Malawi police transfers cop suspecting of shielding Nigerian druglord Ojukwu

Deputy Head of Drugs Section in the Malawi Police, Assistant Supritendant S. Raphael has been  transferred from police headquarters  to a Nathenje Police Station following reports that some drugs dealers in Lilongwe from Nigeria are being shielded by cops.

Acting police chief Jose transfers deputy head of drug section

This follows the arrest of Nigerian national Alex Ojukwu, nicknamed “Old Man” on Sunday after the death of a 26-year-old Lilongwe-based Malawian man, Riad Randeri, in Brazil in what his parents and community members suspect to be a drug mission gone wrong.

Father to the deceased, Hanif Randeri, who stays in Area 47 said in an interview Monday that he last saw his son in a taxi with a Nigerian national who is the father’s tenant.

Ojukwu said he had indeed send the Malawian to Brazil on drug-dealing mission  but refused to disclose where exactly the dead body is.

One of the residents, John Dzuwa, a relation to the bereaved family, said Area 47bin Lilongwe has Ben infested with drug dealers mostly from Nigeria who are luring Malawian youth into drug and substance abuse.


Police acting Inspector General Rodney Jose ordered the transfer of deputy head of drug section.

A transfer notification seen by Nyasa Times reads: “A/sup S. Raphael from 21/c drugs  to Nathenje.”

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Flowaens Mkandawire

This is how the police should work

Listen and Love

Abwana Jose, NJOKA SAWETAAAA. Adatero akuluakulu a mzeru zakuya


The worst thing is Nigerians are wicked. if in Malawi we have Mavuto a anthu ofuna magazi ndiye ma business awo , Satanic, drug dealers. and they are users. Chonde abale ndi alongo ngati Ndalamazo zili za easy osapanga okha bwanji? tiyeni tichenje.


Is this a transfer …??? He will still be staying in the same house & work at Nathenje…????


Me I say NO to foreigners domination in my land


Transferring the problem from one location to another. The best remedy is suspend, investigate and decide based on findings.

Abiti Benson

my thoughts are just as good as yours. transfer does not make any sense, the problem will continue wherever these have been moved to.


I would even suggest the government locks up these kingpins and their syndicates for life. They are responsible for killing an entire generation of potential doctors, scientists, engineers, artisans, entrepreneurs, leaders. I can understand why the president of Philippines is killing these drug lords one by one. If Malawi is not careful, it will be another Philippines.


Transferring a problem? Why not suspend the man and institute investigations?


I hav just finished reading the COBRA by Fredrick Forsyth. This Cocaine is multi billion dollar industry and Nigerians are controllers in Africa. They easily corrupt official s for smooth operation


They target corrupt countries with corrupt officials especially in countries with number of youths swimming in poverty like Malawi.


“Njoka Samaweta…..!!”

Murupale pa Thyolo

If there are national issues to be solved you cant transfer someone from Area 30 to Nathenje. This is a joke Mr. IG coming from your office. Be serious on these matters. drug dealers never sleep, they can cover the whole country within a night. Why Nathenje of all places?


we Malawians demand that he be sacked with no pay! Immediately

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