MCP brands ‘publicity stunt’ of DPP parading 250 defectors  in Lower Shire

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has said   ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Wednesday paraded 250 people clad in MCP cloth claiming they have defected to the DPP as a “publicity stunt”.

Some of the group of the ‘defectors’

Some of the women said to have left MCP for DPP

MP Issa: The group is from MCP joining DPP

Mchacha: DPP will win Nsanje Lalanje

Tengani led the group of ‘defectors’

MCP regional chairman for south Peter Simbi said that the ruling party had welcomed its own members into the party fold , saying the people were not from the opposition.

“It’s a publicity stunt and speaks volumes of DPP’s honesty and integrity,” he said.

Simbi stressed that  DPP  regime is cornered, deeply fractured, incorrigibly factionalised and crumbling.

“The regime is facing a crushing and humiliating defeat at 2019 elections and the by-elections is just a stern test,” said Simbi.

But Chikwawa Central Parliamentarian, Zaheer Gaffar Issa, said the people were  from MCP  joining  ruling DPP.

He said they were led by their District Governor, Fransisco Tengani from Chikwawa Makande and responsible for three constituencies of Chikwawa central, Chikwawa Nkombezi and Chikwawa South.

Tengani said the members said they thought of joining the DPP due to lack of democracy as well as accountability and transparency when choosing leadership within the MCP party.

“Within the MCP, they just impose when it comes to leadership and politics within the party is mainly centered on tribes not appointing people that will give the party good direction,” said Tengani

He added that the ruling DPP had offered tremendous developments to the people of the Shire Valley district of Chikwawa and as such there was a need to support its leadership.

“Chikwawa and Nsanje experience droughts whether we are in rainy season or dry season and as we are speaking now, we are able to buy maize and have food in our homes. All this because of the good leadership of the ruling DPP,” he said.

DPP’s Regional Governor for the Southern Region, Charles Mchacha said his party welcomed MCP members into its family adding that the southern region was the DPP’s strong hold and that the party had everything it takes to be stronger than before.

Mchacha indicated that there was no stress within the DPP family with the October 17, 2017 Nsanje Lalanje by-elections saying the seat will be won by the ruling DPP.

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Where did these people take MCP REGALIA? This is not a new cloth. All the cloths are old ones meaning they have been used by members who were once MCP. The people are wearing the MCP cloths to give people their previous identity. Why should they keep that cloth in their houses if they were never MCP? Kuganiza kukukuvutanitu inu a MCP. It is after being welcomed at the rally when they took off the MCP cloth and replace it with the new party(DPP) cloth. Is this not logical? You cannot say they bought it at that period because this… Read more »
My question is not answered, Mr Kaitano. Do we have a person in the name of Fransisco Tengani in Chikwawa Makande? All the people who are commenting here are not answering because they know that their comments are silly and are not facts. There is MCP in Chikwawa. Who was their head on District level? Of all these contributors looks like there is no one from Chikwawa otherwise he would have said it that MCP in Chikwawa have never had a man called Francisco Tengani. Kaitano and his MCP stalwarts are good at making noise leaving facts aside. Tell MP… Read more »

Nyani akamafa mtengo uliwonse umaterera
Apa nsalu yathina nanga ntani, koposa ndingogambika ndi nsalu inzakeyi ngakhale nzosiyana.

Thupi la Esau, mawu a Yakobo!


Hahaha! never seen defectors in their former party’s regalia. This is mare propaganda by DPP to cheat the massive


Let us just wait and see who will merge a winner. No need to make noise.


And how much did this drama cost? And we have such fools for our leader? No wonder we are the poorest nation – kulamulidwa ndi anamachende

Its very easy to find out if these defectors are real defectors. First we should find out if there is a man in Chikwawa called Francisco Tengani. Let us find out from MCP members in Chikwawa if there was once in their party a District Governor by this name. District governor is a very big post. How stupid can DPP be to cheat that there is this man in Chikwawa and on this big post when there is nothing of this nature. So you think a big man like Issa who is also from Chikwawa cheat that there is a… Read more »
Concerned Citizen

All the north and Muluzi did not give MCP all the votes from there regions. Go back and count hour seats did MCP win in those areas. Don’t cheap people here. Your statistics is totally wrong.

Awaso, ndi umbuli wawowu ativutitsapo bwanji? do you want people to be like you old minded person? Are you not aware kuti things are changing every day? People are here making new life, new history, new future, and you are there with your oldest life, Chenekemmeee, Are you still in 90s? wake up man!! Dzukani kuti muone kuwala odala!!!!!!!!!!!!! just go back in all stories of those who has left their party to join the other one if they go with their old color mr Santana……………………… awaso nawo? Zimayamba ndi zinsalu za DDP kupita kwamunthu ngakhale munthuyo tsiku lo lowa… Read more »

mudziotcha zitenjezo kuti tidzikhulupilira kuti atulukadi


kikiki. kusowa ma plan. how could you allow the so called defectors come in MCP cloth. Kodi sipaja mukaona munthu wavala nsalu ya opposition mumamuvula? Zatani lero kualora kubwera nanu pafupi ali mu nsalu za MCP? Kodi ma defectors onse adali ndi nsalu ya chipani cha mcp? kuganiza ngati mwana bwanji?

Kanthiti Nzandu

Kusowa kapena kuti kutha ma pulani kumeneneko munthu sufunsila kawiri bwenzi lako. D P P kutha mapulani DR Chakwera woooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee a Mia woooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee a Sitolo woooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2019 Boma 17 October MP Nsanje Lalanje

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