‘Amwenye’ torturing Malawi teachers in private schools like Central High , Wakuda tells Parliament

Kasungu North East legislator Elias Wakuda Kamanga has said in Parliament that Indians are “torturing” Malawians who are teaching in private education institutions.

Wakuda Kamanga: Amwene touring Malawi teachers in Indian-owned private schools

Kamanga cited Central High School in Blantyre where he claimed Indians whom he called ‘Amwenye’ are abusing Malawians.

He asked: “Is it in order, Mr Speaker, Sir, that owners of private schools especially Indians; Amwenye, should be torturing local Malawians who are teaching in their schools?”

Kamanga continued: “I will give you an example of Central High School where its owners are torturing Malawian teachers in favour of their fellow Indians.  Is that in order?”

Commenting, the Speaker Richard Msowoya said  “torture is not in order.”

He said: “Anybody torturing someone is not in order. (The tortured suffers, so, it is not a good thing.”

But the Speaker said Kamanga’s issues was not a point of order but possibly a question that would be addressed to Minister of Education.

This is not the first time the issue of Asians to be raised in the House. Mulanje South lawmaker Bon Kalindo  for the governing  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is on record to have said Malawi Parliament should be vigilant against Asian business community from abusing local citizens.

Kalindo, who is also a comedian popularly known by his stage name Winiko, said this in the House regarding the court order that Transglobe Limited issued to Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Irrigation chairperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga.

“As Parliament, we should not tolerate this. We should not allow amwenye to punish poor Malawians. This is dangerous, Mr Speaker, Sir,” said Kalindo.

“If we are to allow this to continue, one day we will wake up as if we are watching a movie. As if we are watching Zee World or as if we are watching trailers that this country has been taken by those Indians. This is our country and that behaviour must be stopped immediately,” he said.

Speaker of Palriament Richard Msowoya ordered Kalindo to remove the word ‘Indians’ in his speech.

But Kalindo wondered: “Is this not true? “

He then bowed down to remove the word “Indians”.


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You see the Indians (so called amwenye) are taking a queue from the politicians who also don’t love and care for their own people. If politicians demonstrated that they would do anything to protect their fellow Malawians there no way anyone would dare touch them. Politicians please pronounce on these issues publicly and declare that such behaviour won’t be tolerated. Act on one or two incidences (by getting them locked up or deported if necessary) and do that consistently……the problem will be gone within a year. Respect your people so that others can do likewise. Let no person (local or… Read more »

central high was in lime light some 10 years ago for the same reasons to the extend that they dismissed their own fellow asian lady blaming her to be provoking Malawian teachers to fight for their rights, but government overlooked. History has repeated again and let us see who is paying the price this time.

Indians must go

We Malawians need our shops, and our land back , it’s about time, let them leave those buildings and those shops we have our own hands and we can run business. You have enough from Malawi. Please pack your bags and leave our country.. Let’s form a group.. Indians must Go.


Wakuda is the same person during his marriage with PP called APM a snake which has to be hit on the head.

Josephine Chaponda

Please also check at St Joseph Teachers Training College at Dedza. Amwenye have more power and favour each other more than the local lecturers



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