Malawi should not be republic of fakes, ban replicas of classic designs – MP Mwenifumbo  

The passing of Trademarks Bill should give to authorities in Malawi to ban fake versions of classic design icons such  Gucci and Louis Vuitton  being sold in the country unless retailers  can gain rights from the original copyright holder.

Counterfeit market booming: Intellectual property theft

Parliament passed Trademarks Bill to protect Intellectual Property Rights.

Malawi has seen flourishing trade in knock-off products that encompasses everything from electronics, cosmetics and accessories to pharmaceuticals, textiles and alcohol .

“We have seen an emerging problem where trademarks are not respected because of the rising counterfeits which have negative effect on the development of our country,” Mwenifumbo told Parliament.

“We have seen a lot of inflows of fake goods into our country, counterfeits but enjoying a price of first generation goods,” he added.

Gucci handbags  and women clothes in Burberry and Louis Vuitton including  men Adidas shoes,  are the most common counterfeit products sold in Malawi.

But citizens say, the main problem is the mindset of the consumer: “People here don’t see the fake goods trade as a crime.”

With the passing of the Trademarks Bill, laws concerning trademark infringement have bee tightened considerably.

Therefore, MP Mwenifumbo said  it is high time Malawi stopped accepting the importation of fake goods because they are having a knock-on effect.

“People are paying prices for the original goods and yet they get second generation goods,” said the lawmaker.

He was upbeat that the passing of the bill would empower the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) to check the inflow of fake products in the country.

“Goods which are supposed to last for 12 months are lasting for two months. I, therefore, want to believe that at the passing of this Trademarks Bill the Malawi Bureau of Standards will be empowered. It will be institutionalised, given the necessary institutional capacity to check the inflow of fake goods in Malawi,” said Mwenifumbo.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu said said an effective and well administered trademark regime is essential for Malawi to maximise the economic benefits that flow from the effective protection of trademarks.

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honourable mwenefumbo now you are talking my language we need people who can talk real issues affecting our economy.malawi need people like you of putting national interest at heart we r not second citizens of this planet Dr Banda did bring original type of uk brands not counter fit chinese fake brands should bear chinese names . period.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda

Malawi Bureau of Standards is likely to help us on this war against fake products that have British Standards Institute marks say “BS:4536” indicating that the product complies with BSI specifications when in actual fact the product does not. Most are fake products from mainland China and North Korea.

Ben phiri

Komanso umbuli winawo! North Korea is under UN trade embargo and it has no capacity to manufacture these things.
So you know that all these genuine brands are made in China, Vietnam, Thailand? Apple iPhone, LV,Gucci, Channel

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
The comment was posted without reading the entire electronic article, thereby straying away from the content of the Trademarks bill that is meant to curtail local companies from cheating consumers by selling them products without obtaining rights of the original owner. Gucci products are the epitome of Italian elegance and craftsmanship. These have found their way into the local markets. The iconic Gucci logo comes stamped on them. There are Gucci handbags, Gucci men’s and women’s shoes, Gucci dress shirts, Gucci men’s clothing, Gucci wallets, Gucci watches and Gucci briefcases. Others are Louis Vuitton products. Fake products are being manufactured… Read more »

Don’t think will work as you think!! Its up to those who import these things to meet the Executive, thru responsible Minister basi nkhani ikatero yatha…….!

Kulira kwa a Malawiko enatu alibe nazo ntchito!!! If they shoot their own bill, what do you…………………………….?


Thats nice i have been waiting for this bill to pass,MBS its time u put in daily papers now on how ur going to handle this issue,let everyone one kno what will happen if s/he is found with fake goods,flush out all fake things on the market,and i hope HE will make a statement on this


Nothing will happen there. Laws or no laws Malawi will not change untill mutharika is no more. MBS will hide behind the banner “there’s no money to enforce the order” while in essence protecting the illegal vendor by collecting bribes from them.


It is not the bureau of standards that should follow and stop counterfeits. Counterfeit can be of good standards sometimes. Itvis an infringement of somebody trafemarks

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