lot to the country educationally and otherwise.To his credit,he brought University at Mzuzu and did not followup the imposition by lunatic Banda of the divisive and tribalistically oriented Quota System.Muluzi appointed Chakufwa T.Chihana as the first Vice President from the hated and segregated North.Bakili Muluzi appointed a number of former exiles the majority of whom,came from the North,to the senior Ministerial portfolios and Ambassadorial posts.He appointed Mr.Kapote Mwakasungura to be Malawi’s High Commissioner in Namibia and many other postings.J.Banda followed Muluzi’s footsteps in appointing Northerners into senior positions.This trend ended as soon the two evil Muthalikas were voted to power.The appointment of poor Jappie Mhango is just symbolic,Peter is using him to attract votes from Rumphi Constituency after that,it would be the end of the opportunistic Jappie Mhango.

  6. joedan says:

    Muluzi is absolutely a genius and we need to salute him without reservations.
    I wish giving him a full cover of Mzuzu coffee.
    teach these goats plz.

  7. hatton says:

    The Chanco issue is MCP sponsored. This is not new. Remember tha Academic freedom strike; those who were championing it ended up in blood stained red MCP regalia. After all, Chanco alone is not unima.

  8. NGWAZI says:



  9. Geoffrey zagonja says:

    What has this to do with government. Force matters?

  10. Geoffrey zagonja says:

    Mmafuna president atani? Guys think . Whose fault? Asiyeni sakufuna school

  11. Tenzi Mzungu says:

    Much as i don’t agree with this situation at hand I would want to remind everyone that during Muluzi time Chanco was closed for almost one year. The solution to all this is to privatize university of Malawi because that time is not this time

    1. Guys anthu amenewa akanali Ku parliament?ndiomwe akupangisa boma lizivutika.Let’s protest so that they should go home,they have overstayed.

  12. Chintemwende says:

    Kodi CHANCO imakhala ndi vice chancellor????? Kapena UNIMA..

  13. Kavunga says:

    Chanco and Poly were closed for almost a year during the MCP era from 1992 to 1993 for ‘rioting’, now commonly called ‘striking’. Only first year students that had been selected after the university closure were allowed on the two campuses. Was Kamuzu Banda therefore a ‘genius’ for Bakili to learn from, amangwetu?! Let’s be serious!

  14. Kandege says:

    I thought Muluzi is on record to have said “University Education is a luxury” but primary ‘ejukweshoni’ and was duly accused of this policy and the neglect that followed? Nonobjective nostalgia kills us Malawians. In conclusion, Chimwendo Banda/MCP are just playing politics, typical of Malawians.

  15. Patrick Phiri says:

    This confirms the fact that the strike at Chanco is politically motivated by lecturers who sympathise with MCP. One of the lecturers who recently spoke at PAC conference in Blantyre, a Sandifolo, is a staunch MCP man. He was was my school mate at Mitundu sec school. He is called by a different name now. He gave a clearly biased presentation against DPP to poison people’s minds. Apparently he has failed.

    1. Becks says:

      Koma a Phiri DPP mumaikonda kwambiri shaaa. Kumwenda msuzi

  16. Chingambwe says:

    Zinadi zimafunika kuyamikirana zikakhala zoyamikika.Chair was much better a leader than the ………….

  17. kaliwo says:

    Yes, blast these old and clueless idiots. We said its time to go and play with great grand children. Stop wasting our time. Time is money.

  18. There were not many universities in Malawi during Kamuzu Banda. Its Zomba and Bunda. They were first Malawi university. TZ and Uganda had before us. The population in Malawi were 5 millions. Malawi produced most academical in Southern Africa and was Malawi export to South Africa and Botswana. These educated people went to government schools. Education was of high quality. Look to day private schools Evert were and very expensive. Majority of Malawians can not afford. Some private are useless with poor Un qulified teachers teaching. These children never go to secondary schools. Government have never checked the private schools and quality. AnAnyone can open a schools as long as he/she has money. It could not happen during Kamuzu Banda. The man loved hus nation but he has too hard to give them freedom. He was so controlled. That was the problem. What we have to day. Leaders withiout love for Malawians. Leaders Who come back to enrich themselves after working and living abroad. Retired old men.Bingu, APM, Gondwe Goodal. Ntaba, Dausi Chaponda. Many those Who are retired come to Malawi to join politics. Why?

  19. Maunits says:

    Agree a Chair managed education by preventing such closure of higher learning. He really emulated from Dr. Banda Kamuna wa Malawi will never forget him. He was a hero in as far as education was concerned in Malawi. There was supper education in Malawi ever. The glory was gone only MCP will revamp supper education in Malawi.

  20. Pido says:

    Chimwendo Banda or whatever you call yourself, if you went through the corridors of success, then it definitely was not during the reign of Dr. Bakili Muluzi. If you say university colleges never closed indefinitely, then I wonder where you were in the period between June 1996 to February 1997. Muluzi was mindful of higher education, yes, but he was neither there when we gallantly fought for the Florence house return to UNIMA (I am not even sure you can follow me on the Florence House – UNIMA issue).

    We can glorify other people without actually having to comment on issues on which our knowledge or competence is limited. Bakili was good yes, but during his reign (and I was personally a student of UNIMA) the colleges were closed willy nilly.

    I am convinced beyond resonable doubt that this accademic saga is orchestrated by you stupid and good for nothing politicians. I am saying this on good authority as so dunderhead politicians also used to incite violence in the university colleges during my time.

    Somebody said, and I quote “You do not make your candle shine brighter by extinguishing other people’s candles”

  21. chimanga says:

    Destroyer Paliponse Party (DPP). Cashgate, muzipatala mankwali mulibe, ma offesi aotchedwa, now its education

  22. santana says:

    Is it not the same MCP that blasted Muluzi for bringing down education quality in Malawi? Why the U-Turn now? Your arrogant parliamentary speeches during the Muluzi reign are in the hansard well kept. Who do you want to fool? Even Muluzi himself cannot be fooled with this fake praise. The thing is that you fail to give genuine criticism because what is happening has happened in all governments in the multiparty period. And the silence of Chakwera in giving solutions means he does not have any solution at all.

  23. Kwenda says:

    Abakha okhaokha aboma la DPP, kuyambira uyu bwampini — bakha — uyu mukuti Fabiano —- bakha—- University Council — abakha— nduna zonse — abakha — stupid government

  24. Dr Tambala says:

    stupid MCP law makers! what do you want the president to do? take a loan to pay chancol lecturers high salaries then you come tomorrow and complain that interest rates are high the economy is in tatters!? or you want him to sack the lecturers and flout labour laws pay them huge compensation. the solution to breaking this deadlock lies with Parliament. revise the labour relations act to not give salaries to people on strike and the lecturers will be back in class

  25. Alomwe says:

    Fabiano was vice chancellor during academic freedom saga. No surprised. Komatu anthuwa sadabise panthawiyo kuti tizapitiriza pomwe adasiyira malemu. Our beloved country in the wrong hands.

  26. dziwapo says:

    But during the MCP era chanco used to shut down due to water shortages. Shame on you.

  27. lp says:

    Hehehe koma mpaka kupanga compare unima under Muluzi to the current one? Don’t you know that what we have now at Chancol are political zealots hiding under the cocoon of professorship? That time anthu democracy samaidziwanso. We have greedy academic staff who have nothing but regard for them selves. I understand the teachers koma osati ma hungry hyenas wa ayi. During Bakikis time actually teachers could go for two months without pay koma kaamba ka mantha komanso osazindikira kuti ndiufulu wao Ana sankapita mumsewu chonchi…penapaketu a MCP ndinunso mabulutu. Admiring Muluzi who is now under DPPs cover hehehe….

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