Malawi teachers send back Mozambican refugee children from school

Government officials are expressing shock and disappointment over the decision by teachers at Luwani Refugee Camp in Neno to send back from school Mozambican refugee children.

Mozambican refugees at Luwani camp

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Francis Kasaila said government officials were on the ground to resolve the matter.

The teachers are demanding extra pay for teaching the child refugees and more teachers at the camp.

“We have already engaged the ministry of education on the matter. We are also engaging the UNHCR and other stake holders,” he said.

Kasaila said by refusing to teach the refugee children, the government is breaking some international protocols it signed.

Neno district commissioner Ali Phiri said his office, which has jurisdiction over the camp, said negotiations with the teachers is underway.

He said both political, civic and traditional leaders are taking part in the talks.

“It is against international law to deny a refugee child education,” said Phiri.

Some Mozambicans are running away from their country because of skirmishes between the ruling Frelimo and rebels Renamo.

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9 thoughts on “Malawi teachers send back Mozambican refugee children from school”

  1. QueenB says:

    This is exactly what Trump is doing to immigrants. Love thy neighbor like you love yourself. The greatest commandment. No shame ndi nkhanza!

  2. mbale says:

    Why is government trying to look good in the eyes of Mozambique and international community? These are refugees. They are here temporarily. By absorbing them into our education system you’re saying they are now Malawians.
    These refugees should now go back. They came here temporarily. There’s no war in Mozambique. Kusaila should discuss with Mozambican government to take their citizens back. Don’t sleep on duty.

    Furthermore, Mozambican immigration officials ill-treat Malawians at border posts at Dedza, Zobwe and Nyamapanda. They open extort money. Our government is just sitting phwiii. These refugees must go back home

  3. chikopa says:

    Mozambicans ndi nsete, akhakha, achopwicho, agulukunyina, achigompha
    mthiko. Busy killing our drivers and looting our vehicles ndiye ife kutaya
    nthawi – timvekere a, e, i, o, u! Zautsiru basi. Send these bastards packing.

  4. Dusty says:

    Don’t pity these animals from Mozambique. They are tough at us in country,let them swallow their own medicine.A phunzitsi Limbikirani ngati akufunitsitsa kuti muphunzitse a nkhandwewo charge K20000 pa day.Ndiye paja Ku teaching ndinu ogona munvera izo za international protocol.

  5. BobbyJ says:

    Aren’t these the same people killing our brothers when passing through their country?? Why bother? International law??? Do they follow international when they are killing us?? Try and get education in Mozambique and see if u will come back alive. Ndipo chase these mocambicans back to their country. Olo mufuna unhcr ikupaseni chaponda waulelere muponde kuti opondedwafe timvekuwawa ndichiponda choponda moyipisisa poponda anzao chaponda?

  6. Jah works says:

    Why we always tremble on international protocols which is hurting our own people. Those Mozambicans are just too rough to Malawians in their country, Malawi first in this Trump era. Big up to those teachers, give them there own medicine . And more over, there is no war in Mozambique , why you blow their trumpet, ask Mr Nyusi if there is war there?

  7. Thotho says:

    Amenewa akupangidwa bwino. Ndi anthu a nkhaza kwambiri akakhala kwawo. Moreover, ndiamene anatikhomelera Nsanje Port kuti isatsegulidwe. Amalawi tisamakhale anthu opusa. Ask ma travellers, they will tell you more about these people.

  8. masa says:


    1. FUN says:


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