‘Malawi parastatals riddled with sycophants’: MCCCI demands merit based appointments

Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) has demanded merit-based appointments in official positions as well as parastatals.

Kaferapanjira: Most boards of parastatals are riddled with sycophants

MCCCI chief executive officer Chancellor Kaferapanjira said this would ensure efficiency in the use of resources put in the K1.7 trillion national budget.

He said efficiency can be achieved with the right personnel in the right places.

“Most boards of parastatals are riddled with sycophants who do not add value to value creation objectives of their organisations,” said Kaferapanjira.

He said there are numerous cases where individuals are given positions as a reward for personal loyalty or other non-professional connections.

This comes at a time when President Peter Mutharika continues to appoint ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadres in top government positions, most of them without right academic and professional qualifications.

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Ashamed Cadet
Ashamed Cadet
4 years ago

These endless stories of nepotism and abuse of power are too much. Those of us who are very hard working as cadets for the glory of DPP as well as the country are becoming concerned about the situation. We now realise that this is not the way to run the country. Mr President “A Dad” its high time you look around you and see that you are being misled and also being taken advantage of! Your legacy is being destroyed while your eyes are fully open. A Dad please change this situation for the sake of a better Malawi! We… Read more »

4 years ago

Kodi inu simunakhale anduna? Nanga ma qualifications anu ife tidafunsa? Nthawi imene ija zinkakoma! Eyaaaaa!

Destroyer of liars
4 years ago

Kafelapanjira likes making noise to be seen like he is a star performer, on the contrary he is very useless. MCCCI is failing to manage it’s affairs because of him. Instead of managing the chamber he is ever out of office to attend board meetings of other companies. He is failing to convene board meeting for the chamber for fear of being exposed of his inefficiency. Where in the world has government not rewarded those that can drive it’s programs?

4 years ago

Too much Politics in everything we do as Malawians and less on development, you could have good policies but if you do the right people to implement then it becomes problem after another

4 years ago

Such appointments are called ‘Jobs for the boys/girls’. It is all part of APM’s attempt to strengthen his hold on power. It is also just another aspect of DPP corruption. It emphasises once again that APM’s chief concern is himself and his position rather than the good of the country.

4 years ago

Uyu ndi wa League of Malawi Youth of MCP. When MCP was in Government it had people not well qualified but were leading organisations like ESCOM, MALAWI RAILWAYS, MALAWI HOUSING as Executive Chairmens, so whats the issue here. Just stick to your work, if you want politics just join mainline politics not kuchuluka mzeru apa

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