Malawi opposition leader informs international community over death threats to MCP candidate: Chakwera says ‘recipe for anarchy’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate for Nsanje Lalanje Constituency  parliamentary by-elections slated for October 17, Lawrence Sitolo, is living dangerously as  governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gurus are baying for his blood,  Nyasa Times understands.

Chakwera: DPP actions is recipe for civil war in Malawi

This is according to a letter MCP president and leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera has written the foreign missions including US embassy, Germany, European Union, British High Commission and the United Nations.

MCP deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka confirmed the authenticity of the letter and that it has come from Chakwera.

The communication says DPP top brass are persuading Sitolo to receive K100 million and withdraw his MCP membership then contest as an independent candidate or even withdraw from the race altogether to get a diplomatic posting with cash makeweight of K50 million.

He has also been offered to receive an MP’s salary and relate benefits from government if he does not contest.

Chakwera alleges in the letter that Sitolo is receiving phone calls from DPP operatives including Leston Mulli and Noel Masangwi “people who have allegedly been mentioned in some heinous acts like the death of Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa.”

The leader of opposition also informs the international community that Sitolo has also received calls from DPP regional governor for the south, Charles Mchacha and strongman Kondwani Nankhumwa (Minister and Leader of government business in parliament].

“Hon. Sitolo has recordings of the phone conversations with these people,” said Chakwera in the letter.

He asks the diplomatic community to condemn the actions of DPP “in the strongest terms”.

Chakwera said MCP is “seriously concerned” about the threat poses to their candidate Sitolo and seeks immediate intervention of the international community in the matter, saying his party believes it is “a recipe for anarchy and civil war in Malawi.”

When contacted for comment, the mentioned DPP officials denied the allegations.

“I have never been in touch with Sitolo. Not me,” said Nankhumwa.

Mulli also rejected the allegations, saying he is not party campaigning official.

“I am not on the ground campaigning. I am not aware of that brother. Maybe politicians know each other but not me. But why always mentioning Mulli on anything. It is not true,” he said.

Masangwi simply said “I don’t know that issue.”

Mchacha on the other hand denied the allegations and challenged Sitolo to substantiate his claims.

“I have no idea on what you are talking about,” he said.

DPP has a history of abductions and killings.

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Kanthiti Nzandu

Koma kwavuta mpakana K 100, 000,000 bwanji osangogula magalimoto a Police kuti chitetezo chikhale champhamvu, bwanji osangogula mankhwala a chipatala cha ku Dowa koma D P P sidzatheka muchita manyazi pa 17 October

Worried citizen

Which Police Service can handle the complaints of Opposition parties? Unless you are a visitor to Malawi politics.


By mentioning Leston Mulli and Masangwi ,Mchacha alone ,that’s faked news.MCP is trying to buy sympathy from the PUBLIC…No ways that MCP will come forward to ask for Malawians vote for it.Inuu atikumbutse zakale zotibela mazira,kumanga anthu nyakhula,Iyayiii pokhapo asaname .MCP siidza bweleranso muboma inuu.

Mbusa kamwa lophwanyika lija longa laswiswili lowonetsa kunyada asaaaa!!!Masewera etii
Asitolo awo angosegula sitolo yawoo basi osati zamasanje zomwe akunenazooo.Utsiru umenewo kudziwilatu kuti basi game yagona basi yapaa

zahid munshi

when has the diplomatic community become law enforcers lazarus? u have conversation recordings, dont you? go to the Police man! ukufuna azungu atani? This is retrogressive, backward and selfish! You want donors to leave? Do you realise who suffers as a result? Governing, abraz, is not for “cry babies” You have goofed on this one big, big time!

Which is the easiest way if you think kuti muli ndi umboni wokwanila to report to the International Community or to the Police so that they can investigate???? ……….. Mr Chakwera I think you are justing creating the unknown fear, tell your candidate to just focus on campagning these are just lame excuses, We have courts here in Malawi and on top of that we have the Malawi Electral Commission which if reported can look unto such issues. Mr. Chakwera auzeni ma players anu kuti asatuluke thukuta game isanayambe ayi ……. tell them to be focused & build confidence ….… Read more »
Very true Jamax,but when you look much in what Chakwera has done it shows like some where some how is good, Lets see, suppose what he is saying its true then with Security Service we have, can it help? Ok lets say it is true what Chakwera is saying, with our system to day that everything that is happening in a sudden way, we should form Commission of Inquiry, do you think it can work to some one who is opposing you? Or may be am wrong as well, let me not continue here,but my concern is that this information… Read more »
Victim of MCP regime atrocities
Victim of MCP regime atrocities
Sons and daughters of the Lower Shire of Malawi do you remember that: 1.The MCP regime imprisoned Gwanda Chakwamba for 22 yrs on trumped-up treason charges.Chakwamba, the philanthropist, made it possible for many needy children of the lower Shire access secondary school education at his own expense.Following his arrest many needy students were thrown out of school because there was no body to pay fees for them. 2.It was the MCP regime that removed the capital city from the South (Zomba) to the central region (the home of the then MCP leadership). 3.During MCP rule, over 65% of all the… Read more »

Very well written, 100% true, unfortunately in a wrong time where we are talking about Democracy where every one is free to associate with anything he or she want.Go to Karonga, you will find Lomwes, go to Lilongwe, azimai tikuwalemba ntchito are Lomwes, go to Kasungu, olima mmimda are lomwes, where is your worry by reminding us what was happening during that time? you want to be free killing Albinos like what you are doing? stealing in town because your Government is weak? no way!! enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nganiza Muthulika
I am not surprised that is how DDP acts. Bribing people by offering diplomatic position. Malawians are weak they accept firgetting Its short period. Chakwela he might not be perfect but historia words are good to listen too. He said Malawi is governied by educated fools. Look AT those who are in DDP they are most educated. Look AT their behaviour. Is this the way educated people should behave. They are a.bunch of thieves. Spoiling our economy. They dont bring any development to the nation and yet we have them for man years. Nthaba how old is he? He was… Read more »
Richard Soko

The DPP is scared of losing its hegemony in the Southern Region.MCP has done the right thing to report them to the international community

Murupale pa Thyolo

Izi ine ai bola za Blue Night zomwezi


Why write azungu???? U mean tilibe platforms to sort these issues as a country.. This is incredible

Mbola politics

tilibe platform.
Where is the platform for Chasowa and Njaunju if the murderers are in government and roaming scot free. He is right to report to outsiders.


So azungu will solve this problem eeeh??? The moment we realise kuti azungu will not develop us the better


If addressed locally, those involved might be threatened as well, i guess

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