Malawi’s first female professional body builder in more shows: Doreen Kumbatira

Malawi’s first professional female body builder, Doreen Kumbatira says she is preparing to participate in more shows and bigger stages in the coming year, 2019.

Kumbatira (2nd from left) participated in Gentle Giant Classic in South Africa
Fitness bikini: Doreen Kumbatira
Fitness bikini: Doreen Kumbatira
Malawi’s first professional female body builder, Doreen Kumbatira

Kumbatira won a trophy and was nominated as 2017 Most Fit Lady at Ulaya Classic show.

She is currently 175cm tall weight 75kg, show day should be around 68kg and her category for the show is called ‘’fitness Bikini, over 172cm’’

Just three months ago,  she wanted to participate in Zambia for a womens category at the Zambezi Classic competition until the final minute when it failed to take place.

She says this did not disappoint her as she had already registered for the competition in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In October, she participated in Gentle Giant Classic in the Rainbow Nation, saying she had a “fantastic” experience.

“Mind you I was the first Malawian lady to participate in the Gentle Giant Bodybuilding show in South Africa and sponsored myself to participate at this event. It was both fulfilling and exciting on my part as it had been my long term dream to participate and had  good preparations in order to succeed,” Kumbatira told Nyasa Times.

The 33 year old adds that certainly she would do it again and would even progress to another level.

“I have always had passion fitness and that is in my genes as such I would not hesitate to do it again and even go further,” said  the body builder.

From childhood her father encouraged her to take up on different sports like Biking, Tennis and Swimming.

“Thats how i took up a liking into fitness and hence also by default spent some time at the gym for overall fitness.

“The love to be a bodybuilder came about after getting inspired by many women around the world who have taken up this sport and compete in different competitions this came about after i finished my Bachelors Degree in Architectural Science at the Polytechnic.

“Then I took it up seriously since I had plenty of free time to concentrate on the sport and take up the challenges that go with it.”

Kumbatira says it feels so great to learn that she is the first Malawian lady to take this sport to this level.

Most ladies shun this sport as it is perceived as masculine in nature but that is a very misconceived misrepresentation.

“Infact in the western world this sport is taking a new twist in that most ladies are interested in it.”

“Recently I have seen a number of Malawian ladies in the gym and trying to live a health lifestyle and that is the way to go and would want to encourage them.”

She adds “This is a good sport and it relieves stress amongst other health benefits.”

Kumbatira  is encouraging Malawian women to exercise daily or a couple of times a week in order to keep fit and look good.

Generally, there has been a good reception on fitness exercises in that more women are opening up and participating in exercises since there has been a paradigm shift in thinking.

“In the old times keeping fit was thought was a man’s regime but now it’s for both men and women. However, Keeping fit and looking good is generally a personal choice.”

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3 years ago


3 years ago

No wonder our country is pathetic, our men have no confidence are weak Nd easily feel threatened. I am a good woman to may husband, all he does is beat me, cheat on me, drink, demand sex and the best respect, he has brought HIV STI, to our home. He had killed every dream and ambition I had. I wish I was like this woman to follow my dreams. Even if people laugh at me I would be alive. Malawian men are cheap dogs who don’t involve women in governance, decision making excluding 50% of the population. No wonder we… Read more »

3 years ago

Wow. Impressive.
Every statement she makes is inspirational to all, women AND men. And she must be commended.
Recommendation – only recommendation, not criticism: She needs a tattoo or a few tattoos, to go with her striking figure. That would only complement her in the sport of body building.
Admittedly, even some of us men are envious of what she is achieving in the gym.

3 years ago

Bolani inu mukudziwa zochita and good luck for all your dreams. Amayi athu enawa koma kukavinila maliseche a DPP basi ntchito kukwela malole asaaa!

Today's Quote
Today's Quote
3 years ago

“Women who seek to be equal to men, lack ambition.” – Timothy Leary

3 years ago
Reply to  Today's Quote

The opposite is true.Women who seek to be equal to men have ambition.

Keen Observer
Keen Observer
3 years ago
Reply to  DR MANGA

God created everybody & everything in its own place with its own duty. So in the first place Women or Female are different from men or male so why should they need to be equal to men? The problem of human race is that we don’t embrace or accept rather appreciate what we are. Why should your mum be like your dad??? Women must remain women & men be men. The time everybody knows his or her place from the family, community, society, state or whatever then that time everything will be good.

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