Malawi Police arrest DPP ‘cadet’ for showing off pistol: Ben Phiri disowns Noel Kaiya

Malawi Police in Lilongwe on Thursday arrested Noel Kaiya, a ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadet who was  seen with  a pistol when he accompanied  Ben Phiri, the most powerful former aide of President Peter Mutharika, to a function in Thyolo on Sunday.

Armed and pose for photo opportunity: DPP cadet Noel Kaiya

Kaiya was picked by police from his Area 49 residence and was taken to Kanengo Police Station for questioning.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera said the law enforcers were interested to question the DPP cadre to  establish how  he got the gun.

“We want to know whether his gun is licenced under his name and why he was brandishing it in public,” he said.

However, Police  were coy in the matter  as Kaiya is seen as an operative of Ben Phiri.

Phiri, who is DPP Director of Operations or Field Marshall, was launching his  K10 million football, netball and bawo trophies when Kaiya brandished pistol in public and taking photos which have gone viral on social media.

But Phiri has disowned Kaiya, saying despite knowing him as  a Thyolo homeboy, he is not part of his security detail.

Phiri said he has no “personal body guards” and that the function was held in his village backyard where he needed no security.

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Crying for my beloved country….umbuli ukutionongeraziko


If the people meant business, they should also have arrested Ben Phiri. The action by Kaiya was done to protect for his (Ben Phiri) sake and therefore both of them needed to be in the cooler. As long as Ben Phiri has not even been questioned on the matter, the arrest of Kaiya is simply a smokescreen.


Our own Rango. One bullet! kkkkk


Oh my word!!!!!!!!!! people what the fuck do you want the police to do? When the police were quiet on this matter you were all moaning like pregnant women. And now that they have done something about it, you’re still moaning. what is it that you want you dunderheads people? Do you even have anything positive in your lives. What i see here is a bunch of useless people whom when they wake up in the morning, the first thing they think of is criticizing useful people. Leave my DPP alone anapanyero inu. mikongo yaamanu.


Mr pathfinder, may you take note that “no condition is permanent on this earth” you can call us all names, it’s your time. We’re doubting our police coz anthu a DPP omwe anakhapa anthu ku Mzuzu ma file awo ati anasowa!!


Aaaaaa nanuso tamachitani manyazi apa, cant you see the guy is a D.P.P boy? ndiye mpakana kutukwana zomwezi? You think Malawians are fool talking about D.P.P in this matter?The meeting was organized by Ben Phiri who is the D.P.P and or the Chola boy wa Peter, right? the boy with a gun is the D.P.P boy, right? or you think am wrong? he is at the place where the Chola boy was conducting his meeting in D.P.P malaya right? and then?
Mwana wopusa amatukwana pagulu. shame on you!!!!!!!


I do not think it was necessary for you to be obscene at the end of your contribution. Your contribution is meant to have come from a level eyed person. Can we desist from using embarassing degrading language in public fora like this one. Like a gentleman that you are, please apologise to us


The days of Zimba and Henry Moyo of Kasungu are back. These people are obsessed with stolen money and power. They think they are above the law.Unfortunately we have a leader who is not concerned about Malawi. He is busy calculating the mathematics of life since he is towards the end of his life. I wish the blood suckers finish this man off.


Nice gun boy. The law has nothing to do with you DPP people. Just tell us how we have our, so that we should turn this country into cowboys nation.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


The Police Service is just fooling Malawians. Who can trust our police men/women on this and any other issue? They want the public to believe that they are doing something on the matter. I don’t think the police will win my trust back. They seem to be DPP accomplices looking at the way they handle the criminal matter involving DPP members.

Kanthiti Mzandu

Police fooling Malawians ndani sakudziwa aaaaaaa plastic arrest za ziiiiiiiiiiiiiii


ifenso tipeza zathu bola osamalondana mpaka pa public ndikaoda yanga ku joni ndipo ikabwera ndidzapha adani anga onse kuyambila iwe mzimayi waku kaya iwe okuda kosakukhala


Kodi a police ndi DPP mukupusitsa ndani? Palibe chimene mumuchite uyu

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