Malawi’s Changing Online Entertainment Space

Globally the online entertainment space is growing with no signs of slowing down as many different sectors continue to bolster their online offerings – movie and TV streaming continue to break records despite subscription cancelling becoming more widespread, online gaming is thriving with the biggest casino not on gamstop options replacing brick and mortar and more robust games in the dedicated gaming space too, and music and podcasting in particular are thriving with new content creators and online platforms as a whole experiencing the growth to help circulate new names. Whilst some countries have been a bit late to the party, they’re now experiencing all online entertainment has to offer as Malawi is one country reaping the benefits of change. 

Like much of eastern Africa, accessibility had long been one of the heels for why these different entertainment options weren’t able to catch on but the past decade has seen a huge change in the region – a huge market for second hand mobile devices means cheap and easy availability for even some of the latest smartphones on the market, and a big tech push with plenty of investment has also brought a huge number of startups to the region with Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi all being part of this big tech push – the same push that has also brought cheaper internet with larger data caps into a more accessibility realm too. 

For some industries such as music, there had been a large disconnect in the past but the technology changes have been crucial here too – studios that have the hardware and equipment to allow artists to record their music and instruments and other tools are starting to become more accessible too with looping stations and other electronic devices – whilst there’s still some growth to be found and the need to slow the growing market from digital piracy, many feel the country is heading in the right direction and that with the rate of change, stability will be found sooner rather than later.

The big telcos will continue to play a pivotal role in the changing space of online entertainment, delivering affordable data will remain at the top of the list to ensure individuals can get online, but also avoiding large taxes and tariffs for online business or making sure that data caps aren’t set too low will be a great way to ensure longevity, and for now at least that does seem to be the common approach – Africa as a whole is the fastest growing online market in the world, and as the newest entertainment options become available, show the potential for a truly thriving market.

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