MBC has lost credibility:  MP Lowe says Malawi public broadcaster in propaganda mode

The State broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has lost credibility as Parliament say it is now a propaganda outlet for the governing party as  it continues to use traditional leaders and the clergy to demonise the opposition.

MBC under fire for propaganda and hate filled messages

Member of Parliament (MP) for Lilongwe Rural Central, Lobin Lowe (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) saidgovernment was using MBC—television and radio—to vilify those holding dissenting views.

He said in his contribution to a private member’s motion to compel the tax-funded broadcaster to move away from operating as a DPP station to a public service provider, as stipulated in the Communications Act of 2016.

The motion which was approved was moved by for Dowa North Constituency, Enos Chatatanga.

Lowe said MBC is mandated by Communication Act of 2016 to operate as a public broadcaster, to be a public good funded by tax payers’ money and operated in the interest of all Malawians.

“Unfortunately, the MBC has lost credibility.  It is now a liability at a time it is supposed to be an asset to the country.  The MBC has turned to be a thorn in a fresh of all opposition parties,” Lowe said.

He added: “It is disappointing to consider that there are professionals at the MBC, but they have decided to go ahead with primitive kind of propaganda which is run by both the MBC Radio and TV.”

The legislator said the MBC could win any award when it comes to bias in its political coverage.

“ It is giving wrong information to people.  The important point is to give correct information.  The MBC is feeding Malawians with lies.  It is failing to come to its senses to realise that it was supposed to serve the people,” he said.

He said MBC should be reminded that the MCP was out of power in 1994, which is 24 years ago.

“And most of the would-be voters in 2019 are around 24 years.  Which means basing propaganda on old MCP, is a waste of time.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, MBC is looking at MCP where everybody here belonged to. We were all under MCP. It has to be stated that an institution like MCP, was being operated by its own people.  The question is where are those people who were operating MCP then?  If they are somewhere, are they angels now? “

The MP said MCP has new leadership under Dr Lazarus Chakwera, who does not have any traces of the old ways.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, that is why the son of late Honourable Chiwanga has joined no other party other than Malawi Congress Party. That is regardless of the false and unfair MBC coverage.

“The current MCP is clean and fresh and has managed to rebrand to the point of achieving wonders of the landslide victory in the 5 to 1 by–election in October, 2017 And that one has seen the arrival of Honourable Msungama, Honourable Sosten Gwengwe, and Honourable Sitolo all the way from Lower Shire, Nsanje to be specific,” he said.

Lowe warned MBC to stop gutter journalism  and start to  perform as professionals.

“We are known as God fearing people, peaceful people and we should move just like that.  The case study of Rwanda is a bad one.   In 1994, Mr Speaker, Sir, Rwandan Genocide represents one of the most tragic episodes of political violence in recent history.  Estimates suggest that in just 100 days, conflict between Hutu majority and Tutsi minority resulted in the killing of between 500,000 to 1 million citizens because of poor coverage of their radio station. Mr Speaker, Sir, we do not want that in Malawi,” he said.

In moving the motion, Chatatanga said  Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) is supposed to hold broadcasters accountable but the regulatory authority is good at attacking private media houses, leaving MBC scot-free.

In 2007, the opposition successfully defunded MBC and then Television Malawi by giving it a nominal K1 allocation for the financial year.

At the time, the opposition legislators also claimed that MBC and TVM were propaganda tools of the government being used to discredit the opposition.

At the time, there were programmes on the radio such as Mizwanya and Makiyolobasi. 


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Independence of a national broadcasting institution is a sign of political maturity in a democratic space. Unfortunately our country is still living politics of the 60’s so how do you expect MBC Radio & TV to be independent. Fortunately most people are woken up to social media in search of the very truth that MBC is afraid to broadcast. It is for this reason that MBC is losing its listeners/viewers. The lesson to the opposition is that please use other means of reaching out to the people (urban and rural) using technology thats readily available. Don’t be intimidated by the… Read more »

Muyambe mwaletsa a Times TV kukhala biased against Govt. & DPP. Apo bii mulira ndithu


It is very sad to see that MBC has completely lost its credibility. Some of us used to listen to MBC. But now we can spend our precous time to listen to lies, manipulations and propaganda peddled dull and shameless journalists. But one thing should be remembered Whatever you sow today you shall reap no matter how long it may it. These unprofessional journalists at MBC shall reap one day and there will be no body who will sympathise with them.

Tenzi Mzungu

You had chance to make law to make MBC independent during PP reign. Instead you were busy reversing laws about flag and injunctions. Your thinking was we have taken over the government DPP will never come back. This is time for northerners. You filled all the vacancies in government with northerners. All councils are full with northerners. Don’t cry now you messed up that chance because of your hatred for DPP and Lhomwes. Unfortunately for you DPP is back. MBC woke!!!!!!!!APM Boma!!!!!!!!! Kuzolowera kulira basi. APM won without MBC support. APM ndi khalupa

kaka ni dada

Leave them, kwatsala pang’ono kucha.


Which MCP has changed? The same MCP which is denying water to the north for a silly reason? If the party has left its stupidity almost 24 years ago, why is it that Malawians are still refusing to give it power to ?

L. Levi

It is you, in particular, who is still refusing to give MCP power. Wait until May, 2019. Udzazindikira choonanadi ndipo udzavomereza.


Just close this Stupid MBC, Asatibweresele nkhono muno

Just a Penny

Stupid MP, so what are you doing to change things? Don’t just bark and leave things as they are you must press for change – that’s why you are in Parliament.

Defender of Faith

By referring the Nation to Rwanda case study does it mean that MCP wants to start killing people. That why we say that MCP is the bloody party.


Which faith are you defending Mr Defender with this kind of comment?

L. Levi

So you mean you are in support of the brutality MBC is doing? Ha ha hahahaaaa! Please wake up friend……….



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