Uladi confirms PP-DPP-UDF alliance: Matola rejects, says Muthariks’s party ‘rotten’

Former leader of (People’s Party -PP0 in the House Uladi Mussa, has disclosed that he was voting with government legislators to reject Bills on electoral reforms becasue the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has forged an alliance with PP and United Democratic Front (UDF).

United in DPP working relationship: Uladi Mussa and Atupele Muluzi -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The three Bills which government shot down are the Assumption of Office President (Transitional Arrangement) Bill, Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections Bill and the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill. They were all shot down on Thursday and on Friday before the Second Reading

Mussa said he and some PP legislators that rejected the Bills did so because  his party, as well as UDF, are in a working relationship with the DPP and, therefore, people should stop judging them [wrongly] because as he put it, “in a democracy, it is allowed”.

Said Mussa’s quoted in the press on Saturday: “I cannot hide. We had a meeting with President Mutharika and he said he’s offering us an olive branch that we should work together because PP, UDF and DPP were at one point one party, but because of disputes, misunderstandings and other frustrations, we ended up forming PP; but we are one family.”

PP  secretary general Ibrahim Matola confirmed the party legislators has met DPP top brass including President Peter Mutharika but denies any alliance deal.

“We sat down with the MPs to hear what transpired. First and foremost, it is the DPP which was looking for our MPs. You know when you have a beautiful daughter or a handsome boy, many people would want his or her hand in marriage. Our MPs are vibrant in Parliament. They are vocal and argue with facts. Parliament is lively when our members make contributions. So, DPP swallowed its pride by coercing our MPs. There is no harm for them to meet the Head of State,’” said Matola in a newspaper interview.

But Matola said there is no any alliance between PP and DPP, saying Mutharika’s governing party  is “already rotten”.

Matola stressed that DPP is “already finished” and that  there is no way “we are going to handle their mess.”

He said  sometimes MPs can agree on one thing and disagree on the other in the House.

On whether  individual PP MPs have forged an alliance with DPP, Matola could not comment on that , insisting  there is no alliance between PP and DPP.

“As a party we believe that an alliance is between parties and not between individual members. This is because MPs come and go. In 2019 we may not have the same MPs. So, an alliance is not made with MPs, but with the party,” he said.

Meanwhile, PP  leader in Parliament Ralph Mhone said during its caucus on Tuesday, the party said its members should vote for processing and passing of the Bills.

But he said during the roll call, several of the party’s members were heard voting ‘no,’ against the party’s official stand.

Mhone has said parliamentarians have let down Malawians by not seriously deliberating, let alone, passing the Electoral Reforms (Amendment) Bills which could have solidified their democracy.

He singled out the ruling DPP as having ridden of immense pressure by initially feigning seriousness in taking the Bills to Parliament, only for the government side to unveil its strange trick of shooting down its own Bills.

“Government paid lip-service in fooling Malawians by tabling the Bills earlier this week. Its trickery of not having wanted the Bills to be passed, in the first place, came when the DPP and some opposition members voted against the processing of the Bills,” he lamented.

Mhone, who is a lawyer and Nkhata Bay Centre (PP) legislator, said if the government side were serious in processing the Bills, it could have not taken the Bills to Parliament in piece-meal fashion



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Ben phiri

Koma.msilamu ameneyi dzanadzanali anali komanga namazani lero akukadya nawo ndalama zakuba Ku DPP? Allahamdulilah


I knew that this will happen – Uladi as the rejected STONE has now found his way to a place were there is no rejection, it could have been to MCP or DPP either way but he has chosen DPP as a partner kkk such is politics so DIRTY!!!!

Yahya Yahya Jammeh

Kamlepo too has a case to answer . he embezzled CDF funds. This is why I believe we shall not win the war against corruption because whoever messes up will find a safe haven by aligning themselves with the government. If Muluzi was arrested the way Bingu wanted, greedy politiciians would have learnt a lesson.


Change Golo thinks that his passport case will disappear with this “working relationship”. Wait until a another government is ushered in an you will be surprised.

Kanthiti Mzandu

Ma passport

Mbonga Matoga
This is why we need all these old politicians to go away from Malawian politics for good, they are taking us for granted ……kuteroku timilandu ta Uladi Mussa tija tikhudzana ndi ma passport tija tathera pomwepa becomes of this so called working relationship betweeen DPP and PP. Malawians please wakeup, never vote for these greedy people……..these silly politicians are just using our votes to make ends meet at their homes and not to serve our country. We have Dr Muluzi whose corruption case is getting no where becoz obviously his son is serving in the current govt……. We have the… Read more »

Why did you vote with the rotten Party….?a Matola mukubisala pachipande takuonani mbava zopanda manyazi agalu inu muzafa imfa yowawa


Hmmmm, zouluka zonse zimatera, ndipo zidzatera nthawi ikakwana.

Kanthiti Mzandu

Kuopa nkhani ya ma passport, but remember udzalowabe wakuba Uladi Mussa wasintha kale magolo. Mapazi ako




Who is a dangerous thief, the one who robes people in churches and this one change goal? Mudamufunsapo mgalatiyayo kuti afotokoze mmene adamangira his multimillion mansion? Why is he clinging to one Milk Mkaka and nobody else? Tamufunseni mmene akuyendetsera chuma cha MCP?


Bwanji osamufusa wekha?


Iwenso kagweredi uko Kagwereni!! mchira wako pamodzi ndi mbuyako peter mutharika zitsiru zachabechabe. Chi Pitala chakocho manu adatha nchani chikamalankhula ngati chameza mbatata yotentha nonsense!!!

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