Malawi opposition DPP sends out another reminder: Violence is ours

Events of the second week of March present Malawians with another opportunity to remind themselves about the dangers that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presents to their security, their human rights, lawful and good governance in Malawi and the image of this country.

For those hours, thugs and hoodlums sponsored by the former ruling party have been unleashing untold mayhem on the streets of Malawi, beating up innocent people, destroying property and harassing the police.

All this hooliganism had been tailored at intimidating the law enforcement establishment and undermining an independent judicial process to ensure that their leaders, arrested for various suspected crimes arising from the findings of an inquiry into the death of the former President Bingu wa Mutharika and the management of the transition incidental to that death, are let loose by the arm of the law.

This conduct by the DPP and its supporters is not only deplorable but tear jerking because not only does it creates unnecessary tensions in the country, but it is inimical to the social economic development of the country because it presents Malawi as an insecure, volatile and lawless country unattractive to foreign direct investment.

DPP rioting over Peter Mutharika's arrest:
DPP rioting over Peter Mutharika’s arrest:

At a time when President Joyce Banda is making every effort to mend the economic rags that the DPP created, the lawlessness that that administration presided over, the battered image that the country sustained at the hands of the irresponsibility of the authorities of that time, all well meaning Malawians are called upon to remain vigilant and resist this resurgence of DPP’s beastly conduct.

Malawi cannot afford to lose the gains that the Joyce Banda administration has gained through the determined and resilient efforts still underway to bring the country back on its feet.

The DPP should be ashamed that it is only 20 months ago that through the same wildlife and blood thirst-behaviour of theirs, 20 innocent Malawians lost their lives while demanding their rights from a heartless and insensitive government.

Instead of feeling remorse for the clear murders of those martyrs and the destruction visited on property of fellow Malawians, today that party, clearly unrepentant, is replaying the script with the aim of obstructing the course of law and search for justice.

Is this wanton behaviour a confirmation that the suspects, now on bail, really committed the crimes for which they were arrested, and fearing that if the due process of the law is allowed to flow they will be found guilty, the party has now resorted to disruptive tactics?

Why is the DPP worried? No one has suggested that the suspects have already been found guilty. The fact is that they are merely suspects of crimes. If they are innocent, let them plead it in a court of law. If the court finds merit in their plea, they will be freed. Until that happens, the DPP’s macabre actions are without merit and cause.

Let the DPP be reminded that their actions are not proving their assumed or imaginary muscle or popularity. To the contrary, those actions are exposing it as a party of savages who in their desperation are prepared to use any method, including shedding blood, to disrupt the law and get its leaders to return to power.

The DPP actions in trying to undermine the rule of law in Malawi are unprecedented and should sound a warning to Malawians about what the party would do if it was handed back the instruments of power, if it is able to cause this mayhem when it is only in opposition.

What makes the DPP think their leaders are special, untouchable and above the law that when they are suspected to be on the wrong side of the law they have to be left scot free?

Are they any better than former President Dr. Bakili Muluzi or former Vice President Dr. Cassim Chilumpha whose supporters never caused any chaos when they were arrested and brought court by the DPP regime?

It is this feeling of self-importance in DPP, which created a lot of damage to this country when the party was in power.

Hopefully, Malawians are watching this and will use the lessons from it wisely when decision time comes.

*The author is a social and political commentator. He writes in his own right

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