Malawian prophet Madhlopa fires up Botswana: ‘We’re a breakthrough ministry’

Botswana-based Malawian Prophet Vasco Madhlopa has re-iterated that “good Prophets are shunned in their homeland,” saying he continues to earn himself a large following and respect among people in the country.

Prophet Madhlopa

Using his pulpit nickname “Field Marshall” Madhlopa says he harasses and casts out demons.

“When I’m in my prophetic office, I’m a Field Marshall. Demons can’t come near me,” he told Nyasa Times in an interview.

Prophet Madhlopa ministers under Breakthrough Christian Assembly which is based in Botswana and has only one branch in Malawi— located in Lilongwe.

According to the Prophet, Breakthrough Christian Assembly stands for preaching the word of salvation, breakthrough, healing and giving.

“Through his sufficient grace, I am now a full time God’s servant preaching salvation, breakthrough, healing and giving to the people,” said Madhlopa.

Once a fugitive, trickster and beggar who suffered rejection and failure, Madhlopa says he thanks god for freeing him from that bondage and changing his life to grace and a success story.

“I gave my life to Christ in 2014 through my sister. I remember her telling me that God would use my life for his own glory. I was hopeless and devastated then. I had lost all my friends and all my businesses. I spent a week indoors fearing the police who were looking for me all over Malawi.”

He added: “Without Christ life moves in circles. Frustrations are the order of the day. I’ve just finished writing a book on my life and on how gracious God is. This is a must read book for all young people whose lives are in difficulties today. This book will change their story.”

Madhlopa is one of the many prophets ministering at a time when there is growing suspicion that most of these prophets could be fake, first class tricksters robing the unsuspecting people in the name of God.

He brushes this aside, saying only God is able to judge whether one is a fake or real prophet.

“I’ve seen a lot of God’s miracles, signs and wonders through people I have prayed for. I’ve seen shocking healings happening before my own naked eyes,” boasted Malopa.

However, amidst all these negative perceptions towards some of these prophets, Madhlopa commends the unprecedented support he gets from the people of Botswana.

“This can only be God’s grace. I’m happy that even in Malawi people are slowly beginning to appreciate the impact of my ministry,” he said.

Meanwhile, Madhlopa announced that his ministry will be having a job and business conference in May in Malawi to help the jobless and people without capital to stand on their feet.

Business conferences like the one in May have become one of the core undertakings by these modern day prophets with some of them even selling ministry paraphernalia such as anointing water at such functions, a thing which further casts doubt on their genuineness.

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Bongololo Jere
6 years ago

Thanks God Vasco is finally found. I need my money please please. Your brother Dr. V.Mandhlopa said didn’t know where you were. Last time when you got arrested in Mzimba the money paid by your family was nor enough. I need my money before I ask the Interpol to intervene. This so called man of God for our family money from the Jere in Mzimba about 7,000,000.00 Malawi Kwacha. Vivian Mandhopa your brother from Allance one said he has nothing to do with you and he don’t know anything about where you were. Kweni wachimwana iwe ndiwe khuluku……. God will… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Bongololo Jere

Hahahaha kikkkk koma abale!

6 years ago

Dear man of god in Botswana

please do malawians favour by
humbly and kindly requesting papa major 1 Bishiri to come And RESCUE US !!

Dont be offended but i know as a
man of god you unferstand the

We cant do otherwise


6 years ago

Dear man of god
I know you are in f

6 years ago

Its just a matter of time before you are deported from Botswana.They don’t like thieves like u in that country.

6 years ago

Vasco, kuthawa apolisi milandu ija munathawira ku Botswana kodi? Kkkkkkk from now am also called prophet goliyatipitala

6 years ago
Reply to  Goliyatipitala

Musiyeni munthu wamulungu guyz mudzachimwanazo lets pray and God should be with him all the time anthu amulungu osamawanyoza koma kuwapepherera.

6 years ago
Reply to  fred

Nawenso, uyu ndi kamberembere, was in the news as a “Wanted Person”, are you in Malawi? His bro V. Madhlopa would always answer doesnt know of his whereabouts ndiye pano wapezeka. Interpol ntchito iyo

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