Malawi’s missing K92bn audit and DPP cover up tactics

While Malawians were finding themselves and quietly pursuing after their passions between 2009 and 2012, Professor Bingu-wa-Mutharika and the DPP gurus were busy and clandestinely getting hooked on the unpleasant business of embezzling billions of Kwachas from government coffers through the porous Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS).  No wonder then, today Malawians are paying through the nose for this lack of seriousness and patriotism by DPP to systematically abuse K92bilion and their shameless about to cover up the theft and corruption by sweeping under the carpet audit reports.

The 2012 Audit Report, carried out by the National Audit Office (NAO) upon smelling abuse of IFMIS shows how the money was systematically spirited out of government coffers by by-passing the Central Payment System through seven irregularities involving specific financial transactions which Professor Mutharika used to ransack Six Ministries of MK92 billion after which he with the backing of his DPP hid the ensuing National Audit Office (NAO) Report.

The report clearly outlines how the money was stolen through seven major abnormalities with concentration on seven specific financial transactions.

The Dirty Seven are:

(1) the fraudsters made illegal payments outside IFMIS by deliberately flouting procedures citing emergency reasons and technical liabilities: maybe we should ask Mr. Pika Manondo, that notorious DPP operative to help us on this one;

(2) there were payments made without vouchers — is this the accountability that the Mutharikas were advocating?

(3) there were also those payments that were not supported by closing documents; I am sure the DPP government was not running government for this is probably how you run a brothel;

(4) there were inexplicable payments made to banks without details of beneficiaries; well you only get this kind of shoddiness in Malawian banks which smacks of aiding and abetting money launderers:

(5) payments that were made for purchases without Internal Procurement Committee’s (IPC) authorization; where were the so-called Controlling Officers and what was the then Budget Director doing to deal with such situations?

(6) there were also payments to suppliers for foods without evidence of delivery and finally

(7)there were payments for fuel without evidence of delivery.  Now this is not the way we run government and whoever is alleging that Her Excellency, Dr Joyce Banda, is engaging in witch hunting must be out of his mind.  This is daylight robbery by the DPP.  Peter Mutharika knows better.


Although the Audit was done in Six Ministries only, the figures are staggering and it is not surprising at all that the cost of living of Malawians went through the roof in that fateful year.  Cash-gate despite its ugly nature is dwarfed by this oversize swindling of the consolidated fund by the late President and his DPP.  One wonders what this pilferage was going to amount to if the remaining fourteen ministries were audited.

Now one may ask what role did Voice Mhone, John Kapito and their allies play in this matter for them to be so adamant as not to want the Forensic Audit to go as far back as 2005.  Who are they shielding when they castigate Dr. Joyce Banda for making this intelligent and responsible decision?  Because from the look of things Professor Bingu-wa-Mutharika, was leading a double life like Dr. Hyde and Jekyll. At one point he was presenting himself like a well behaved patented Messiah who had the interests of Malawians at heart, and at another he was an outright selfish tyrant who did not care two-pence about the welfare of his fellow countrymen.

Honestly, this man had no respect for the office of the Auditor General and the modern conventions of monetary policy.  Thus from his bully’s pulpit, respect for public finances was neither his priority nor forte; hence the total lack of deference for public funds.

If I can recall correctly, in 2012, rumor was rife in the public domain that there was a planned scam by the Mutharika regime to prepare two Audit Reports. The plan was to submit as a decoy the Audit Report that was covertly designed to impress the Donors, and hide the other that contained all the sordid details about the MK92 Billion which Mutharika and his allies could not account for.

Enter Cash-gate scandal, PAC and the CSOs were up in arms clamoring for the Forensic Audit Report prepared by Baker Tilly.  What hypocrisy. And when PAC got it, they sent it back to the Auditor General for him to incorporate the names of the individuals and companies who partook of the unholy Cash-gate grail.  The idea was to promiscuously publicize the list with the sole aim of whetting and massaging the sinister motives of the Dr. Joyce Banda haters.  These people should know that Baker Tilly Forensic Auditors are informed and principled complete professionals who do not engage in aboriginal conspiracies like Voice Mhone and John Kapito are used to.

Irked by Baker Tilly’s reluctance to wantonly publicize the list of names and businesses that are involved in the Cash-gate scandal, some half-baked pundits from across the political divide have joined forces with the mainstream media and politicians to let loose a volley of unproven charges at Joyce Banda accusing her of hiding the valuable information. The offensive against Banda is as unfair as it is misdirected, because she has made all the effort to bring to our attention the importance of investigating the disappearance of the MK92 Billion mentioned in the 2012 Audit Report.

These attackers are led by a who’s who list of masters of distortion and demagoguery from the Cash-gate Industry and other underworld interests — John Kapito, CAMA’s ragdoll, ancient contortionist, Sophie Kalinde and her Malawi Human Rights Consultative Council (MHRCC) among others.  Following close behind are willy-nilly elected officials and other individuals who blindly follow the prescriptions of the kingpins of this hate and dishonest institution.

Aiding and abetting the advance by not only failing to acknowledge and come to the guard of the gallant fight the President has  taken to those perpetrating corruption, they are actively prosecuting targeted issues.  In their jaded wisdom, these people have chosen to bury their heads in the sand like ostriches by ignoring the outing of the MK92 Billion, 2012 Audit Report.

Although being largely coordinated, the attacks have contracted emphasis because they are singling out, the MK13Billion scam that the Forensic Auditors, Baker Tilly, exposed, as part of their socio-political reasoning to demonize Joyce Banda.  Instead the President should be toasted for being brave enough to allow the reputable International Auditors to do a Forensic Audit of her government’s Central Payment System.

The misdirected scapegoating and demonizing of Her Excellency which includes both media harassment and highway level assaults, are coherent but regrettable outcomes of the moral corruption that has besieged the opposition, and its benefactors, which is made complex by fanatical hatred of anything Peoples’ Party.

But whereas the agents of this duplicity are consumed with the Cash-gate and Jet issues for lack of better campaign tools, they have enlisted the services of hardcore rumor mongers, to confuse the public with their cheap propaganda and to divert peoples’ attention from the MK92 Billion catastrophe. Their other intended goal is to make sure that donors withdraw completely from this country before Election Day, May 20th 2012, by generating a public scandal of Tsunami like proportions for the President and her government.

The pathetic typical petty liars may use the mainstream media, and dirty political choreography to skewer the President for being forthright with her actions.  They may feverishly, and fraudulently try to tie their worn out campaign tools to her, but they still have to explain how they literally ransacked Six Ministries of MK92 Billion.  So far they have already bruised themselves badly as witnessed by the hollow inconsistencies strewn in their wake.

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