Malawi Parliamentary inquiry on ‘Maizegate’ tables report: More heads must roll, Chaponda’s ‘house burning’ claims quashed

A joint committee of Parliament  which conducted an inquiry into Admarc maize procurement from neighbouring Zambia finally presented its report to parliament on Wednesday which also  echoed recommendation of presidential commission of inquiry that Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda should be further investigated on corruption element.

George Chaponda: Not off the hook

Inquiry chair Joseph Chidanti Malunga said the investigation was worth it because it has saved a lot of money which could have exchanged hands through abuse of office and corruption through the procurement of maize from Zambia.

“We have saved the country from possible drowning,” said Malunga amid applause and hand-clapping.

Chaponda appeared before the committee following submissions from Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development that he led a delegation to Zambia to broker the maize deal where the State grain trader was expected to source 100 000 metric tonnes of maize.

The report tears apart Agriculture minister Chaponda’s testimony that the country was in a critical food crisis therefore some laws had to be flouted just to get maize for the starving majority.

Malunga said the procurement procedures were flouted willy nilly and there seemed to be no regard for the law.

The reports indicate explictly in the grey areas where the procedures were flouted.

Mangochi Monkey Bay MP Ralph Jooma said there was need to discipline some controlling officers in government to prevent and control the thefts. He cited the example of Agriculture ministry principal secretary Erica Maganga whom he accused of lying under oath several times.

However, the House was thrown into turmoil when Chaponda stood to respond to the numerous accusations he had in the report.

Some vocal members of parliament said Chaponda was not part of the inquiry therefore he was not supposed to make any comment before debate on the report started.

Government chief whip Henry Mussa strangely decided with the opposition members of parliament in the matter and said Chaponda should not be given time to talk until the debate started.

Chaponda, however, stood up and said it was out of order to claim there was no food crisis in the country.

He claimed there was only 1000 metric tonnes of maize in the silos. However, he could not proceed any further as Speaker Richard Msowoya said could not debate on the matter.

He said the debate would be on on Thursday, quashing suggestions by Mussa to have the debate on Wednesday next week.

“This is the matter which is at the centre of controversy. Let us debate it as soon as we can so that we allow different state prosecuting agencies do their job,” he said.

Msowoya said Malawians want the matter concluded as soon as possible and see justice done.

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humphrey kawenga

DR George Chaponda is not a thief, and i tell you, He will not resign, why must he, did you appoint him, it is only the president who has powers to fire and hire. so stop wasting your time, find something to do, not singing songs of chaponda. the man has made it in life, so find ways of getting money. the president will not appoint you a minister. chaponda is a good man i know him. the admarc saga is a political thing. chaponda not involved in any wrong doing.


I fear for the life of ADMARC CEO, Mulunbe. He must be uner surveilance by police other wise he may be another Mr. Mlamba. To obliterate evidence he may be whisked out or silenced.
Remember Mr Mlamba went in thin air. He could not be traced after anothe ADMARC scandal.


inu musapusisike chaponda anali limodzi ku yale univerity ind pita.muziona mmene zithele.mukulimbana ndi maize gate pamene anzanu ayamba kampeni ya 2019.

Mphukira pa Ndale

Kwathu tikamapha mbewa, tikatsala pang’ono kuzipeza timayatsa moto ndikutenga masamba awisi kumapemerela kuuna konko. Nde olo mphavu zothawira sizimapezekaso. Chaponda akungothundukwa ali pheee. kkkkkkkkkkk. Dr Chidathi Malunga good show for the betterment of Poor Malawians. This country needs such kind of people, well educted, with human heart and loving your people. At least Malawians can now have hope that New Malawi is being formed through the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord and may you continue guiding your children so that they serve us to your will.


Mfiti yagwida ikutamba masana. Chaponda chimanga kuzolowera kuba apa ndiye you are in a tight corner!!! Chimunthu chi ndi chimfiti di muzingoona kunyansa chinkhope. Akazake anachivomelera chani kaya mwina poti zonse ndi zosaoneka bwino zokhazokha


God can also deform your face if you feel you have a nice one. Please, mind your thoughts


Fight between THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH? REALLY? Is this originating from the North………… Malawi Parliamentary inquiry on ‘Maizegate’ tables report: More heads must roll, Chaponda’s ‘house burning’ claims quashed. Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kuno ndi kunja kumayanja lichero. Mbava Chaponda caught pants down. Kwatsala ungowulula mbava zinzakozo, kaya bwana wakoyo amakupusitsa kuti Malawi belongs to you fools mumanamizana. This country belongs to us malawians not matchona. We built it whilst you were away, we were toiling here with Kamuzu, growing tobacco and paying taxes now you have been busy destroying it. Mutha, God is on our side. Kungochokaa uko kudzagwiritsa ntchito nepotism trump-card – mwanya agalu inu


Chapondera Kumeneko Ulira, Umphwa, Uwonda, Wapezana Ndi Mafana Oshupa Pachilungamo, Tchwee Mwana Tchwee, Mwenifumbo, Mlekanjala, Werani, Lucius. Akutakasa Usanakalowe Ku Maula. Chisiru Cha Chabe Iwe, Mbamva Yen Yen Pa Mw. Mutu Suwe Waka! Fokofu


When is parliament closing so that Chaponda Chimanga should be arrested.
This case of flouting procurement procedures is the same as the
Fieldyork case that saw Mpasu Makope jailed. Awaiting the jailing of
Chaponda Chimanga if justice has to prevail.


Yalakwa Dala. Apa ng’ombe za yang’ana ku dazi bomu. Mwana wakana phala.
Resign and start new life Dokotala. You are Seventy Eight years old and
enjoy your pension.

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