Malawi must criminalize corruption to deter thieves from joining politics: Only ‘servant leaders’ can develop nation

The power and benefits of democracy have been compromised in Malawi not because of citizens’ ignorance or myopia over the true meaning or encyclopedic understanding of democracy and the rule of law, but because of corruption.

If corruption is completely rooted out from the hearts of citizens, including and especially its leaders, Malawi will be a better place and paradise on the planet Earth.

Knowing that the practice has no penal code under security agencies such as Police Service, and other arms, particularly and especially that it is connected with the nerves of State and politics, there will no way this practice can be stopped unless the practice is criminalized.

This is the reason we call upon the three arms of the Malawi Government and the fourth arm, which are the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, and Media, to consider enacting laws that will criminalize corruption.

We are aware the powerful branch of estate of the Executive is benefiting a lot from this practice, it will be impossible for the Government to recommend or advocate even consider criminalizing a system that gives them more and absolute power and wealth.

Mindful of this, we call upon civil society institutions, the international community, the Media, and citizens to advocate and pressurize for the enactment of a law to criminalize corruption.

The MAENGA Group and all social media groups, call for a Referendum for citizens to vote for the law that must criminalize corruption.

When this law is adopted, few greedy and selfish people will join politics. As it is, individuals in Malawi join politics, or establish political bases with one purpose: that of “stealing through corrupt practices,” that go unpunished because of the lack of such a law.

Fine and good men and women that are true leaders, have chosen to be on the bench, leaving crooks and pundits to scavenge for political positions because they are vultures that prey on tax payers money for their greed.

Politics of Malawi and Africa, will attract fine and abled men and women only if and when the laws to criminalize corruption are adopted.

This is the only way Malawi will wean crooked, thieving, and looting politicians who leave their professions to join politics so that they can become instant billionaires.

If politics of Malawi evolve into “servant leaders,” the likes of Peter Mutharika could not surrender the Green Card from the United States of America to come and seek for a salary of a president in a poor nation like Malawi. Corruption is the only incentive that coerced and seduced him to return back home and join politics. (His works bear witness to this.)

What his brother did by building Ndatha Mansion and acquiring MK92 billion, envied him to come back to do the same. It is no wonder he is building exactly the same complex like that of his brother. He has worked 40 years outside Africa, just as his brother, but never had money to build a “hut or a three bedroom house,” where did he get money in three years to build a villa?

Before the 2019 House of Parliament must promulgate a bill that must be presented to be a law criminalizing corruption or else by June 2018 hold a Referendum called for citizens to vote YES against corruption.

Criminalization of corruption must have stiff sentence like the death penalty, so that all thieves must be scared to join politics.

This is the time to bring real politicians who will be servant leaders and develop Malawi from the shame we are now living in.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian is the Administrator of Malawi Engagement Group(MAENGA)

  • The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the Publisher or Editor of the Nyasa Times

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Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord
4 years ago

If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked. Proverbs 29:12

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