Man goes into hiding after ‘smear’ of Nankhumwa: Claims DPP’s VP is Malemia

A 42 year-old Stanley Munyowa  who has alleged that minister of Local government Kondwani Nankhumwa is using a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) of his uncle who died in an accident  has gone into hiding after his home was invaded by unidentified masked roughnecks in the wee hours of Monday.

Munyoma: In hiding after making allegations against Nankhumwa

Reports from Mulanje central say a gang stormed his house and beat him up.

The whereabouts of Munyowa who claimed Nankhumwa’s real name is George Malemia are still unknown.

When Nyasa Times telephoned him on Tuesday night, Manyowa refused to disclose his location, saying he is living dangerously.

“I have gone undeground,” he briefly said.

Munyowa said he had gone into hiding after being assaulted.

“I am frightened,” he said.

Asked if  he stood by his allegations against the Minister, Munyowa was muted.

However, Nankhumwa’s former classmates at Mayani Secondary School in Dedza ar eon record to have visited the minister at his offices at Capital Hill in Lilongwe where they discussed with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president (south)  a wide range of issues including sponsorship to the school which they said was in dilapidated state.

One of the alumni described as madness allegations that the minister used the name George Malemia whilst at school, saying he was selected to the school as Kondwani Nankhumwa.

Some former students of Mayani Secondary School who spokes to Nyasa Times said Nankhumwa was with them and he headed the writers club.

On student recalled that while in form two, Nankhumwa wrote and directed a play ‘The Living Dead’ which scooped second position in ATEM drama competition.

Meanwhile, police in Mulanje are hunting for Munyowa over his verbal allegations –  a video clip which went viral on social media –  that implicates Nankhumwa in an academic scam.

Munyowa alleges that Nankhumwa is not the real name of the minister and that he adopted the name from his relative who died in a road accident.

He further claims  that the Minister whose real name is George Malemia had actually started using the name after he got a Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC) which the deceased relative had left behind and started using as his own to further his education in secondary school.

The background images in the clip show that by the time he was being captured, the narrator was attending a political rally associated with the United Transformation Movement (UTM) which is believed to have taken place in Mulanje last Sunday.

It is not yet clear as to what charges the police will level on Munyowa once they arrest him.

However, there is a high possibility that, if Munyowa denies the charges,  the police might use the video clip in question as tangible evidence before the court of law.

Nankhumwa is a journalist by profession, and a former editor at the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

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I don’t understand this, why are the police searching him? Did he commit a crime? Which one really? I though if Nankhumwa is hate by this man, he has the right to go to court and sue him. But the problem here is that this guy does not have money. So you don’t sue people who do not have money

Keen Observer

Kkkkkkkk ya koma zinazi kumaziwona bwino anthu popanga zinthu mukhoza kuvulazidwa nazo popanda phindu ayi BUT if there is truth in the story then it’s easy to dig it out. I completed my secondary education some 30 yrs ago but I can remember some of my classmates but some I don’t. What about Nchacha with his MSCE he hired others to write for him?

George Mendulo

The guy has mentioned a lot of people who he claims knows George Malemia, I know these people will be intimidated, but If I went to school with someone and I knew him as George Malemia can I lie? Why should I lie as if it was only me in that class. The guy says those who were with George Malemia are still alive. Olo mu amenye. There is truth in this story.


Only his primary school records can clear him. We can not use secondary school records because the allegations say He went to secondary school using a name of his relative who Died after sitting for His PSLCE then and later selected to go to Mayani Secondary School. Those of My age and over know how precious it was then to be selected to Secondary School. One would really be tempted to trick as was the case of Nankhumwa, assuming it is true.Otherwise, this is both a criminal and serious moral issue that needs public attention considering that the man in… Read more »


Why is he hiding.Infact he deserved the beating and bloodshedding.Why tarnish other peoples image.Bwanji UTM ikumakhala ndi anthu openga chonchi


Most people making comments here including those from Mayani secondary school are dull!

The issue is that George Malemia stole the identity of Kondwani Nankhumwa at std 8 to go to secondary school.


Who was with him in primary apart from Munyowa, please tell us if he was Kondwani? Yes you might know him as Kondwani in Secondary but pipo can forge to get secondary education.


Fuck the police, Nankhumwa mimba ngati chule mwana mwana iwe, vuto la ndalama zakuba ndilimenero


Reminds me of Cell 51. ACB probe this one


Our problem a Malawi is we PRAISE our leaders too much , ine I think this guy has made allegations that should be taken seriously….let’s investigate Hon George Malemia eish I mean Kondwani Nankhumwa….facts should prove themselves……we are being led by impoststers guys