Manganya  disowns ‘Dr Michael Usi’ Facebook page: ‘It’s all politics’

Renowned activist and comedian Dr Michael Usi, who is also popularly known as Manganya in the entertainment circles, has rejected a Facebook page which has been opened running under “Dr Michael Usi” name tag.

Cover of the Facebook page has women wwearing Usi cloths

The page, which is almost a week old, has the like of over 4000 Facebook followers as we went to press.

“Beloved Malawians, today I made a decision to join this platform of social media. The concerns you all raised over my absence on social media have been heard and acted upon.

“I am greatful for the welcoming remarks sent via my inbox. I have been overwhelmed with the quantity of the messages I have received and I promise address all your questions through all forms of media in the due course,” reads the introductory post on the page

The post continues, “as I said in my previous postings, I don’t not belong to any political party at the meantime. Be that as it may, I have a philosophical concept-“Odya Zache Alibe Mulandu “. This concept will be unveiled in due course. God bless you all, God bless Malawi.”

Reacting to the development, Dr Usi said he is suspicious of some evil minded people who want to turnish his image and reputation.

“I suspect that these people want to create a social media platform to write trash about me. They want to have a Facebook Dr Michael Usi who will always be goofing,l. These people have nothing but evil minds,” he said.

Usi added that he suspects the intention behind the page is ‘to move the authority to arrest him’ based on motives he doesn’t know.

The page is being run under the philosophy of ‘wodya zake alibe mlandu.’

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I like the philosophy….wodya zake alibe mulandu…koma pa Malawi ndiyetu milandu yokha yokha…….

Extra Point
Dr M. Usi, it is good that you have been talking about social ills in this country for a number of years. You have good education and possibly good financial stand. These are some of prerequisites for good positions. No wonder you were a leading manager at ADRA Malawi Office. My limited concerns is your seriousness. A good number of people in this country don’t take you serious because you seem to lack focus on what you really want to do. I remember few years ago you have Public Lectures where you can pay hotels and radio stations to broadcast… Read more »
Bingu anayisiya UDF mowawa
Bingu anayisiya UDF mowawa

Uyu Usi waku MULANJE doesnt Join DPP koma wina from Lilongwe or mzuzu busy with DPP. Think of Nawena, Kaliati, mpinganjira


Manganya why don’t you just start your party and weigh yourself among Malawians whether they think you they can make you the President of this country one day. Kodi kuyendetsa boma mumawona ngati its simple like making a person laugh? Zinazi muziyamba mwadziunika kaye. Ndithu mpaka tsiku lina a Malawi azidzati president wathu ndi Manganya? Musalinyoze dzikoli ayi. You Manganya cannot even be a match to Atupele or John Chisi. Yambitsani chipani anthu adye nawo za ADRA.


Malawi Politics becoming dirty


Uncle short one, welcome to the world of politics. this is not comedy its really.

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